Thai Beach Boy Sunset – “Alicia Keys-Orama”

This little Thai boy was determined to get in my photos, so he’s now also a famous Thai boy … When I’m shooting sunsets I the camera set to HDR. HDR isn’t good for things that move around a lot, like little boys! So nothing I could do about the photos, they came out how they came out.

Fairly sure it’s his mum in the background … Lovely kid, so full of energy, life and fun …

It’s an “Alicia Keys-Orama”, because __________ you guys fill it in !

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

29 thoughts on “Thai Beach Boy Sunset – “Alicia Keys-Orama”

      1. A person who needs to get into photos all the time is a photobomber. I have kids who specialise in it! Particularly at family gatherings.

  1. That little boy will not need a photo to remember you. The simple act of taking his picture probably made him very happy.

      1. 😉 mine has been a weekend looking for a new painting for my parent’s the living room which I’ll post, afterwards.. 🙂

      2. 🙂 Dooooon, thank you for mentioning me on your friends page. It’s a real honour to me 🙂

  2. Love the bravery of children! (I bet some adults didn’t have the guts to ‘insert’ themselves into your photography:)

    1. It’s a bit of fun, for how long I don’t know … and thanks yes he insisted he wanted to be in the photo … little monkey wouldn’t keep still …

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