Simple Steps For Making Bread Without Dough Conditioners

Google sends me weird and wonderful things people search for … sometimes I answer them !

So here’s SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS for making bread without dough conditioners …

1. Put (strong) flour, salt, yeast, sugar and water into a bowl.

2. Mix using a spoon (or with hands) until ingredients are roughly mixed.

3. Leave to Rest for 5-10 minutes.

4. Kneed

5. Rise

6. Bake

7. Enjoy

Personally I never use dough conditioner … so “how to bake bread without it” is largely moot point … or maybe I missed the point in my sarcasm ?

From what I understand dough conditioners are to get an even mix of ingredients, and the best way to do that without them is mostly in the kneeding stage.

Also a longer rise usually yields fluffier lighter bread – I know this because I make my own sourdough yeast which takes a lot longer to rise. BUT, sourdough bread tastes a whole lot better, which is the point for me 🙂

Happy dough conditioner free baking …


Don Charisma

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14 thoughts on “Simple Steps For Making Bread Without Dough Conditioners

    1. Exactly LOL … joking apart – Wikipedia has an article on it … in brief they are agents added to the dough for a more mixed/even dough, so that gases from the yeast is trapped more evenly, and therefore a smoother bake, presumably … they range from things which sound pretty healthy like vitamin C to others that sound like a chemists experiment …

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