Ginormous Sky Evening Balcony Panorama

Took this off of my balcony recently. It’s just awesome how huge the sky is sometimes and so moody 🙂

It’s 27 photos (landscape) 3 high merged with Photoshop photomerge. Raw master pano is 65 megapixels before crop.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

28 thoughts on “Ginormous Sky Evening Balcony Panorama

  1. Truly awesome pic.
    Had an experience a few years ago when I was in Sydney presenting a paper at a conference. We flew into the city, caught the bus into the centre of town, then emerged from the subway – and I was blown away by the tall, tall buildings! (Think I’m still a country chick at heart, despite years of living in cities.) Anyway, whenever I had time off from the conference, we’d spend time “doing” the city – monorail (now gone, I believe), Bridge, Opera House – in awe of all these monumental buildings. Then, the very morning we were to fly out, we took a ferry ride on the Harbour. Looking back at the CBD, we saw these massive cumulo nimbus clouds piling up over the cityscape … Nature is larger than anything people have built.
    It was the perfect bookend to the trip.

    1. Sounds lovely, and yes skyscrapers are a sight to behold I was brought up in a country’fied setting so I do still find cities imposing despite having lived in London a good part of my life … as for clouds, I was sorting my old photos and came across some surreal clouds I’d taken, had stopped the car and got out to do so … Very photogenic skys we get from time to time !

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