Friendship shop is the place to go for all the western foods here. They have pretty much everything that I could possibly want imported.

I especially like the genuine Swiss emmental cheese and they have real Italian Reggiano Parmigiano here too.

Super, amazing, awesome !

The shops and power cables etc in the background, well they are what they are – that’s what a genuine Thai street looks like, eclectic …

This mural is in the car park outside. It’s pretty lively and interesting looking 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

17 thoughts on “Mural

    1. 🙂 I didn’t know of the lotus flowers, so thanks for filling in my knowledge 🙂

      I really like a good penang kung, the dry coconut milk curry is very very nice … my girlfriend often brings me a good phad thai from the market too …

      1. Phad Thai (usually spelled Pad Thai in US) is popular in every Thai restaurant in California, always that restaurant’s best dish, according to their menus. We love it too. A fair number of Thai restaurants here in So. Cal. Our favorite is a local neighborhood place managed by one family. Food is excellent. They make a Flying Tiger dish that’s amazing, and a delicious seafood soup. I think you don’t eat meat, so they wouldn’t be something you’d choose to eat.
        Thai is always freshly prepared when ordered and I think that’s one reason that the restaurants are so loved.

      2. I don’t know hun, Thai words can be pronounced and written differently in English, so just get used to it … for instance they say Kop Khun Carb here, but the official writing is Kop Khun Krap … something to do with lazy “R”s a friend told me …

        Back home in London when I lived near Tower Bridge there’s a great one on Tooley street, run by thais, proper atuhentic and very tasty food – “Suchard” … recommended ..

        and yes I don’t eat anything that walks or flies, so narrows down dishes I can eat !

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