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A leader isn’t born, he’s forged in fires of steel and suffering – Nav

This is cutting edge improvisational blogging. We call it –

“Whose Blog is it Anyway ?” 2 – The Unanswerables

We have written this for FUN, not serious, to amuse ourselves and our readers, and help promote our blogs. Please read with that in mind.

Commenters – Please DO NOT post outbound links whilst the event is going on AND please DO NOT post comments if you are a moron. Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster

Whose Blog is it Anyway? 2 – The Unanswerables

Why “The Unanswerables” ? Because the titles assigned to my guest improvisers don’t have an exact scientific answer or they are just zany and off the wall.

Do not expect fact here. Do not expect the truth here. This is creative writing for FUN, HUMOUR and for those with a SENSE OF HUMOUR. It’s cutting edge IMPROVISED blogging, not science weekly or the historian’s gazette.

The guest improvisers were assigned titles by me, and are therefore NOT necessarily experts or even actually FOR the topic they are writing about. They all did however “YES, AND” the challenge which is the spirit of improvisation and what we’re doing here.

We’re not interested in your critical appraisal, it simply isn’t required. It is in fact IRRELEVANT to the context of improvised, for fun creative writing. Stop taking yourselves so seriously.

So without further ado …


His Eminence – The Remarkable Navigator, Exemplary Masculinist And Author Extraordinaire

Nav is a man’s man, and certainly not afraid to take on a challenge. This time I debated whether to enter him into the challenge. Why? Because his entry paragraph simply said little more than “Let someone else have go”. Not getting out of it that easily Mr Navigator.

Surprisingly he scored quite highly in the vote, so we’ve secured the wordsmithery of the master navigator once more.

He’s an author who’ll be published soon. After reading his about page, and discovering what he went through, I am very much in support of his work.

You can find Nav at THE MIRROR blog.

Please give a warm welcome to Nav.


Don Charisma Warning Improvised Writing Warning Improvised Writing

A leader isn’t born, he’s forged in fires of steel and suffering


I am a 48 year old divorced father of three who is about to embark on a full time writing career. 3rd generation RCAF navigator, I am soon to publish my first book, non-fiction. And, last but not least, if any man is destined to be the nemesis of feminism, it is I. (And not “me,” grammatically speaking.)


After 30+ years in a military uniform, I’d like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two about leadership. We tend to think of leadership in the context of certain fields of endeavour or areas of interest. There are the great generals and admirals whose feats are etched in the annals of history, like Alexander the Great and Admiral Nelson. There are the sports heroes who lead their teams to victory. There are political leaders such as Churchill and Thatcher who led a nation through difficult military conflicts, the former more so than the latter.

Leadership is the continuous act of inspiring a group to achieve common ends.

Thus, we see that leadership differs from being merely influential. For instance, a celebrity might be very influential in setting fashion trends. We might refer to her or him as a leader in fashion, but this isn’t really leadership in the sense it is commonly understood. Still, a leader must be influential within his or her domain in order to be effective.

In my experience, there are some very basic and fundamental aspects to being a true leader. They include:

1. Placing a common group or cause before him or her self;

2. Unrelenting commitment to this group or cause;

2. Uniting others in a shared and inspired desire;

3. Placing the welfare of others in the shared cause before him or her self;

4. An ability to identify the aim, objectives, or goals, as well as the way ahead, and to communicate this to the others; and

5. To be a moderating influence in good times and a stabilizing influence in bad times.

Obviously, there is a contextual aspect to leadership. Winston Churchill’s job during WWII was a slightly bigger challenge than would be organizing a typical Sunday church picnic.

When times are dire and need is great, how is it that one arises to lead? History records that these people are not so much born as they are made. It is through the fires of the forge of suffering that their steel is tempered, and are made strong and sharp. It is through suffering and defeat that they learn to withstand life’s vicissitudes. It is through repeated blows from life’s anvil that they ultimately arise, transformed into what they are destined to be.

Alexander fought alongside his troops. Mao had the Long March. Nelson Mandela had his decades in prison. Len Birchall, the Saviour of Ceylon, had years leading fellow prisoners in horrible WWII POW camps.

History is clear. Great leaders aren’t born so much as they are forged in the fires of suffering.

Leonard Birchall, Saviour of Ceylon
Leonard Birchall, Saviour of Ceylon


I’d like to thank DonCharisma for the opportunity to participate. At the risk of sounding somewhat mysterious, I think the subtly charming devil picked my topic for a reason. Thanks for your reading time, and please feel free to visit my blog The Mirror at

BY Nav, blogger extraordinaire at THE MIRROR blog.

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88 thoughts on “A leader isn’t born, he’s forged in fires of steel and suffering – Nav

  1. Nav – whether you are humerus or not your words are worth reading! You are a gem even though we know you secretly want to wear lycra (when no-one is looking) at those wonderful yoga sessions of yours! 😉
    On a more serious note – your thoughts on leadership are profound and true – if only there were more leaders like that in this world! God knows we need them!

    1. Thank you, Mich. Guilty as charged on the Lycra / Spandex accusation! Can’t wait for my first sports bra. 47… What comes before A?

      Yes, we do need more of the good sort of leaders. Too often our leaders are people who need to seem great just to feed their pathetic egos.

  2. Hey Don – I got swamped at work and thus behind on reading my favorite blogs (like yours – nudge nudge) … how can I post for one of your unanswerables?
    — Cupidgoesfishing

    1. Hey … happens, and been very busy, so sorry for late response. The rules were no outbound links in comments whilst challenge going on, but it’s ended now. If you want to post then you’ll need to do on your own blog and you can either link via pingback or on a comment, and don’t forget to link back to us in your post.

      If you want to enter the challenge I need to know at the beginning, so you’d be welcome to apply for the next one.

      Warm regards


      1. I’ll try and be more timely with reading for the next challenge!
        If only they would pay me a salary to stay home and read blogs….but alas they expect me to work!

      1. Oh we are all such a bunch of dear people hey 😀
        Seriously though – I have so many reasons why I like it –
        One question: Leaders can have these traits in various degrees right? I ask in context of a home – where intrinsically it is the man who leads – but the woman can also be equipped with leadership ability -as her job is to lead in too. Like the military I guess – you got the head honcho and then the dudes ranking down to the privates…and then I guess even privates haev their leaders…. I just answered my won questioned didn’t I? lol. I need to stop thinking out loud it makes me look like an idiot!! 😀

      2. Hmmm, could be a good thing or bad thing depending on whether horny and aggressive are good or bad things … I’ll leave you with that picture 🙂

  3. I needed the reminder that “leaders are made, not born” today, and I appreciated your serious approach to the topic. Don’t apologize for being brilliant rather than funny (this time).

    1. Agree Sharon, I was just joking with Nav, he was pulling my leg earlier, so returned the favour … He’s done a fine job with this piece, and it’s inline with my own thinking.

    2. Thanks, Sharon. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “brilliant,” but it was serious.

      Apology for the delay in responding. I had “yoga” to attend. *Nav feels another yoga post coming on*

    1. I’ll second that …

      I can’t remember exactly how I chose the topics for each person, I just found some I liked and then gave them to the people I thought would like to write about them 🙂

    1. }:-))> I just wish I hadn’t been jammed for time at the deadline, as I completely missed the aim of having a comedic approach instead of a serious one. Apology for that one, DC.

      Owe you one.

      1. Dude, I always get my own back … that was my sabre …

        Sorry totally kidding Nav … I really liked what you wrote, I said that in the post 🙂

        The context and style was open, so happy for serious or comedy.

        Dude, really, honestly an excellent piece of writing … and totally agree with what you wrote …



      2. I think he understands – us sensitive writers you know 😉
        I think his silence may just be due to him being at the yogateria 😀
        BELIEVE it – Nav can take as good as he gives – one trait he left out about a true leader – WHICH – in my books – you BOTH have all these traits. 😉
        (no I do not want anything so this is not flattery – it is just fact) chill dude – no harm, no foul.

      3. – um – depends on how many leotards were at yoga tonight – and how much he strained to avoid eye contact with their buttocks – THAT takes some mental gymnastics – he may well be exhausted. Or he hit the whiskey when he got back 😀

      4. Ah yes slim-young-curves in leotards, enough to crumble any man’s resolve … and didn’t someone say women are the weaker sex ?

        I might look up if there’s any local yoga classes, I didn’t know about all the free eye candy 🙂

        Might be worth the effort of the yoga …

        How’s you wine by the way ?

      5. Neh – did not get any I am afraid – I even had to turn around and go right back out again – I forgot the MAIN thing I went for: The bread. Just reading ‘Out of estrogen and got a gun’ — what fun 😀

      6. I do that often, doh, go out for bread and come back with milk … then have to make another trip … I don’t drink much these days, I love the drunk bit, but the cost of the hangover is too high … must be getting old I guess …

      7. Hella – lele….tell me – never mind the cost of the ingredients 😉 I kinda have tiny cycles – every three or four month I will go for a week having one or two a night – and then I am done. Weird – but it works for me. Maybe it is a detox thing? – disinfecting the mind with alcohol. Alcohol is great for disinfecting right? 😉

      8. Good to let the hair down once in a while, and red wine or red grape juice I find fantastic for the digestion … learnt that trick in Paris, with my cheese board they brought me a glass of chinon with it … only way to digest a cheese board !

      9. uuugh – no – sliced cheddar on toast or mac is about my cheesiness limits 😉 Yes – I agree – red wine is a health benefit when used not abused…HOWEVER – the temptation to go overboard is always only a glass away!! lol!

      10. Don’t I know it, I spent 6 months going out every night, and I consumed a lot of red wine … no I was talking more for medicinal/digestive uses 🙂

      11. I see this – I agree to this. I try to balance this concept – as I do find it beneficial – point being – I also find having it in the house —well – tempting to go beyond the beneficial stage into @LETS TURN THE MUSIC UP — so the answer is thus: Not to have it in the house ;)This thread is creeping into your side bar!! So — next place dude – off to read next article 😀

      12. Lookalike I missed a great discussion. For the record, it was one debilitating hot yoga session, one cross country ski set (used) shopping session (do not like shopping), and two movies on Apple TV.


      13. Movies always dude, only go out looking for women at yoga when you’ve watched all the movies … skiing is dangerous, so probably why I’ve left that one out 🙂

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