A Bit Annoyed With VideoPress

I’ve been posting my videos in VideoPress – it’s handy to have it integrated with WordPress.com and I thought that it’d be nicely integrated.

I didn’t expect massive traffic for my videos, really I’m just experimenting. It’s a nice way to share some music and visuals that are harder to capture in stills. I’ve posted a few videos and now as I’m monitoring the WordPress reader more closely, I noticed :

1. They don’t include my featured image.

2. They don’t include the player in the reader.

This is what my video looks like in the reader :


Hmmm, I wonder which one is more likely to get clicked on …

So I’m going to investigate YouTube, and start posting there instead. I mean really, demoting videos posted in their own VideoPress, doesn’t make any sense ?????

VideoPress pluses – integrated into WordPress, quite fast to upload and seems to play reasonably well.

VideoPress minuses – It seems the reader integration doesn’t work properly. YouTube probably has better integration into Google search, so better for SEO.


Don Charisma

22 thoughts on “A Bit Annoyed With VideoPress

  1. Where the heck does that “DOWNLOAD VIDEO” option up there come from? There used to be any number of browser add-ons to download videos, but Youtube killed those off. Has that changed?

    The only way to download a video that is not your own (that I know of) is to go to a third-party website that does it. I would love to have that Download option!

    I was not aware of VideoPress, so I might have to look into that. I have a Youtube channel, but it’s exclusively for “Trustus Pharmaceutical” videos, and I don’t want to muck that up with unrelated content.

    1. Ah! Nevermind!

      Found that muzicupdate site and clicked the “Download” button. It just goes to ClipConverter … one of the third party sites I mentioned up there. Technically, I should have tried that before posting the question. 😛

    2. For sure … I’ve used the download video software and websites for youtube in the past … I think with videopress it has a download video option 🙂 …

    1. Ah, so I’m not the only one with issues with VideoPress … I’m just wondering if they have some reason for dragging their heals on VideoPress, like they want to stop doing it for some reason ?

      1. Well I thought they’d take better care of their own … that would be logical … but anyway, same as you I’m looking at YouTube, I’ve neglected my DonCharismaTV channel probably long enough, time to give it some TLC 🙂

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