Beach Party Thai Style – Loy Catong

November last year I think was the Loy Catong festival. I’ve saved a few photos as yet remain unpublished. This is an interesting one as it shows how the Thais like to lay out their party. Some tables in the middle deck chairs along the sides. The Thai ladies cook all kinds of food and bring them along. Rice, noodle dishes etc.

It’s also very common for people to drink Whiskey here. Normally it’s mixed with soda water or coke, and some ice. The Thai whiskey “Sang Som” is particularly potent. Some have said they add “extra” ingredients in the manufacture but haven’t been able to confirm what these are … I had a few small drinks, whiskey and coke, I don’t drink so much these days. Was actually a nice laid back occasion, which suits me fine.

The girls did try to get me to dance, I did a little, but not really my thing these days …

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

8 thoughts on “Beach Party Thai Style – Loy Catong

  1. Ever try white lightening, otherwise known as moonshine? My uncles made it in the 30;s when they couldn’t sell the corn and other way. Tried it once and wouldn’t recommend it. Love the photos.

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