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Honey Wheat Bran Bread Recipe

Continuing on with my bread making I’m baking this one today :

Honey Wheat Bran Bread – Sweetened with Honey, and with the better nutritional value of wheat bran this bread is the monkey’s nuts.

LOAF SIZE 1 Pound Loaf 1 1/2 Pound Loaf
Water, 80 deg F 6 fl oz (3/4 c) 8 fl oz (1 c)
Honey 1 1/2 tbsp 2 tbsp
Margarine Or Butter 1 tbsp 2 tbsp
Bread Flour 2 c 2 3/4 c
Unprocessed Wheat Bran 1/3 c 1/2 c
Dry Milk 1 1/2 tbsp 2 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp 1 1/2 tsp
Active Dry Yeast 1 1/2 tsp 2 tsp

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I use a breadmaker to take out all of the hard work, you can find my guides with everything you need to know about bread making here :

Baking Bread And A Break From Sitting At This Computer

4 Steps To Easily Making And Baking Homemade Bread

And last but not least …

Simple Steps For Making Bread Without Dough Conditioners

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

PS Sincere thanks to Chef Kevin Ashton of “Grumpy Old Men” blog, for the cooking inspiration, you’re one of a kind !

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8 thoughts on “Honey Wheat Bran Bread Recipe

  1. Tried to make a comment but it wouldn’t publish it saying I had already said it. But I haven’t said anything here yet! I’ll try copying and pasting now to see what will happen. I haven’t made bread for years, but I used to make it all the time. I have never had a bread machine though. I always kneaded it by hand. A lot of work, but not that bad. One of these days maybe I’ll try it again.

    1. I got three comments, which is cool.

      I found when I make bread regularly, I like to experiment, even have my own sour dough culture living in my fridge.

      Usually comes out with good results, and something I enjoy both the doing and the eating 🙂

      I’m planning to post some more recipes and they’ll all get put in category “Food”, so you can see them there – if the fancy takes you !

  2. I haven’t made bread for years, but I used to make it all the time. I have never had a bread machine though. I always kneaded it by hand. A lot of work, but not that bad. One of these days maybe I’ll try it again.

    1. I bought a bread machine about 15 years ago and used it off and on over that period. It does take the hard work out of the prep, so worth getting just for that (if you feel like making bread)

      I have also done by hand, and that is where the temptation creeps in just to buy bread 🙂

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