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The Home Office Response To The Grooming Gang Petition is Atrocious – (Akkad Daily)

I had a conversation with Robert from “NOT IN MY WORLD” recently. He’s a lovely man, and a long time follower of the blog, and he says it’s difficult to get support for his cause. So, what can I do ? – I can help raise awareness, and help him get support. Help these kids who’re being abused.

I’ve held my tongue long enough on this topic which I’ve known about for some time, and haven’t said anything. But after speaking to Robert and seeing the STAGGERING statistics of millions of children continuing to be abused in the USA – I feel it’s my duty to raise awareness, of the 19000 English girls in multiple cities across the UK, as young as 12, who are being sexually abused, drugged, murdered, raped and gang raped by gangs of older men RIGHT NOW in the UK. This has been going on for decades, and covered up (even assisted) by the police, social services, local councils, the media and now at the top level, the civil service and home office.

The individual stories of the victims are heartbreaking. The whole thing is heartbreaking.

A full report was commissioned by Savid Javid in 2018. The report was finally published a few weeks ago, but not released to the public as it was considered “not in the public interest”. More than 12200 signatures (including my own) were added by British citizens to a petition to have the report released. But some weasels in the UK home office have refused again to release the report, or it seems, to have a debate in the parliament.


What kind of absurd logic is in play, that allows this to continue, our own children getting abused on a mass scale ? I can’t hardly comprehend it, I’m disgusted and very annoyed. Those involved in covering this up, and enabling it should face criminal charges, and jail time.

I’ve heard little from feminists on this topic, it seems to be mostly men who are fighting to protect children from abuse. Which is strange because I was led to believe that feminism is a cause which supposedly supports all causes of women and girls. One would expect feminists would be ABSOLUTELY LIVID about this – but no outrage, no twitter mobs, no protests, no one cancelled, just silence – how are we not hearing anything from feminists about REAL PROVEN GANG RAPE of CHILDREN on a STAGGERING scale ? I’m bewildered by this, it’s absurd.

You can still sign the petition if you wish here – also has a petition, which you can sign here –

This recent update from Carl Bejamin :

I stumbled across Sargon of Akkad aka Carl Benjamin, whilst researching Brexit. He’s a former UKIP party member and posts videos on several channels on YouTube, about current affairs, contemporary culture and politics. He’s as I understand it a self-described “libertarian” or “classic liberal” (but I’m no expert, or journalist, or know him personally, so don’t take my word for it).

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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2 thoughts on “The Home Office Response To The Grooming Gang Petition is Atrocious – (Akkad Daily)

  1. Don, you have a heart of pure gold My Friend!!!!
    Thank You so much for your kind words.
    Children need a Good, Caring Mother and a Good, Caring Father, who love them and protect them, while raising them from birth teaching them the basic values of being good citizens, thru mutual respect, while having as much #QualityTime as possible.
    Remember, Missed Quality Time can never be made up, it is gone forever.
    Don, I got a little something for you and your readers:
    Women abuse Children at close to 15% higher rate then men…
    I don’t makeup the stats like HHS/CPS does, I just find them. Although it was quiet easy since a very Dear Friend warned me of this many years ago… Sister Helen Ryan. Sister Helen has since retired in your part of the world, and returned home.
    Don, if you don’t mind, I have one more stat to debunk, never in 150 years(I think) has there ever been just 5 Children die from Child Abuse daily, the number is 10-13, and quiet possibly 15 Children a day killed by Child Maltreatment.
    Don, I send all Good Things your way
    Always And All Ways

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