Huge Sky Sunset Panorama – “Daniel Craig-Orama”

Twelve portrait shots bonded together by a special fusion process so secret even the CIA and MI5 haven’t yet realised that they want it … Don Charisma TM …

This one’s a “Daniel Craig-orama” because who doesn’t like James Bond, and 007 is in MI5 ? (and I used the word “bond”ed) … tenuous enough ?

Enjoy 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

62 thoughts on “Huge Sky Sunset Panorama – “Daniel Craig-Orama”

      1. OK, well give ’em a call as my agent, I’ll cut you in 10% say your client wants $500M final offer, that’s $50M for you, not bad for a phone call !

  1. Stunning. Glad the ‘sky’ didnt’ fall’ it would have been a ‘casino royale’ pain. Just ask ‘the girl with dragon tattoo’. I want to run on this beach and play ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ ok….im done

      1. LOL … yes very much dispels the myth that there are white fluffy bunnies and candy-floss between a lady’s ears … you girls been getting away with that “magic” for long enough *grins very cheekily*

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