Tree With Hangy-Down-Bits Towerama

I walk past this tree everyday. I don’t know why it has the hangy-down-bits, but they add some character …

I’ve merged six landscape photos together with Photoshop to form one towerama. It’s basically like looking with 3 pairs of eyes at the same time (or is it 4 ?)

Must get some zeds, the match sticks are starting to strain 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

55 thoughts on “Tree With Hangy-Down-Bits Towerama

  1. Good photos of the tree with hangy down bits. In Australia we have strangler figs that invade other trees and proceed to kill their host. There are some spectacular examples of this battle to the death. Not sure if your tree is a strangler fig. Interesting!

  2. Love the “hangy down bits” part. I think you’re learning my lingo Don. It is a beautiful tree. Now that I have the hangy down bits in my mind, I can’t remember what they are actually called over here.

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