Deli Counters – Italian Restaurant

I was doing some research a while back whilst building a brochure website for a client, and Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in London came up. I found some photos that had been taken by a pro, and interesting to look at the pro photos for the angles and what looks good in shot. Inspiration of sorts …

These were taken a couple of weeks ago now on my Pizza day … probably should have another one soon 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

36 thoughts on “Deli Counters – Italian Restaurant

      1. Been doing promotions since my bartending days… I don’t even realize that I’m doing it anymore! If social media and technology interest you, you’ll like it… Unless you’ve already heard of it … In that case … We may already know each other 😉

      2. I think we’re new to each other … and yes the promoter thing I think is important and good that you keep doing it all the time, very much advocate that for people promoting themselves online 🙂

      3. That’s cool 🙂 … I long term postponed my own post branding, maybe now I have an expert follower I can dust off and send out for the masses … it was going to be virgins guide to seo part 3 … but I might just call it don charisma’s guide to seo part 3 instead …

  1. Знаете ли , Дон, че в България не можем да си позволим такава храна. Толков сме обеднели. Малко тъжно , но е истина

    1. “Did you do that in Bulgaria we can not afford such food. We are so impoverished. A little sad, but true”

      And you think it’s any different for me ? I ordered the cheapest pizza on the menu 🙂 It’s not a problem for me, have to make the best of what the world provides 😎

      1. It’s an on camera filter, usually for a DSLR. Cuts down on glare and saturates color a bit more, really nice tool for bright sunny afternoons and sunsets. You lose a stop and a half, but you can overcome that with a tripod or higher ISO if need be.

      2. Thanks Paul that’s useful … I’m working with the iPhone mainly because it’s with me the whole time … reflections are a problem and also I get a lot of “sun haze” in bright sunlight, presumably the polariser helps with both ?

        If I can get together some money I may look into DLSR later 🙂

      3. You’re welcome, my pleasure. A polarizing filter will help with sun haze, as will avoiding shooting between 12 – 2, if possible. Also try to avoid sun backlight (towards the camera), unless you’re doing a sunset or silhouette. If it’s bright outside use the sun as a side or front light (unless it’s a portrait for the latter, don’t want them squinting). As for DLSR’s, there are good consumer or prosumer cameras available from Nikon or Canon that are not prohibitively expensive. For example, the DX line from Nikon. Smaller sensors and picky pros might complain, but for the money they do a nice job.

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