Insult – Don Charisma’s Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Insult”

Don Charisma's Black Box
Don Charisma’s Black Box


Just prior to going out for my evening walk I have a critic leave an insulting message on my blog. My grey matter sometimes takes a while to process insults, maybe I’m strange but I like to get the most out insults. Like with the previous fear prompt I “allowed the process to happen” internally. First anger, defending, then feeling defeated, beaten, giving up and giving in eventually utter breakdown to nothing, like an overloaded computer just switching itself off. My machine resetting itself perhaps. Then sure enough “ker-ching”, the great humongous machine whirs back up, BUT this time it’s firing on a serviced engine, smooth, I like this new me, greater and stronger, far, far more powerful. The critic does now not affect me, I’ve internalised him and what he said. I’ve looked into the eye of his storm, into his mirror and came out the other side to tell the story. My internal machine now has integrated “his gift”, his words no longer pain me, a new armouring has happened inside. All in fact I feel towards him now is pity or compassion, not sure of which.

I’ve taken negativity and alchemically transmuted it into positivity. Confidence on steroids.

Either that or I’m just nutty. Which, I do not care.

DO – Read the comment below (it’s the same one I was talking about above) and imagine someone wrote it to you on your blog, or even better if you have a critic’s comment of your own use that. Go through your process, let it happen internally. Use the process to help you in your art – be it design, writing, photography, drawing, painting, whatever does float your boat.

Thanks for following my blog. I suppose your blog is an intelligent kind of spam based on the wish of bloggers to let their ego develop on the net.
I have respect for your intelligence and wish you good luck.

(Kind thanks to drwilly of for a most excellent insult)

Why ? – Perhaps one of you can tell me who said – “Criticism is the breakfast of champions”.

Why 2 ? – Any person who is in the public eye, a leader, an actor, a teacher or even just working with others, can never feel truly relaxed unless he or she is able to accept insults. Insults do happen, sooner or later.

Why 3 ? – You tell me what the why 3, 4, and 5 are from doing the prompt.

Write about it. Design it. Draw it. Paint it. Photograph it. Whatever it. Publish it. Job Done.

Do it because you want to try something new, learn something, not for a reward. Pingback me and leave a comment with the link to your work.



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74 thoughts on “Insult – Don Charisma’s Prompt

  1. critics are same like an asshole everybody has one ,and anybody will sooner or later get some “shit” poured out over them ,its like a morning dump after a good nights drinking , the stench is sickening butt then you wipe and flush and move on with you’re daily routine 🙂

    so wipe and flush i would say 🙂

  2. That’s the way to the top! (el camino hacia la cima) lol. I accept critics, indeed I like it so much because they helps you to be better or do things better… you know what I wanted to say. But people who insults you or your work are people who aren’t well with theirselfs and intends other people to feel bad with theirselfs too. Maturing sometimes is not sweet.

  3. Analysis of the individuals statement/criticism ‘ reveals that this is someone who feels superior. The Insult seems to be directed at your followers, and that you are some sort of controller, and a serial spammer. This person is Judgmental, and Dismissive of your talents and objectives. I find that your work is positive and consistent. I enjoy a quick peek at your posts almost everyday. I am obviously on the other side of the spectrum, because I choose to blog about injustice and the negatives associate with it. That doesn’t mean that I am incapable of positive energy. I like your blog and the positive message. If you are judged as a ” Intelligent Spammer,” with a mission to develop other peoples egos ” Then you are truly an original thinker,and an out of the box operative of infinite proportions.

    1. That’s pretty much what my analysis of his comment revealed … and reframed with ego as a positive thing, then actually it becomes a positive comment ! … however spam is rarely used in a positive context, harder to reframe that one 🙂

      I do blog about negative issues and injustice, but always aim for a “silver lining”, what I learnt from it at least … also when I blog about negative stuff I often get people saying that it’s helped them in some ways, just for instance in being more informed …

      Also with these opinion posts, what I found is that I learn a hell of a lot about myself, so it’s a tremendous privilege to post them and speak to my readers … I reckon a lot of them learn something out of it, so it’s a win-win …

      Good to chat, don’t be a stranger 🙂


  4. Eh. I usually consider the source. Actually, I probably would have left a vague kind of insulting response, figuring they were too dense to realize it was an insult, and would think it a compliment. Something of the sort, “I like your imperfections. Without them you’d be really hot, but boring.”

      1. If they’re unarmed, they’re not bright enough to figure it out. Trust me, my wife works with them. I work with one guy who constantly amazes me that his brain generates enough electricity to move his limbs,

      2. LOL, ok, with you on that … moron or imbecile is generally what I call them …

        “amazes me that his brain generates enough electricity to move his limbs” – funniest thing I’ve heard all day, I might plagiarise that one from you 🙂 … is it plagiarising if I told you I was gonna use it ?

      3. I think you’ve copyrighted in the act of publishing it, but do correct me if I’m wrong … anyway consider it a very stimulating and useful comment that I would love to add to my repertoire … does that suit better ?

      1. When I do research on my insulters I have often found them to be very insubstantial people, who often seem to have major problems in their lives. When I discover someone is ill or disabled it’s harder to continue to let myself be annoyed, for instance.

  5. Just a quick response, as I sit at a baseball need for acknowledging. ..just supporting you, DC

    Criticism “The Breakfast of Champions”

    I see you
    I’ve read your words
    Stupid of you to go there first
    Mark me a troll
    One with no interest for your soul
    I actually sit here dreaming
    Full of goals
    I come in peace
    You lead with an attack
    Your sword, friend
    Lacks the easy choice
    To shake hands first
    Intellect obviously suits us both
    Don Charisma connects
    You push community away
    Why bother blogging
    When you feel this way
    Joke’s on you pal
    I see through you
    Can’t wait for the day
    I’ve proven you the fool

    1. Love it Audrey, you continue to impress me in so many ways 🙂

      I just posted my draft reply “Critics” … I may or may not post on my About page … let’s see what happens 🙂

  6. Oh man – I love haters! Seriously. Haters give me more energy than a pool full of Red Bull and more enjoyment than a Land Rover and muddy fields as far as the eye can see but as yet, I’m not blessed with a regular hater so for that reason, I’m actually a bit envious.

    Enjoy having a #1 Fan Don! I would lap it up! 🙂

  7. That is the most adroit backhanded compliment I’ve ever read! The writer is the Prince of Snideness. However, I don’t appreciate snideness. I prefer constructive criticism.

  8. Don Charisma, I lately heard it put this way, “Slap a man with a frozen fish and he’ll stop fishing for about an hour; snap all his fishing poles and you’ll stop him for an entire day”. Silly and cynical, I suppose.

  9. I’m not quite sure what “intelligent spam’ is meant to be exactly, but if I think I understand, isn’t that what all bloggers strive to post, including the writer of the comment? And doesn’t every person have an ego? Ask any psychologist; he or she will tell you that we all have one 🙂 And good job, as you have managed to elicit a response about your blog from your commenter, who likely has a ‘bigger ego’ than you! So obviously he or she was interested in looking at your ‘intelligent spam’. There, feel better? Looking forward to more of your spam. Maybe some eggs too.

    1. I’ve drafted a reply, will put out as my opinion post today … I very clearly understood what he mean’t … AND very much agree with what you wrote … serendipitously I did an opinion post of “ego” a few days ago, and my genius readers have clued me up …

      Eggs ? Whoosh, that was the sound of that going right over my head LOL



      1. No way! Not fair to assume you’d get my stupid joke – after all, we all don’t have the same sense of humor, right? Nothing wrong with saying you didn’t ‘get’ it.

      2. LOL, don’t worry, I’m only playing … I’ve watched plenty of Monty, and probably should have remembered … so OK if lift myself back up from village idiot ?

  10. Bravo on your words: The critic does now not affect me, I’ve internalised him and what he said. I’ve looked into the eye of his storm, into his mirror and came out the other side to tell the story.

    I am not sure of your age, but Ozzie and Harrriet, beloved TV and radio stars had a son named Ricky. He was a teen pop sensation. Turned out he was also a fine musician and continued sell-out performances ’til his untimely death.

    People would go to his concerts expecting to hear his old songs when he was a teen, he now was a man.

    A critic said that is what they are paying for and was rude to him. Ricky retaliated by writing one of the greatest hit “comebacks” in music history. “Garden Party.” You can google song, I do not want to post it as his estate still owns copyright. One of my fave lines, which he wrote, sang and produced: “You can’t please everyone, you gotta please your self.” (paraphrased)

    ALSO, remember the old Hollywood psychology. “I don’t care what they write (say) about me, as long as they spell my name right.”

    1. Thanks Brian, that’s awesome and very much adds to my prompt. I’m not familiar with the work, so good of you to summarise for me 🙂

      Come backs in the armoury is good, learning the process of not caring is the next logical step … which I think is what you were saying about Ricky.

      And the last one sounds very similar to the old – “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” 🙂



  11. I do not handle insults well and typically wallow in self-pity for a few hours or days, depending on who insulted me. I tend to keep my creativity to myself and a close-knit group of people due to my fear of being criticized too harshly.

    1. If I’m honest then I don’t enjoy insults much either … what I was hoping is that people would get something from the prompt in being able to process them quicker and easier … so please do have a go, and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, then that’s cool, share what you’re comfortable with 🙂

  12. One thing I learned about people is that, when they are serving up anger, bitterness, & insult, way deep on the inside, they know that they are referring to themselves. Press on towards the mark, of the high calling. No body has time for foolishness. Be blessed with your blog.

  13. Criticism should never be insulting. It should be constructive and creative showing respect for someone else’s ideas and opinions. Because nutty or not, we are all entitled to our own ideas and as long as they are not hurtful and destructive to someone else, we should be allowed to speak them openly, to engage further thought and discussion.

    1. Agreed Leslie … and I have had some very lovely critics on my blog, and others who are just morons … the difference is I feel is social intelligence, which is what my disclaimer aims to indicate people should use when commenting.



      1. Not yet. The album is almost ready. Just needs a few finishing touches. Maybe next week, I’ll release it.

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