Coachman’s Café – Two For The Price Of One

Something different, and a little contrasting from yesterday’s flowers and sunsets !

This I believe is a coachman’s café, where the coach drivers get tea, coffee and food. My girlfriend tells me that these kind of buildings with eating places are common here in Thailand. Kind of looks like in-a-hurry DIY …

It’s a real contrast in standards with the polished floors in the shopping mall. But I guess you can eat here for a fraction of a dollar, and in the mall it’d be multple dollars, so coach drivers happy enough.

I do wonder if they bake their own bread here. Bit random, but I figured I’d give the baking tag a go today, and maybe attract a few ADHD bakers LOL

There are slightly larger images one click behind these 🙂's-Cafe-iPhone-Pano's-Cafe-1L

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

22 thoughts on “Coachman’s Café – Two For The Price Of One

  1. I’ve also encountered a very similar place along one of the main roads in Portugal (on the road from Leiria to Lisbon, I think). There was an elderly couple running it and I was perplexed that it was permitted because the safety and health food organization has such ridiculously exaggerated rules that it’ll fine people for a spider web 2 meters above the eating area…

  2. Beautiful place. Love trying the out of the way places, like some of our local dives. You look around and wonder just what you got into, and then they bring on the food. Just like mom made it.

    1. I’ve not eaten there as yet so don’t know if good or bad, generally it’s usually better than I expect when I’m roughing it … I let me girlfriend decided where’s good and not, she knows !

  3. Great shots! I love the “other side” of Thailand shots, and you have caught this perfectly here. The best Thai food is always found in the local, out of the way, places!

  4. Ive eaten at places like this deep in Mexico. One day I was starving and stopped at a place about like this. When I took a bite I could feel something bristly on my tongue. I pulled the piece out and saw hog hair. I just ate the meat from it and kept eating. This brought the reminder of that incidence. Thanks!

    1. Hey Levi, thanks for sharing … I’ve not been in Mexico, but have had a couple of friends who have and they say it’s amazing place to explore … and yes I reckon there’s probably places like this all over the world … can’t share any hog hair stories I’m afraid though … Don Charisma

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