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454 thoughts on “Share Your Blogs Here :D

  1. Hey Don I’m brand new to the Blog-sphere… Still trying to learn what’s what and how it all works. But I do write a considerable amount of useful information about landscaping and anything Arbor related. I appreciate you letting me aboard.

  2. Hi Don; I love sticky spots so I hope my blog can stick to your spot. I would like some more traffic and sticky spot on your blog might just do it. From my last few posts you will be aware I am working on CRS. (Cat Rage Syndrome) I, along with practice of ignoring the triggers, well, there is only one trigger really, “Cat” I am implementing the 6 second pause (1 cat and dog = 1 second) and thereby utilising EI ( Emotional Intelligence) into my busy life. For all of you (plus hopefully you, Don) to find out more check out my wordpress blog.of It is fun but serious and even though the photographs as yet do not compare with the owner of this sticky spot, give me time. Thank you for the opportunity to share this info. Cheers; Stellar13god.

    1. Thanks for sharing and I’m hoping it will 😀

      AS for reaching a wider audience, the “Team Charisma World People” guest blogger competition is open to everyone, it’s on sticky and you’d be welcome to apply provided you meet the entry requirements …


  3. Hi Don, I just found your site and I appreciate you allowing other bloggers to share their work! I write about simple living as good for the environment and our waistline. However, it is not a weight loss blog or green living blog per se, but more of a philosophical discussion of living with purpose and intention.

  4. Sports addict and college student seeking a career in the sports world. This blog is NOT simply the loud mouthed opinions of some noisy kid! Follow me to see my off-the-wall opinions of humanity, my perspective of the Millennial generation, and of course my thought on the hottest topics in sports. Happy New Year everybody!

      1. Ooh, good question. It’s actually the souls of everyone who ever doubted me. But that answer might not be good for public relations, so I’ll say coffee.

      2. Not unless your name is Joe, as in Cup of Joe with one creamer and three packets of Sweet N’ Low. That’s how I rolled back in 2009 when the picture was taken. I’ve been meaning to upload a more recent one, but haven’t quite gotten to it yet.

      3. You’re photo reminds me of a friend who taught me on my Divemaster course actually … and nope I’m a cup of Don Charisma with balls of steel, so you might not find me all that drinkable ! … well unless you’re superman of course 😀

  5. Don,
    I like some of your ideas about writing,being spontaneous,real,authentic,and friendly.I dont agree with all your rules,having to be “happy”,and non-controversial or political.
    I would like to blog on your site and i hope to spread the word about the many injustices,corruption thats being perpetrated by corporations,gov,university’s,banks,and medical establishment in U.S.
    For instance,the medical establishment (hospitals,insurance companies,doctors,corporate sponsor’s) is killing 400,000 americans annually(Jon Rappoport) by no action,misdiagnoses,or wrong action).Another 100,000+ americans are killed by pharmaceutical new drugs that are pushed on the public despite the human cost.
    Cat scan delivers a huge amount of radiation in just one scan(10-15 msv’s per abdomen/or chest ct scan,the equivalent of being one mile away from Hiroshima bomb).Conservatively killing 30,000 americans annually and giving cancer to millions in the future).Research this topic carefully/meticulously,because there is a mountain of misinformation.Put out by medical establishment/N.R.C/corporate doctors.Ct.scan destroy DNA,and cells and are proven to cause milignacy’s.In all civilized nations,country’s ct.scans are used as last resort,and cautiously,in the U.S its used like toothpaste(70 million ct scans annually).
    The American medical community in general follows protocols set fourth by corporate interests,and out dated systems that wait until people are chronic before taking action.In this regard they do so to make as much profit before ones demise.No preventative medicine,no accountability,shorten statue of limitations,while they make billions off suffering people.
    My health isnt the best(hypercortisolism,nausea,muscle weakness,many adenomas,villous,tubular growths from radiation).I worked at a nuke plant inside reactor as a commercial painter when i was younger(naive),and have had 12 ct scans(before i knew of danger)following the many growths in body.I insist on MRI’s now(no radiation).
    A word of advice lay off romen noodles/bread/sugar/processed food.Candida albicans will grow in your gut/intestines and can cause blood fungus/leaky gut syndrome.Ive gone through this hell,and medical establishment wont recognize this ailment.Candex is a healthy product that kills bad bacteria in your gut/intestines if you choose to continue pasta/bread.Take on empty stomach 2 hrs before or after eating.Ones diet can effect the way one feels,or communicates.
    A little about myself,irish-american,independent,non-team player,realist,x-military,genuine,private investigator,cab driver,painter,writer,unsung hero and corruption fighter.I study Buddhism(reformed roman Catholic).
    I hope to write some head spinning blogs about injustices,propaganda,corruption,and threats to all life on the planet.
    Keep up your valuable,honorable,enlightening work,Sincerly,James W Donahue III,612-387-2155,

    1. FIRSTLY – When you’re commenting on my blog, you either follow MY rules or don’t comment. I don’t agree that you don’t agree. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE as I’m legally responsible for what gets printed here. AND I DO DO THINGS MY WAY HERE.

      SECONDLY – I’d advise not sharing email addresses and phone numbers directly on blog comments. Spammers routinely scrape the internet looking for these, so it’s for your own protection.

      THIRDLY – If you’d like to guest blog (which is what you’ve already started doing without my permission), then please read follow the entry requirements for “Team Charisma World People”, which you’ll find here –

      FOURTHLY – if I do receive an argumentative or non-constructive reply to this comment I will delete your comments and ban you from my blog permanently, without further notice to you. Basically you either fit in or not, your choice. I’m not going to debate it with you.

      FIFTHLY – You do raise some interesting points, which some are of interest to me personally. My advice is to slow it down a little, and get to know each other via the comments. I appreciate you may be new to blogging, and this is why I’m cutting you some slack.

      LASTLY – Thank you, I try to keep the blog interesting and congruent with who I am, and what’s of interest to me. AND thanks for sharing yourself here.



  6. Thanks for the share page and all you do. I’m working on a graphic novel about a quietly-gay, Episcopal priest whose fall from grace allows his awakening to a cosmos of love, joy, power and freedom beyond his wildest dreams. I am putting together the story at so others (especially potential artists and readers) can watch its development. My general writing blog is My passion is crafting stories filled with imagery and spirituality, eroticism and authenticity. Please visit. And thank you, Don, for this opportunity as well as your wisdom.

    1. You’re very welcome, and loved your pitch, it’s well written and has everything right there … so either you’ve taken a lot of care over it or you’re good at it !

      HNY 2015 😀

  7. hello Don! Thanks for following. I just got into writing and am looking for constructive feedback on my work and would love to get yours and everyone else’s thoughts on what I’ve presented so far. Happy New Year!

    1. You’re very welcome … there’s plenty of critics here on wordpress, so be careful what yo wish for …

      AND welcome to wordpress … hope you find it a nourishing and inspiring as I do 😀

      1. For me it was just a case of time … I could easily spend the whole weekend playing video games, and then I’d miss out on other things … like chasing girls or more often girls chasing me and well, a million other things !

      2. LOL … well if you’re completely passionate then could be there’s a career around video games … I hear the minecraft youtuber is very rich indeed off of doing videos about minecraft for instance …

        I loved video games for many many years … but other priorities and interests can change things !

    1. You’re very welcome … and very kind … thanks for sharing yourself here 😀

      I can answer specific question if you post a comment, but unlikely to do a full blog appraisal if I don’t know someone well enough …



  8. Happy New Year, Don! I so enjoy the quotes and photos you post. And what a great idea to let your fans share! I’m Gayle from the Deep South in the US. I’m a wife, mother, dog lover, knitter, and cook. My alter ego is a published author of five books with a sixth in process. My blog can be found here: For those who love good, down home cooking, recipes from the family kitchen, along with tips and craft ideas, can be found at my daughter’s blog: Wishing all a joyous and prosperous 2015!

  9. Thanks DON for this great post. I am from Pakistan and a new blogger. I started my blog a few months back but stopped sharing my writings because I thought them too unworthy. But one day Don found me and your following made me realized that I could share my writings with the world. because of you I got my confidence.
    I love reading and writing and wish to be a guest blogger at this wonderful site.
    Thank you very much.
    And thanks also for sending us daily the nuggets of wisdom, which are indeed very mouthwatering. I love them because I am fond of literature and philosophy. I always want to comment on your posts but sometimes I feel that this is not good to share, as it might be pessimistic which you do not like. : )

    1. That’s very kind words, and very happy to have inspired … we all have something to offer in our creations, so keep at it …

      LOL, charismatic pessimists I do like, and will discuss with … so feel free to speak the mind, with of course respect and humility … I had a long conversation with a lady recently about one quote … we had differing viewpoints, and we each learnt something …

      The point of my quotes is 99.9% of the time to give a wise message with an aim to motivate and inspire, through what the influential and well known said …

      Anyway, thanks for sharing yourself here and thanks for contributing on my blog, it’s much appreciated ..

      Happy new year


  10. Hi Don,

    As someone very inspired, not only by the amazing quotes you publish regularly, but also by your very success as a blogger, I am compelled to respond and also to wish you a happy and eventful New Year. For those who haven’t found they way to my blog, I warn in advance, its NSFW, and should only be visited by those of the age of majority.

    My name, unsurprisingly, is Aaron Causer, and as my blog bio suggests, I am a writer of erotic fiction; a conveyor of sexy thoughts and someone who likes to share ideas – usually dirty ones. Having left behind an addiction to phone sex and hearing sexy voices, as well as a successful stint as a distinguished ‘boogie-inspector’ I now write about many of these things on my blog. I am unashamedly a voyeur.

    You can find my blog

    1. You sold me on the NSFW already … for those who don’t know what that means – “Not Safe For Work” … ie if you read it at work, you’re snooping boss might fire you … or it’s likely to have content of a more adult nature …

      Thanks for sharing … and very well sold !


  11. A great initiative, I must say. I have always loved writing, this does not mean that I am a pro but I have a desire to bring myself closer to the level of a good writer. I will keep improving, you are welcome to be judgmental:
    A very happy near to everyone 🙂

  12. Happy New Year everyone,

    Don thanks so much for allowing us all to do this! Great idea 🙂

    I started my blog in October so its still very new and nerve wrecking, and i am still working on finding my “blog voice” so bear with me!

    You can find me on here:

  13. Howdy. This is a nice idea. Thanks for following and for this platform. I’ve been blogging for a few years now. I’ve abandoned a couple of sites, but have been pulling together the best of what came from my earlier blogging with the my current site. Poetry, doodles, little stories, music I like. Happy New Year! 🙂

  14. Hi! I’m Zoe. I’m a freshly published Indie-author trying to make my way in this social media nightmare of a world.
    Please come see me and my rather weird daily mutterings on
    My book, The Road of Darkness, is available at every major e-reader type outlet out there. The links on the on main page of my site. Its not your typical vampire/horror book in the least.

    I like to ramble and mutter about a variety of things on my blog from day to day. Sometimes silly, sometimes ranty, sometimes down right intelligent! Cats. There will be cats. You have been warned.
    😀 come on by, ya’ll!


  15. A Chaos Fairy here: Movies, Pizza, Books, Rescuing Animals/Animals, Trees, Stars, Sci-Fi, Travelling, Eating, Writing…and spreading Chaos…unintentionally!

  16. Thank you so much Don for the chance to share with others.

    I think I’ll do some shameless self promotion. Hi my name is Solaris Avé and I am the author of short novelette, Crossing Destiny: A Love across Worlds. Check it out on, iTunes/iBooks, Barnes and Nobles, and other platforms. It’s a 72 page supernatural romance for the mature reader. I know that’s a very very short book but I promise it’s worth the read. Ok I blabbed on enough. For more info, check the blog.
    Thanks and have a Great, Safe, Happy and Health New Year!!!!!!

  17. Love the quotes. I do fairly in-depth film reviews of everything past and present, as well as share my short stories, with an overall special interest in all things strange & creepy – – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to an even better year in 2015 than it was in 2014. Onward & upward!

    1. Hey Laura, I spent quite a lot of time in Way’els … so hi !

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, it’s given me a lot of pleasure to do it, so win-win …

      Happy new year


  18. Hi Don,

    Thank you for your kind offer of this forum to share with others. I have found your blog to be a quirky and welcome delight in a sea of sameness in the blogosphere!

    My blog is a labor of love for me and combines the power and passion of Classic Rock music with the underlying Biblical and spiritual meanings that can be drawn from the lyrics within. If you love Classic Rock, the artists who created it and the back stories surrounding them, I think you will enjoy reading it.

    I wish everyone a happy holiday and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and I look forward to reading more from DC and others within this thread in the coming year!

    Much love to all,


  19. Hello All!
    I started blogging a year ago, sort of as my own therapy and time killer to keep myself busy and it’s blossomed into a wonderful network of discussions and learning.
    It’s based on learning about myself in relationships, but also includes some opinion and creative writing pieces.
    Please have a read, comment, discuss, laugh, sigh, enjoy!

      1. Everything happens as it should… I just haven’t had that “should” come along yet lol 🙂
        But, thank you.


    Hi! I’m Courtenay

    I’m constantly in the process of self reflection and re-growth. I’ve been battling depression for a few years now, and find myself in some slumps every once in a while. I created this blog as an outlet, as it helps me express ideas about something I’m passionate about – beauty! It may sound superficial, but there’s somehing about cosmetics and beauty items that I love. The ability to express yourself in so many ways through so many products! I also document different occurences in my life as well as little things I enjoy from time to time as a reminder to savor and value the small moments in life.

    Let me know what you think! I love your blog by the way, eapecially the picture posts 🙂

    1. Hey Courtenay … lovely to hear from you and thanks for sharing … it doesn’t sound superficial to me, I think it’s very important to take care of our appearance … shows that we care about ourselves … so beauty, a great thing to be blogging about …

      A friend of mine once said that we have to allow ourselves time to be sad or depressed … or in other words, all of us have challenging times, they often seem to pass quicker if we “let it be” … anyway, sorry for unsolicited advice – I have a positive intent 😀

      Happy new year


      1. Letting things be is top of my list of things to change this year 🙂 Not unsolicited advice at all! Thank you for spreading such positivity through your blog, and you have a fantastic New Year as well!!!

  21. Hi Don,
    Thanks for making this available. I’m just a Down Home kinda guy looking to share thoughts, wisdom, tips, etc. that I have collected of the years from parents, grandparents, friends and personal experience. I hopw to share things that people find both interesting and hopefully useful. Blogging has “introduced” to whole new family of great (and some less so) people. It has peaked my interesting writing (which was non-existant) and my rekindled my love of photography. I love your thoughts on bloggers as colleagues and not competitors. If anyone is still reading at this point, feel free stop by and take a thought or leave a thought at Wishing you and yours a most #AWEsome and properous New Year. — Shawn

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