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UK Grooming Gangs – The Petition Committee Rejects The Home Office’s Pathetic Response To Our Petition (WGAP)

I’ve posted about this before here and here – A commenter reminded me today that I do have the power to raise awareness, over this subject, which makes me quite angry – vulnerable young people are being abused on a mass scale in UK, and it’s being covered up by the establishment, at every level.

There are reportedly around 20000 underage girls being sexually abused in the UK right now by grooming gangs. The report promised to us by the government was not released to the public – “Not in the public interest”.

Since then an official petition was raised, with nearly 125000 signatures (one of which is mine), this only led to a LATE and very poor response from the government, and didn’t address the issue stated in the petition. The petition can be found here, and still can be signed – I would urge you to join us :


A Labour MP, has rasied/escalated the issue with Pritti Patel (The Secretary Of The State), and I’m glad to see that people are persisting with getting this report released.



I came accross WGAP’s YouTube channel during my studies of Brexit, and UK politics. He provides commentary on mostly UK politics and current affairs, and is VERY outspoken. If I had to guess at political lean, I’d say center-right (but I’m not a journalist, or expert, so don’t take my word for it)

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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