“Feminists Carry On” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

It only came to my attention after the fact that feminists have been posting themselves in bras etc on their social media pages. I should get out more, really.

I was exploring my Google+ and came across one such lady, middled aged woman, posted a picture of herself in her bra, and different ones on different days. I was quite suprised, this is new, what fun I thought !


I sent her a message as a compliment, something like “I like your style”. Personally I think it’s cool, and good thing to be doing in the name of feminism, why not, looks like a lot of fun to me. She added me on Google+ but seems to have subsequently disappeared. Her loss, I would have given her a link to her page if she’d not uncircled me. Perhaps she’s still there (I’m just such a newbie at Google+) – if you are send me a message, I think you’re cool:)

Keep Calm, Love Breasts And Carry On

Posting photos in bras, pretty cool in my book, nice to see feminists doing something positive. Unlikely you’ll make me a convert with all the water that’s passed under the bridge, but it’s a step in the right direction at least. Credit where it’s due.

Concurring or conflictual opinions welcomed, provided you’re charismatic about it.

Warm regards

Don Charisma

PS (Margaret Thatcher is my celeb name for this post … for fun you may think up a tenuous connection if you like, please keep it clean or otherwise I may not be able to post)

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142 thoughts on ““Feminists Carry On” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

      1. Could be my next event WBIIA 3 – The Navigator Horror Picture Show … LOL … I’ve got something else in the pipeline for that actually 🙂

  1. I don’t know any feminist who takes photos in bra and then showed it in her blogs. I don’t understand the reason. I think is a bit controversial because womans are critized everytime for the clothes we wear. If the skirt is short, if we show much… If mans do not wear shirt it’s ok, when woman do that in public here, in Spain it’s terrible. For example, I don’t know if you know about San Fermines (party where goes miles of people drink a lot and then it’s celebrate bullfights seven consecutives days. Well, here is an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3e3A9lBLJQ
    May be it’s a way to say or to feel there is nothing wrong in their bodys, or to feel free in their privates lifes. I don’t know.

  2. I am curious if you inquired of any of these women or girls as to what motivates them to post themselves in their bras. Breasts are for nourishing, providing sensual pleasure and hell yes, as decoration. While I love mine for all three, and have opinions closely tied to what people would label as feminist views, I would not post photos of my torso with or without a bra for anyone who did not cherish me or my breasts as much as I do. So, I find this a very compelling use of social media for experimentation. And still, it would be great to know their why for doing it.

    1. Please forgive me if I’ve got this wrong. Reading between the lines it appears that women feel that men may go “topless” whenever they wish and feel they should be awarded the same “privilege”. And no I did zero research, as indicated in my post “I should get out more”. For me I just thought it is fun and funny, and have ZERO interest in the political side. I am not as stated “a feminist” and probably never will be.

      1. Oh, never thought about that. Couldn’t care less myself about men doing that and women not. I try not to get bogged down in those little differences. They sort of look like Sear’s catalog ads which makes me sad. But hey, it is an interesting topic. Thanks for the reply. Have a lovely day.

      2. That’s pretty much how I feel about it … and yes it does kind of say some kind of desperate to be showing off one’s six pack on FB … but like you say each to their own … and you’re welcome 🙂

  3. Interesting conversation going on here 😀 Too which I have nothing much to add really – other than I like to keep mine under wraps – and I can’t stand bras, but wear them out of respect for my partner so I am not swinging and slinging all over the show. So not likely to find them flapping about online.
    Oh – someone said something ‘to know that we can do it – is the point’:

    I am wondering out loud here if ‘Because we CAN, should mean we SHOULD?’ I can get drunken faced every night of my life…probably does not mean I should. I could have sex with a different man every night if I wanted to – does not mean I should. But I guess all that is relative too – and completely the individuals choice? However – choices do have consequences. There is a subtle difference between being judgemental and encouraging others to use their judgement. (Ie – THINK really hard about what they are doing and how it will affect them on all levels in the future – or even immediately)

    But I guess that is also very debatable. Hmmm – guess I did have a little to say 😛 lol!

    1. Thanks Belinda, and in point of fact that probably is very little to say, for the idiotwriter 🙂

      I look devastatingly handsome in formal wear (obviously), double cuff shirt cufflinks, silk tie, suit, leather shoes but that stuff is really very uncomfortable to wear, there’s a certain toughness that city workers attain in order to wear those clothes. And the reasons for wearing “formal wear” are a lot to do with other people. Sure one gets some status and perhaps some respect. But can also give the wrong impression, if people think one is wealthy here in Thailand you likely get robbed or ripped off, people have had their hands cut off for gold watches. In fact you’d better be wealthy if you’re wearing wealthy man’s clothes. So here I wear shorts and T shirt. It’s impossibly hot outside for formal wear, and even the Thais who have to wear it find it too hot. Policemen for instance have tall leather boots, full length trousers and tunic tops, in sweltering heat. I generally give these guys a lot of respect because I know they must be very very hot, and therefore probably short tempered.

      So men also have issues with having to wear uncomfortable clothes in order to fit in or please others. My personal choice has been to wear what I (yes me, not masculinsts) want to wear, because it’s comfortable and says what I want to say. With obviously a degree of fitting in, because I find that leads to a peaceful life. I don’t want people constantly bothering me because I look like a dayglo-flower-pattern-tourist or a millionaire, that attention is generally VERY unwanted.

      Also I see men with gym-bodies on FB or wherever, shirtless. I’m not gay, but I have a certain admiration, I can see the appeal, perhaps even a slight amount of envy. I don’t however want to see an old man with bitch tits and a beer gut. That’s not ageist, sizeist or any other ist, it just doesn’t have the same aesthetic. And I accept that I don’t want to battle for mr bitch-tits and beer gut to be showing his shirtless photo on FB, how utterly pointless and pathetic.

      If we’re talking real equality then it’s the most civil and the most respectful, the highest common denominator of modesty, which would be everyone wearing long-sleeve shirts everywhere all the time, apart from the privacy of their own home.

      I see normal ordinary differences between people, between young and old, fat and thin, tall and short, coloured or white, equality can never be achieved for a minority, it has to embrace the needs and wants of *ALL*.

      All that said, I don’t really care enough for any of it to be an issue for me. I quite like the photos in bras, I think they’re cool. I’m not making a political support statement, I’m making a statement in support of something that I think is fun, the politics behind are largely irrelevant to me.

      1. I get all of that 😉
        We CHOOSE – you made that point in your example of the way you choose to clothe yourself in Thailand.
        I remember the same thing in SAFFA – if you dress up and drive a fancy car…guess what – you make yourself a target to a CERTAIN sector of society. It would be a wonderful world if we never had to take those things into consideration…if it was SAFE everywhwere to do whatever we so choose…
        What IF – you really enjoyed wearing the snazzy clothing – but due to societal conditioning of where you live – you found it better suiting to NOT do so? (it works out for you as you do not enjoy wearing smarts so much yeah)
        Same thing I think?
        I am more comfortable braless and I do not dig wearing smart stuff (terribly restrictive) ALSO – MY personal conditioning due to where I have spent most of my time is to UNDERDRESS – because of previously mentioned reasons.
        We all value different things over others I reckon?
        So as far as the bra reveal or the naked breast reveal goes – the ladies who do so value different things over and above other things – thast is their choice (I may or may not agree with it – it really does not matter – so long as it is not hard porn popping up in front of my kids 0-THEN I get pissed!! – but that is off on a tangent)
        You know I see the humour and fun right? Hope so!
        But there IS consequence for all the actions we take in life – THAT is an obvious sentiment maybe for a lot of us…but for some it is not always so obvious.
        Taking pics of your beautiful self in a bra and posting it online is no more harmful than a pic of oneself on the beach in a bikini. Personally – whether I was 20 or 40 – I CAN’T do it. (and I am HOT hey! LMAO! Just kidding!) It is just the lines I HAVE drawn for me.
        It is how my life has progressed. We know the fun – we can take it deeper – to all the ins and outs of why people do ANYTHING they do – we shall not – and certainly not under this post yeah 😉
        I have no idea as to the ‘message/reason’ it is done to be fair (I have theories – but that is all they are hey – I truly find dabbling in the politics of it all a bit of a mind *&% – I try think about it but shew…gets much….)

        I really like the way you replied to my comment Don – it was very well written actually – could have been a blog post dear 😀 – Tell you what – your impromptu writing is really getting good – cos that is truly what that was – trigger and thought = words and concepts.
        Great stuff!!

        Chow for now. Hols nearly over then hopefully back into the swing of the blog tthing 😉

      2. Thanks Belinda, what you write I always find intelligent in many ways … and no there aren’t going to be any topless Don Charisma photos on my websites, so stop asking me (joking, you know that already) LOL

      3. I know 😉 …but still a let down right 😛
        We could do a ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ game? …I AM KIDDING!!! 😳

      4. It is a good sentiment to hold good Sir 🙂
        Well that was the only oneliner for today hey – seems the well is dried up LOL!
        Happy to entertain you Don – LORD KNOWS we all could do with more humour in our lives right ~

      5. For sure hun, happiness makes the world go round and laughter is a source … paradox, humour and change … peaceful warrior’s code 🙂

      6. I like peaceful warrior stuff.
        – It is a pity that sometimes it is needed to be a little more like Skywalker to accomplish stuff…just sometimes 😉

      7. Oh – probably?? Was a long time back hey – hmmm off to google obi one. I do TRY keep up for the sake of the youngens you see – I forget. Cameron was being darth vader last night oddly?

      8. NOT the news…Pffft…the important stuff like star wars and avengers and Doctor who and star trek and Captain america and Sherlock and minecraft and portal (SEE – look I am a cool techi momma – LMAO!)

      9. LOL … ah so I don’t watch TV apart from movies hun … so cameron I assumed you mean’t david, and he’d have been on the news if he was darth vadar …

      10. LMA OFF OUT LOUD!!
        No – no – NO. Sorry – That must have read so very weirdly….sorry.
        Neh BoB – Cameron – the kiddy winks 😀
        Oh lord — David Cameron as Darth Vader…Yippa…that would sure make the news…..(I leave that miserable place to maybe once a week. )

      11. look at that then hey – (other than that I did not even spell it correctly 😦 – SEE now – your point about not dabbling in things we are not 100 % certain of – HAS BEEN MADE FOR SURE!)
        ..back from google:
        Can I be him – PLEEEAASE – ? 😉

      12. One has to dear. but hey – to be fair – I LOVED star wars as a kid – about what – 30 years back!
        The boy digs it so I get a vague refresher every now and again – but keeping track of all the dudes is tricky ….as I have displayed this day…. 😛

      13. HEY!!!…..
        Well – maybe… But no – I do a mean light saber battle I will have you know. AND _ AND when I was a wee one my favourite guy was – um – what is his name again?
        That big round scary JABBA THE HUT(HUD – WAD?)
        I Give you ALPHA MALES! pfft.. 😉

      14. …and I USED to – be able to speak Yodish. 😛 (I leave it to the more accomplished youth these days now – and enjoy letting them shine and and have the spotlight with their wit and humouress takes on accents – hence the darth vader – he was being bat man too ey…I never really liked batman though. )

        So are we getting things done today – or shall we put the kettle on?

      15. Ah – not actually a something you need to follow through on dear – Just a way of directing to the aspect of the eggses factor 😉
        Nothing to be forced right!
        One day – you may be in a dialogue with him over something and if it pops in it does.
        I will likely tell him you dig eggses – whilst on the topic – I am pretty sure he did Gollum too last night? – Had me and the big sister in stitches frankly. Sigh – where’s my weapon of choice? 😉
        Yeah – I will tell him cos he thinks you are pretty epic so he will be pleased. (please don’t feel to make a thing of it dear – as I said – just a conversation.)
        I HOPE you are on that walk by now though – I am going off line so I cant respond again if you respond back – 😉
        Ta ta

      1. We’re all sexual beings – personal “turn ons” are what they are, no apology or explanations required. Feminists full of hot air scoff at such things – to which I can only laugh.

        I’ve written almost 600 posts and the third most popular post is one titled “Feet”. Nothing to do with fetishes or sex, yet viewed because those so inclined though their google search landed on the doorstep of something to jerk off to. 🙂

      2. LOL, ok fair enough, and yes with you on that … it’s laughable when for one who’s read “My secret garden” that people to continue in a pretence, but that’s how people work in public, looking good before authenticity … not really a foot man myself, like the dull boring normal parts myself – easily pleased !

      3. I agree – pretense is silly. Sexuality, desires, turn-ons come in a myriad of forms – all perfectly natural and part of what makes us interesting.Whatever floats your boat 🙂 The only place I draw the line is when desire involves children or non consensual activities.

      4. Agreed, however some won’t, and there’s a time and a place for everything, modesty and civility are always part of a respectful society … and definitely not non-consensual or with those who aren’t old enough to give consent.

  4. Hi Don,

    A feminist is someone who supports feminism, which is:

    the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes

    Anyone who thinks that women should be equal to men is therefore technically a feminist.
    So unless you think us females are below you Don, you already are a feminist.

    1. Dictionary.com say :

      fem·i·nism [fem-uh-niz-uhm] Show IPA
      1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.
      2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.
      3. feminine character.

      I’m not part of an organized movement, nor have any political aspirations in this direction, so therefore no I am not a feminist. And further it’s comments like these that are the kind of reason I probably never will be, you’re almost guaranteeing that.


      This is not a political or activist discussion, so you’re moving off the topic which is “feminists posting photos in bras”, ie irrelevant and your comment is argumentative. My disclaimer warns about this, so stop.



  5. Feminism is about recognition of the women who stand before you. Not just in their ‘gender’, but also as individuals with thoughts, feelings, opinions, what have you. Standing naked makes a statement and focus to only one aspect of being a woman. And ironically the very same one that feminists originally stood against. I’m not judging. I just think they missed the point and have defeated the entire purpose of “feminism” all together. Just my opinion.

  6. Feminists try not to pander to male attention, and instead try to create and formulate from their brains. Why are you against Feminists, Don? You prefer the female to be the helpmate of yore?

    1. I don’t think I said that I’m against feminists, at least I don’t remember saying that ?

      I don’t understand the helpmate of yore either, that’s new one on me perhaps you can clue me in ?

      1. Perhaps I misunderstood you. You said feminists would not convert you or something like that. Did you not mean that? And as for helpmates of yore, I meant the 50’s housewife image: perfect scrubbed children, linen gowned wife meets husband at the door with the martini, dinner awaits on the table. Dog brings slippers. Then the feminists started taking jobs, kvetching about housework, letting the kids go chaotic and asking for equal pay. It’s a word with so much fear and emotion attached, that it’s kind of a trigger.

      2. No problem Brenda, glad you elaborated, I’m not from the US, so we have different expressions in the UK.

        I’m not particularly happy with (or congruent with or a supporter of) some of the teachings, paradigms or ethos’ of some religions, but doesn’t make me anti, they may practice their religion how they want it’s not my business, not even my culture or country often. Same with political parties. I’m fairly easy going when people aren’t trying to persuade me, force me or preach to me. So I choose my decisions a lot on my own experience, not because I’m a ___________ add political party, region, movement or whatever.

        As for the housewife of yore, not quite sure how that’s related to feminists posting bra photos, so you might have to clue me in on the relevance …

        My solution as already indicated to Jenny would be for a movement that’s for both men and women, includes both men and women in it’s aims – that might be something I’d be interested in, for even.



  7. It’s why I like reading the American Male blog only in reverse. lol. I’m on google circles and I added you! I even circled your posts a couple times 🙂 Am I cool now???? 😛

  8. As a feminist as well, I’ll say that feminists posing in bras etc. is nothing new, be it feminist artists exploring issues around the body and sexuality, or in relation to things like sex positivity, breast cancer awareness, nursing mothers’ rights, all sorts of stuff. Other feminists (usually 2nd wave radfems) oppose these tactics, but I personally think everyone has the right to express their views as they wish (or not if they aren’t comfortable with it.)

    Also, just to say, I don’t think women’s or men’s issues are for their sex only. Dudes can agree with feminism. We’re all in the human race, we all learn from interacting with different types of people.

    1. P.S. – My understanding was that Maggie Thatcher didn’t consider herself a feminist? “The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison.”<== Thatcher quote.

      1. So we have our connection to Maggie … I hadn’t heard this one, so thanks Jenny … Maggie actually said a couple of my favourite quotes and have a lot respect for her as the only female British Prime Minister … I think the US is yet to have a female president ?

      2. Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet…there are still people here up in arms over us having our first black president.

      3. Stranger things have been known, I didn’t expect Obama was quite a surprise when I found out, but I reckon it’s progress … just as it was with Maggie at the time …

    2. Thanks Jenny, para one interesting … as I said I should get out more …

      And yes in principle I agree. However I don’t want to be a Muslim, a Catholic, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Conservative, a Republican, a Moonie, a Hare Krishna, a KKK … a maculinist perhaps, although a movement for one gender probably isn’t for me, too much possibility of creating disharmony, or worse … a movement for both men and women definitely would look into (humanism ?) … bottom line, I don’t really care about politics that much …

      1. Well…though feminism was born out of addressing inequities towards women we’ve branched off the gender binary…LOL 🙂

        Anyway just some background on the history of feminism and being in states of undress.

      2. Thanks Jenny, and yes I figured that … gender binary not really my scene as indicated we’re all human beings, and should be working together for more harmonious and better conditions for everyone 🙂

  9. It is amazing to me that Americans are so closed minded about the human naked body over Europeans. I think us Americans can grow up in that area.

    1. It’ll be forever etched in mind going to a sauna (at the hotel) in Europe and completely nearly falling off my seat to see two young ladies completely naked walking around the Sauna totally unphased by my presence … So my point, yes in the UK it’s the same, probably we could both do with lightening up/growing up a bit !

      The other side of the argument is modesty and there’s a time and a place, at work in an office for instance, topless – probably not appropriate for men or women …

  10. I liked this because you encouraged conflictual opinions, hehe. I’m a feminist. I’ve had a Feminist Friday discussion with a dozen or more bloggers every week for the last six weeks (the last two have been hosted on other blogs). Not really going to try and convert you, but thanks for letting me in on this. I had no idea. And next time I am on G+ (I rarely use it), I’ll send you a message so you’ll think I’m cool.

    1. You’re welcome dude … but bottom line for me is – women’s issues are for women, I have enough men’s issues to deal with without having extra work for sorting women’s shit out too … I know I’m Don Charisma … I didn’t say Don Demi-God Charisma !

      I already think you’re cool dude, so sending me a message on G+ propels you into hyperspace of coolness … just don’t send me a picture of you in a bra, women in bras I like, dudes, well, not so much really !

      1. But each to their own dude, not knocking it, just not really my scene, if you know what I mean … I’m a poet and I didn’t know it … which means it’s time for zeds probably !

      2. Yes, I absolutely understand. I didn’t think you were knocking it at all, and I’m definitely looking into that bra thing.

      3. I’ve been “looking into” myself since as long as I can remember, generally quite happy with what I’ve found 🙂

        Probably best write me off as a masculinist, happy with it like that 🙂

      4. Well, I am very masculine myself, but not a masculinist, necessarily. Did you just coin that word? I don’t think I’ve ever seen or read it anywhere.

      5. … You heard it first on DonCharisma.org … could be the next big thing !

        And how do you know you’re not a masculinist if you’ve never heard it before ?

  11. Covered or uncovered, the reality is that the the female body has always been in vogue. The real question is can we deal with it as a society.

  12. Perhaps it’s my generation (I’m a grandma), but I think it’s sad that a woman seeks attention that way. Some things are private. I’m embarrased for her.

      1. I just chatted with another commenter, young lady (talked about you) … I reckon there’s a place for modesty in our societies, which is enforced by men and women … equality I feel has nothing to do with it, as there are plenty of environments where people don’t want to see other people’s bits, male or female … If I was running an office, I don’t want my male or female staff coming to work topless, and would fire them for it …

        Bottom line, it’s about the attention … thanks Beverly you are a wise one 🙂

        For me, I just thought it was funny which is why I posted about it … the politics of it I honestly don’t care about … it’s interesting debate, but I don’t feel strongly enough to be “for” or “against” a political argument which seems rather petty and pointless … I’m simple “for” because it’s fun and funny …

  13. I think it’s not more that women should post these pictures, it’s that we should realise we CAN. We should embrace our bodies and sexualities without being judged for it, just as men can. In my opinion. Something I touched on when looking at Beyoncé’s interview for OUT. Great post btw 🙂

    1. As you’ve probably already gathered I’m all for people being proud of who they are … I think men are judged on their bodies as much if not more, so confused about that ?

      Any thanks, for me I don’t care about the why, I just thought it was a fun thing to do, made my day 🙂

      1. Judged as in, not for the way it looks, but how much is showing if you get me? It’s acceptable for them to walk around topless (I really wouldn’t want too anyway) but they have nipples too!

      2. Ah ok, with you on that … it’s interesting because here in Thailand, they are actually quite reserved … there was recently a guy who got refused a visa because he went to immigration office without a shirt … and I guess in US, Europe etc a guy is gonna get fired for going into the office without a shirt …

        Personally I have no problem with either sex being topless, in fact being male I’m actually quite happy about it …

        A lady grandma just commented, and made the pertinent point about modesty, and I reckon she’s probably got a point too … that’s what I was hinting at with the man who didn’t get his visa or the man getting fired from the office for not wearing a shirt … modesty is part of a civilised society, many people just don’t want to see people’s bits in their daily lives …

        So it’s not just a cut and dry issue of “equality” … modesty, and civility come into it too … and that’s nothing to do with oppression, both men and women play equal roles in enforcing modesty and civility in our societies …

        And like any of these things, it could be a can of worms, imagine if we were expected to go without a shirt (&bra) to the office, shop, factory, mall etc, then people wouldn’t like that either !

        To be bottom line honest I just thought it was funny really which is why I posted about it … I don’t see any great harm in it …

      3. There are many many layers to this in my eyes. I think as far as a woman’s body is concerned though gender inequality does exist. Modesty is separate to where I’m going with it, sure I don’t think we should all walk around naked, we need to leave something for the imagination right?! Haha. But I think that there is still a double standard when it comes to images such as this one, even if this person was just getting out her boobs for a little attention she’ll receive negativity off men and women because of the values that have been reproduced over and over through time that this isn’t socially acceptable or appropriate as a woman, the words slut, whore and slag come to mind, which in my experience are proportionally aimed more towards women, for things such as bra pics and too much skin, when really it isn’t much of an issue. It is just a bit of fun to you and me, but not to everyone 🙂

      4. Hey, sorry for the late reply, some comments take longer than others to “digest” … I couldn’t really answer how I feel about the “slut” thing in comment, so I’ve done a post here – https://doncharisma.org/2014/04/28/the-slut-paradox-don-charisma-s-opinion/

        as for the resolution, I’ve stated what I think it is … also for paradoxes in my own psyche I find the resolution in my heart, as described here – https://doncharisma.org/2014/04/28/heart-don-charisma-s-prompt/

        And yes agreed ladies in bras on FB etc isn’t for everyone …



  14. I seriously don’t get that….feminist…so put a scantily clad picture of oneself on her page? I’m all about women’s rights but I am NOT about to sling these bad mamajama’s out allover the net for the sake of femininity….word….

      1. I think my point is that it doesn’t matter to me why … I don’t even know why feminists are doing it, just thought it was fun 🙂 that’s why I did them a badge !

      2. You have me all figured out … I tried to read some books on the subject once, and found that looking at boobies is far more noble activity … tough job I know, but somebody’s got to do it 🙂

  15. I’m 57 and still don’t know what a feminist is. How shameful. Track her down buddy. You should see my livejournal blog.

      1. Even better, you think they’ll do that this time ?

        (sorry I’m just in it for the fun)

        Just had listen, look at your video … and left you comment 🙂 good job …

      2. You’re welcome … I am probably the world’s worst critic, so I just try and say it how I see it 🙂

        And, ah, that’s a shame … still nevermind, it’s fun what they’re doing … even though it seems it’s for all the wrong reasons …



      3. PS It’s a stock picture, I use morgueFile.com, so have to take what I can get … no money for glossy stock photos 😦 … not that I care, there are some awesome ones on morgueFile anyway 🙂

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