Beach Tree Sunset Panorama – “Jack Nicholson-Orama”

Two portrait shots welded together with one of those trees that grows sideways we get in Thailand …

It’s even later in the AM here … so any offers on a “Jack Nicholson-Orama” are gratefully received ?

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

39 thoughts on “Beach Tree Sunset Panorama – “Jack Nicholson-Orama”

  1. That’s such a beautiful and interesting photograph. With all the people scattered around there it looks like a painting, one of those that tell stories of the different subjects featured.

  2. Fajne wpisy, interesujące i świetne foty. Podziwiam, że potrafisz tak często dodawać dobre wpisy – mnie jakoś brakuje czasu, choć potrafię nieźle zorganizować się. Pozdrawiam 😉

    1. Ah, yes I’m doing my adding celeb names for Google theme … offer = tenuous connection with the celeb … had been managing myself ok, just exhausted when I wrote this !

    1. Thanks … Early ? … Not sure, it’s possible that’s why I have a sinus headache have had for days … other possible causes are the temperature, it’s stupidly hot here at the moment !

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