Remove The Speedbit Virus From Windows 7

I downloaded some free software to “accelerate downloads” called “Download Accelerate Plus”. It kind of works, but I uninstalled it as it was causing problems on my machine (Control Panel->Uninstall a program). I now mostly do downloads on Firefox because I found this to be a better solution.

You’d think that’d Speedbit would be gone, but no, my browser homepage on both Firefox and Chrome resets itself to “” anytime the machine is restarted. It also sets the default search engine on both browsers to speedbit. This seems to have got worse, presumably because this nasty bit of software automatically updates itself.

It’s incredibly annoying because I start the browser to do some work, and then have extra unnecessary steps to reset it back to my normal search engine. This becomes old very fast. In fact they’ve annoyed me enough to spend a few hours putting this how-to together.

Doing some digging using Start->Run->msconfig tool I discover speedbit isn’t uninstalled like I thought it was. They’ve installed service called “Speedbit Update” which sits there and updates itself and F***s around with my browsers. Really it’s verging on a virus.

So how to get rid of this annoyance ? Well these are the steps I took to irradiate this nuisance.

  • First step is to stop and delete the service. This must be done as administrator. So Start->All Program->Accessories->Right Click on “Command Prompt”, then select “Run As Administrator” from the pop-up menu. This will bring up a command prompt window that’s running as the Administrator user and has the privileges necessary to run the commands. Which are (see screenshot) :

  • That’s the first step. We also need to remove the entries that start the service when the machine starts up from the registry. Experienced users can probably do this with regedit. I chose to use ccleaner, which is free, I’ve used before and I trust the developers. Download here –
  • So install ccleaner. Then in ccleaner, go to Tools->Startup->Scheduled tasks. There are two entries for speedbit. DELETE both of them, like so :

(I’ve reddacted a couple of entries for my own prviacy)

  • Once you’ve done that you’ll need to restart your machine.
  • Once you’ve restarted – use the Start->Run->msconfig config tool to confirm that Speedbit is no longer a startup service.
  • You can double check this in Services Start->Computer->Right click and on the menu select “Manage”, then navigate to Services and Applications->Services. Check the Speedbit service isn’t there.
  • For completeness you’ll need to delete the Speedbit program files in C:\Program Files\Common Files\SpeedBit\SBUpdate … Start->Run->”C:\Program Files\Common Files\”, then delete the directory and empty it from your recycle bin.
  • For info on how to set your browsers back to how you like them see this page –

Good luck, and hopefully you’ll now be enjoying a happy Speedbit free life.

Resources & Sources

How to Delete a Windows Service in Windows 7, Vista or XP –
Preventing programs from automatically loading –
ccleaner download –
Virus graphic –

57 thoughts on “Remove The Speedbit Virus From Windows 7

  1. Wow! I don’t have this little problem, but I do have others which feel like this, just verging on virus. Thanks for the detailed how-to. I know they take time to put together, but it seems that they are always a good idea.

  2. Did you download the software from the actual site instead of the ads that keep popping up? Because I’ve been using DAP for two years and I’ve never had any of these problems, except for the small matter of it being unable to integrate into Google Chrome.

    1. It’s an authentic DAP/Speedbit software … try uninstalling yours and see if speedbit becomes your homepage permanently !

      What annoyed me is that the software didn’t clean up after itself, and messed around with browser settings without my permission.

      My solution is to use firefox for downloads and it works a lot better than chrome or IE …

      Warm regards


  3. Don,
    I like your VIRUS picture. Wondered if I could use it on a blog post, being a wellness coach ~ the virus visual is great. If so, let me know…of course your splash logo would be on it.

    TCOY = Take Care of You


  4. Don DOn DOn.
    Very cool!
    ‘cept I have windows 8 – WHICH took some getting used to mind! (prefer 7 really)
    JUST this last week – from goodness knows WHERE – I have some flippin thing called ‘TROVI’ decided to install itself and now opens up my browser there instead of my preferred google page. Gah! Painful.
    I SHOULD probably look into it this week – but one tends to ignore it and just open up another tab…
    I cannot tell you how many hours I have sat ‘fixing’ these kind of glitches on comps. – With kids going on them it can get interesting too!! LOL!
    (I will ONE day get on top of it all hey – still need to sort my filing system out – dunno how I even find anything anymore!) 😉

    These are cool posts 😉

    1. Hey Hun … thanks, glad to know ladies are interested in geek stuff just as much … even though actually this isn’t really geek stuff it’s more about getting on with things effectively !

      TROVI sounds aweful, I don’t know if ccleaner will help …

      Main thing is it wastes my time, which is valuable to me … and glad I got sorted out … hope you can get your trvoi problem sorted, I useually start by Googling and end up taking pieces from several sources to find a solution …

      BYe for now


      1. Can’t be calling ‘knowing what is almost essential knowledge these days’ being a geek 😀
        Besides which – being a geek is WAY more fun than not 😉

      2. 🙂 for sure, lack of is called being a dinosaur, so take your pick … as it now says on front of my blog, wise is one of traits of charisma 🙂

        Hope all is well young lady !

      3. Makes sense, didn’t think it’d last, but good to have a break as discussed on email … it’ good that you have passion in your life, some don’t …

      4. All good hun, I’m redesigning the look and feel of, and we’re updating so that we may receive paying customers for our online services 🙂 … Personally, well email me for that !

      5. For sure 😉
        Busy times then!
        Spring or something in the air – I have been spending some time looking at a revamp my young self too!
        Got my ideas lined up and plodding away at implementing.
        Sadly tech is not my BEST friend – but I can muddle along hey 😉
        No paying customers this end — (yet) well don’t foresee such in near future – but still an infant blog so we’ll see (have ideas obviously)

        Sounds exciting though Don – can’t wait to see it progress 😀

        I am STAYING AWAY from email just for a bit – so catch up on the rebound ey ?

      6. Not yet 😉 Thank you so much again dear. WHAT would we do without you ?? 😀
        Gonna go finish feeding little gaping bird mouths and then settle in to looking at it all again with your info 😀

      7. Just emailed you with a bit more info on what we were talking about the other day … obviously private and confidential, I forgot to say …

        malwarebytes I’d be surprised if it doesn’t cure trovi …

      8. gotcha 😉 ALWAYS! Already got it!
        Trovi will have to wait till kids are doo doo – the tired and cranky time of night.
        I am not even sure if it IS trovi doing it. Only affecting wordpress (think I said that already??)
        Nevermind – IT IS the place to start!!!!
        WIll let you know how it goes right 😉

      9. No need to be surprised then 😀

        _ YOU ARE A GODSEND!!
        Your advise has saved me a nightmare –
        IT WORKED! YES Please and thank you – it WAS that trovi/conduit – malwarebites SORTED!
        Had to do some other fiddles in browser etc – but that was no biggie –
        aaaaah – can sleep now 😉

      10. Your choice – too quote 😉 ‘… pass it along to whomever you feel – perhaps someone or someoneS who have helped you in some way or other?’
        I understand that is broad – I like broad. Bestow on the folk who fit that description. Bloggers whom you have gleaned from or who have brought something BEAUTIFUL and selfless to your life.
        1 2 3 – however many you feel like. THATS ALL – and say something nice about them. Will likely do a ‘larger post sometime – so if you DO want to wait rather – that is also cool. I am not one for hard and fast rules – I just like giving pretty things 😀
        pfft – I DID have it all planned – but you know – I forgot and got taken in the moment!!

      11. OK hun thanks very much appreciated it beautiful 🙂

        I’m around 60 awards behind at the moment, so I’ll wait until after you’ve released the award to do my acceptance, if that’s OK …

      12. Don – I am cool with WHATEVER. Really – 😀
        I can’t take it all TOOOO seriously. I have changed FAR too many diapers to take anything terribly seriously anymore 😛

        Off to TRY fathom some ‘formal way to do it – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      13. It’s your award hun, you do it like you want to … the formal process I feel helps new bloggers, and those inexperienced … and giving something for people to do to achieve the award makes it feel more worthwhile, i think ?

        For my not freshly pressed I just asked them to write a paragraph about why they’d like (or not) to be freshly pressed … suggestion …

      14. THAT is something I can work with – I think I will pick and choose!! Different for established and for newbies 😀
        THAT is how life is really anyhow… oooh – ta – an idea is brewing back up 😀

  5. I learned a long time ago that the fastest way to speed up a computer is to remove all unnecessary files, .ext’s, to clean history and temp files… But it was always so much hassle and people who aren’t very savvy always look at me funny when I try to explained it to them. I’ve since found something called CCleaner, which you can get a free version of and it does all that good stuff for free and in only a few seconds/day. I haven’t had any issues with my computer since.

    This was something that was recommended to me by an instructor, when I was taking programming courses a few years ago and it was still in its infancy, but I’ve remained as faithful to it as it has to me.

    1. Hey dude, Thanks, very helpful

      yes I’m aware of ccleaner, I use it to help with these kinds of issues and reckon it’s a good product, by as far as I can make out trustworthy people …



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