Why Is It Never Big Enough ?

When I was in University I had a friend Jim. Jim was a mature student in his 40s with a brain tumour. Well at least that’s what he told me, not sure if it was just an excuse to explain his nutty’ness.

Jim bought a new hard drive, probably showing my age now, but it was 500MB. He said to me – “I’ve got THE hard drive I’ll never EVER need a bigger one, I AM COMPLETE” … guess what a year later he was buying a 1GB hard drive (twice the capacity).


Fast forward to today, and you can buy a 4TB hard drive. That’s 8000 times the size of my friend’s hard drive to end all hard drives …

So my question is – why don’t they make hard drives that are big enough ?

OR will I ever buy a hard drive that is big enough to store everything on ?

OR am I always destined to feel inadequate in the hard drive department ?

OR will my computer ever feel satisfied with the size of hard drive I put in ?

BECAUSE – a lady once told me size doesn’t matter, but I’m not sure I believe her.

(trying to keep a straight face, but struggling, a lot)

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61 thoughts on “Why Is It Never Big Enough ?

  1. I see there as being two ways to look at it . . . .

    1. Memory gets bigger, so the companies like Microsoft decide their programs can be bigger, and before you know it you need a new drive just for the OS!

    2. You get the biggest memory. You can put more stuff on that memory, so you do. OH NOES!!! You filleded it ups! You needz bigger memory now!
    They create a bigger memory. You get one. You can put more stuff on that memory, so….

      1. But why do women want bigger ones? The majority of times it is to please the males is it not? lol
        I don’t know really. I’m just having a dig. 🙂

      2. Would have said that’s for the same for males with inadequacy problems Suz … so same on both sides for heteros … you can’t kid a kidder you know 🙂

  2. Gheez, I remember what seems like only a few years ago when I rebuilt my computer and put in a 1TB and now their up to 4+and over? It’s never ending!

    1. For sure, although it does seem to have slowed whilst western countries are in recession … it’ll start up in full steam when economies recover I’m sure !

  3. When I bought my first computer Apple IIe in 1983, with 64 KB RAM and 2 floppy drives. It did not have a hard drive. At that time the largest cpacity hard drive I came across was capable of storing only 5 MB data. 🙂

  4. My first computer was an Amstrad CPC. It came with 64kb of RAM. I’ll never need a bigger one.

  5. It’s the same with my phone! Why is it after I get a new one something bigger and better comes out!?!!

  6. I do remember the big computers, took space in one big room. That time you thought, a world could be in there, maybe not how, but they were so big, it was difficult to imagine, you would ever need more…..
    Now all are so small, but have so much space for storage, but when is it ever enough?

  7. You have to remember. It’s not the size of the drive. It’s what you do with it that counts! And yes, when the 360TB “Superman” Crystals are perfected, I will buy two. Because I’m a guy. Great post Don!

  8. *tongue in cheek* You’re a guy, that’s why you want bigger, better, stronger, faster. I’m usually happy with my technology until it crashes.
    Now, if we want to talk about matching shoes and handbags…there may never be a closet big enough to contain my opinion on the matter.

  9. I’m sure you already know I’m not a spring chick any more, but I remember the first computers that took up a huge room each. No one ever dreamed that one day every home in the world could have one some day, and only a few people were trained to use it. Now they make the Books for Dummy’s on how to use them. I had to get one after my brother spent 15 minutes with me when I got my first one, quickly went through the basics, then left after telling me to just play with it until I learned. I quickly learned how to make a P.C. crash.

    1. You’re a graduate then if you can break it, I break mine all the time … the PHD is being able to fix it when you break it !

      I used to work with IBM as/400 it had it’s own room and airconditioner !

      1. Unfortunately my PhD is too busy to fix it. My Mr. Fixit son knows the guy who can fix computers, and I think he has it more than I do lately.

        And yes, I forgot about the air conditioner. Even when the one in the office went out the computer room had it’s own generator.

  10. Funny! My hubby was a CIO and one time he took me into the computer room which once housed huge computers that now had tiny servers. Most of the room was empty! Unbelievable.

    1. I used to work for an organisation that had an IBM as/400 … it had it’s own room and air-conditioning … probably these days an ipad is more powerful …

      1. How strange, I didn’t see that! Okay, this is getting spooky! BTW…the funniest part to me was that warning sign, lol. Too funny!!

    1. Thanks Dom … and as someone pointed out, there were much smaller storage earlier, my ZX81 had to use cassette tape for storage and used to take forever to load or record anything …

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