Today’s Huge Sky Ocean Sunset Panorama

I’ve been lucky with the cloud cover the past couple of days.

The clouds really do highlight a sunset and make it into something rather special …

This one’s 10 landscape photos skilfully weaved together in Photoshop …

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

43 thoughts on “Today’s Huge Sky Ocean Sunset Panorama

    1. Thanks dude, I’ve liked a couple of posts on your blog, I see you’re from Sweden 🙂 I’ve been in Stockholm a couple of time, quite pretty, but very cold when i visited … cheers Don Charisma

      1. Thanx for that I liked some of yours too. Yes I always say if you want to go to Sweden visit from 1 July- middle of August. that time most beautiful place in the World. and real summer weather 🙂

      1. Ur so very welcome my dear friend, as well as can be, thanks for asking.And thank u for posting such a beautiful
        blog, always my honor and pleasure my friend. Hope all is well with u and urs also, many blessings.

      2. Thanks, I try, and thanks for asking, and ur beaUtiful posts r truly my pleasure. The beauty we all need to relish in right now. We all play our part no matter what part it is. Because we all really need that inspiration, thanks for being there. Much luv and peace my friend.

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