Compassion – Don Charisma’s Prompt – The Responses

Here’s a run down of some of the responses from my “Compassion” prompt


Response 1 – Writing


by Audrey Dawn – Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister


Mr. Don Charisma’s Compassion Challenge: This one’s been a long time coming. I started this blog over a year ago now and haven’t written but two poems about my mother. Lot’s of pain there, but good pain. I love her. We’ve been through a lot. She is what strives me to be who I am today. She is a woman of courage. One day, I’ll open up more about our relationship, but tonight I felt the need to write this poem. It worked out perfectly…I just had to go for it and write it. Not think, just do…(Tomorrow morning will feel like waking from a one night stand…be gentle, friends.

Hey, Momma
It’s me, Audrey
Your red headed, baby girl
You left me in charge at twelve
I knew how to make lasagna
You taught me well
I also know that you had to go
Left without a feasible choice
You and Dad, loved each other
Somewhere deep inside
Young souls
Hard knocks
Emotional Distance
Ended it all
Now I understand
As a young girl I couldn’t have
I’m a woman
I’ve felt that pain
I tried my best to help you, during those days
Raised your three other beauties
While you chased a dream
Today, I understand life isn’t easy
When you sit back and reflect
You feel like you abandoned us
As children we would’ve agreed
As adults, we forgive
Four children have seen where you were
You and Dad, well, yeah, blew it
Teenage forever love, how many truly achieve
We love you both, and the times we’ve had
Forgive yourself
Live life now
Enjoy knowing we turned out well
We’re all part of you
Your love proved, seeded deep
Maybe, we wouldn’t change anything
We met our Dad, after you left
He had to meet us half way
He did, it’s okay
We all turned out fine
Blessed journeys either way
Parenting isn’t easy
No one is perfect, no way, no how
Belive it, tis true
Let’s make the most of our time now

Response 2 – Writing & Art

Light The Way ~ The Children are the future ~

by IdiotWriter


idiotwriting - light-in-the-darkness

Again – I chose to use the form of image over word to translate the sentiment in me that Dons words gave – and again – what happens?
I get an old poem going through my head that works so well (I suppose it likely influenced the drawing a touch!! – well it definitely did to be fair 😉 ) ….AND – I think I MAY have posted it before? But I can’t honestly find it so maybe I did not. Still – it’s got a nice home with the picture now ~

Light In The Darkness

sit alone
in the light that yields
the beauty of their lives which were
once they are
the time when
they knew
the comfort
of the security
that Mommy and Daddy
kept alive –
in the bosom of their
shanty town shack
the light falls
on mottled skin, they speak:
“Mommy and Daddy,
they work
in another place,
very far from here –
they had to leave.
It is for us they
are gone
so long
I am cold…”
me things
will get better
they tell me
that they are
going to find
Mommy and
say that they
won’t have to
stay on these
streets for
They are
old now, here
candle sputtering,
from the wind blowing in over the
they sleep
in the
‘You are the light of the world’ Matthew 5 v 14

Response 3 – Writing

Compassion – a Don Charisma Prompt

by Momma Jon’t Know Dack


This little piece is an answer to a prompt of what we would do if we saw someone in need, not so much as for monetary things, but in need of human interaction and love…
read on guys and dolls…this is my heart being put on there….how I care.

Ahem *clears throat and coughs* This post is my heart and soul pouring out here! I actually love making people feel like they aren’t alone, that they ARE special, if at the least let them know they can talk to me and that they are loved/welcome. Part of this comes with nursing…the other is just being a non-self absorbed human being. I’ve sat with patients that were dying because they either didn’t have family or they didn’t care….sat and cried and held their hands while they went to sleep for the last time, because God only knows….I really wouldn’t like to be alone when I leave this world….I want to be surrounded by loved ones ifvat all possible… we all need someone’s love or attention……whether we realize it or not.
Or I love to pick out people who just look like they need a good talk/ friend and just start talking…. and I ALWAYS smile at everyone who passes…you never know when it can turn someone’s day around.

I want to also add, anyone that has ever come into my life has always told me that I am a great nurse/mother/friend, etc, I’m not bragging, but that doesn’t mean anything to me, of course it’s awesome to hear the compliments…but what gets me more is the I love you’s….when someone care hold me and tell me they love me it means more to me than anything. 🙂
I’m done,
Love ya’s

Response 4 – Art & Writing

Everyone Needs Somebody

by Sherri of Palm Springs -every

Sherri Nicholas

November 2010 home page
“Eleanor Roosevelt”

No matter who they may be..take your time to
comfort and show your compassion especially to the ones you love which I think most of us do.. Unfortunately there are sad people out there that no one cares about. I have been in doctors offices where little old people that can hardly walk are without anyone there to help…They probably have adult children and yet they don’t take the time for their elderly parents..Gee, our world has changed from years ago so much..years ago I believe that children helped there parents and it seemed like families where so much closer, of course today so many children have jobs that take them to different parts of the it is the way things are. .Alot of people have been left alone due to so many different reasons.
Sometimes If they are strange or funny looking,some people have a tendency to ignore them. but I have met people like that ,once you get to know them.they have beautiful hearts and souls. Everyone needs a time you see some one like that..hold your hand out to them..
what goes around comes around..I learned that
at a very young age
.My parents were wonderful and always held their hand out with compassion and love and if someone needed something they offered it to them if it was reasonable
I felt their love flowing out to people all the time. They were in the restaurant & lounge business also and ran into different sorts of people..I learned from my wonderful parents that they were always there to help people. Thank God my children are the same way May my moms and dads wonderful Souls rest in peace.
Take your time for others. So many of us do and I have met so many people that are awesome helpers of people and let us not forget Gods gift
to us our ..wonderful animals!!…they need love and
comfort to..
created in gimp software



FEATURED 09-02-2080

FEATURED 09-02-2010





Bonus Response (Heart) – Writing


by KJT


Take a journey to my heart,

Tell me what you find.

I wonder of a connection

Between that muscle

And my mind.

And all these emotions

That keep swirling ‘round,

I wonder if an answer

In my heart

Can be found.

My heart is not just my own,

But belongs to all I’ve known.

Everyone who’s been there

And influenced me

As I’ve grown.

The ones who’ve made me happy,

The ones who’ve caused despair.

Deep inside my heart

A place for them always there.



My submission for the Compassion prompt has already had the front page – “Compassion – In Loving Memory Of Janet”

Hope you enjoyed 🙂


Don Charisma

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    1. You’re welcome Audrey, should cut down the size of my feed on any given day, so helps for the “you clogged up my feed” complaints … not that I care, but …

      1. Could go either way though, you know what I’m like, completely unpredictable … I did warn everyone – “anything’s possible with Charisma” LOL



      2. LOL, it was an an enquiry into ego … my conclusion still stands that certain amount of ego is necessary and normal … egos I believe can also be developed in positive or negative ways … you want a tailor made or a hand rolled one ?

  1. Wow Don! Right now I can’t explain exactly how beautiful and heart touching I find this post, but I’m reading it at the right moment and it means more than just words for me. I thought you should know that. I’m in a situation right now that corresponds to your post. Heart by KJT gave me some tears but at this moment it’s impossible to hide them “My heart is not just my own,But belongs to all I’ve known.” Those are words my Mom’s beloved brother and my Dearest Uncle would say. It’s not easy when you lose someone special, everyone knows that. But life goes on and and what Sherri of Palm Springs wrote about taking time for others made me smile. It’s true and I’m blessed that thanks to the fact that I do care, I have beautiful memories from my uncle I’ll carry on in my heart forever. Normally I comment very short,but in this case it really wasn’t possible so forgive me for the reading material I’m giving you this time. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend and thank you very much for this wonderful post!

    1. LOL, doh! corrected one spelling mistake on one of them, can’t catch ’em all … doing my best … and you’re welcome hun, you have a very warm heart …

      1. Now I’m blushing. Thanks 🙂 I just do what I feel like doing…and have always lived by the Golden Rule…”treat others how you want to be treated.” Some people have said I care too much, though. I don’t believe there is such a thing 😀

      1. Think I put my foot in it on Sherri’s comments – I’m definitely no art/writing critic/reviewer … I thought it was wood bark … on closer inspection I can see a face … hope she understands !

      2. I just read it …(your comment! LOL!
        But it DOES look like tree bark dude – that is what makes it so cool in my eyes – because on first inspection it is not IN YOUR FACE? ..and THEN this image of this person almost comforted by the tree seeps out into your vision. Really cool. 😉

      3. For sure … the “stepping out” usually happens after I typed the comment ! doh ! I’m learning something, silver lining …

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