Boy’N’Girl Vespas

My visit to the Italian restaurant the other day serendipitously led to getting some photos of it’s interior. This is a huge place inside and these (I’m assuming replica) Vintage PINK and BLUE Vespas caught my eye. Vespa’s are I believe “THE” Italian moped, for those who haven’t seen them before 🙂

They also have a Vespa poster which is interesting. A photographic challenge that I’m having at the moment is shooting framed pictures such as this. The light reflects off the glass which can obscure the image. Photoshop – I’ve found again my favourite tool the shadows/highlights tool helps with this. Then up the contrast (a lot) and back off the brightness. That seems to yield the best quality, quickly.

Taken on my iPhone 4s at Toscana restaurant.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

53 thoughts on “Boy’N’Girl Vespas

  1. Nice shot and title. Would be neat if the Italian restaurant delivered – on the Vespas. Also, thanks for following my blog. I look forward to checking yours out further.

  2. Wonder if management would let me drive a Vespa in the building? I can stretch my arm forward that much, and it would be great therapy. for the shoulder. Wanna stick one in an envelope and mail it to me?

  3. Don – a polarizing filter should get rid of those reflections. (Not sure if one is available for the iPhone though.) In a pinch, I’ve taken my (polarized) sunglasses off and put the camera lens up close behind the sunglass lens (almost touching). You may need to rotate your sunglasses 90 degrees until you get the right effect, depending on the direction of the reflection. But then your entire image may have a tinting problem, which is not too much trouble to correct in Photoshop.

    tom p.

    1. Ah, thanks tom that’s really useful, would never had thought of that in a million years 🙂

      It’s not possible to polarize it in photoshop ? I’m assuming not !



      1. 🙂 in fact, they’re nothing special, I mean set aside the design, Vespas are aligned to other scooters in that field. Bye!

  4. I’ve always been afraid of motor-scooters/bikes… they are gorgeous though…

    PS: Thank you for following my blog, I have been unable to re-connect, couldn’t convince WordPress my password is correct. The e-mail alerting me that you had joined my ‘family’ kick started WP and I’m back! I owe you a debt of gratitude… I’ll start by saying “Thank you!” ~khrys…

    1. Yes, due caution is advised, motobikes can be dangerous … in Thailand they get used a lot, and I think if one is careful then it’s not so much to worry about …

      You are welcome and glad to welcome a new friend 🙂

      Warm regards


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