10000th Photo On My iPhone 4s – Beach Sunset

This is image IMG_0001.JPG … My 10000th photo taken on my iPhone 4s

Today! … I just realised – YAY !

Also worked out that’s £0.05 per photo … If I get another 10000 out of it it’ll be £0.025 per photo and a free phone and ipod … good deal !


Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

48 thoughts on “10000th Photo On My iPhone 4s – Beach Sunset

  1. Awesome photo Don… from this beautiful beach……and I know about beaches…living an “upside down” one…lol…in New Caledonia…you catched yours at the perfect moment…thank you for sharing…and for following my blog!!!

  2. Lovely beach sunset – has quite a warm glow. Having sun off-centre is a good idea. Like your comments on I-phones – had never looked on them as serious cameras. Am now negotiating for a second-hand I-phone. Should be much better as a picture-taker than my existing Motorola cell-phone – and lighter than my A-F camera.

    1. Sounds perfect, the way I figure it my iphone is always with me, and the photos are pretty good usually … a little experience in photoshop and I can get mostly usable photos … bonus ipod built in and everything else on iphone ! … ideally I’d probably have a small/light DSLR, but don’t have the money …

  3. That’s a whole lotta snaps. Good for you. I’m thinking about ditching my IPhone in favor of … what? The update before the last one really screwed my phone up.

    1. I blogged about not upgrading to ios 7 … I’m still on 6, happy enough … my main problem is Apple take stuff out without notice, downgrade if you like, plus the devices get progressively slower with each update …

      If I was looking to upgrade, I’d still be seriously considering a new iphone … I’d also look at samsung as their main competitor … beyond that, there’s Nokia in the game with a big camera on the phone and I’ve also some pretty nifty Sony’s …

      I guess it’ll depend on what you use it for most. I bought one for my girlfriend recently cost me about $100 US, Huawei, she hasn’t put it down since I bought it for her … I realised it wasn’t a top end device, but works very well so far …

  4. I think my Kodak Easy Share probably has you beat, since I’ve been using it about 20 years, but it will still take a good photo. Don’t know how many I have taken on it, ’cause I delete ’em as soon as I put ’em on the external hard drive. Original disk still being used, and I think it’s gone thru the numbers several times and several ways. Now that I’ve said that it will probably give up the ghost tomorrow and I’ll have to get something new. I’m too old for this. Big sigh.

    1. LOL, I like kodak as a brand, I always used to get my photos developed onto kodak paper, gave the best photos 🙂 …

      And yes it’s called “sods law” in England …

      1. Ack! And I’m such an anti-smoker! Ah well…at least I live here in California where they practically throw you in jail, lol. But thanks for the compliment on it anyway. I’ve used it on my smugmug site for a few years and though I should make it the same here so it all ties in. 🙂

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