Sunset Above The Clouds

I can’t take credit for this one, not my photo ! I was unable to find out the source, so I’ve credited the URL where I think it came from.

It’s certainly very stunning, fake or not, I don’t know… enjoy it for what it is !

Believed to have originated at

63 thoughts on “Sunset Above The Clouds

    1. Yes I remember that in Tenerife, the clouds underneath me, it’s quite a awesome sight because I’m not used to it … also seen a lot of sky from plane and remeber the sunset/sunrise being fairly spectacular …

    1. You know I think I have, been on quite a few flights and remember it being fantastic … never managed to get a photo, but I’m still young so there’s still time 🙂

      1. It is beautiful, but all I have is a memory. No photo, but I woke up the little girl next to me so she could experience it too 🙂

      2. It was truly an awe inspiring sight… quite literally looked like a sea of fire…..amazing 🙂

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