Pizza – YAY !

I put pizza in my “spiritual” category. It’s the food of the gods, I could eat it all 24/7/365 and probably never get bored. But like some other things in life, not all pizzas are made equal. I don’t think I could ever top the pizzas I had in Sardinia.

My ex the Italian, Angela, recommended me to Sardinia. It’s where Italians go on their holidays. It’s a lovely island highly recommended. As it transpired I never went to Sardinia with Angela, it was several (ahem well quite a few actually) girlfriends later.

This one was eaten by Don Charisma at the Italian restaurant (Toscana) I posted a photo of recently. Well the extremely leafy green outside shot at least. Now I have some interior photos and some of the grounds. The place is huge, could probably feed half the 5000 in there.

Because of my having been spoilt so in Sardinia, it’s a 7 out of 10 for Toscana’s Cheese and Tomato pizza, and that’s pretty generous. I’ve yet to get any buffalo mozzarella over here, perhaps that’s the missing ingredient. Also pizza isn’t cheap in Thailand this was around £7 or $12 including a coke and a small tip.

Nevermind, I like to live it large once in a while 🙂

So, I give you PIZZA by Don Charisma :

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

73 thoughts on “Pizza – YAY !

  1. Reblogged this on Family Answers Fast and commented:
    This week’s reblog is from Don Charisma. My guess is that I don’t actually need to introduce Don Charisma to my 100 (thank you!) followers because, well, he has over 15,000 so there’s a great chance you are already following him! But I’ll reblog anyway because I want to say thanks to Don Charisma for…the charisma, of course! Here’s an example of a recent exchange between us connected to his post “Heavens Breaking Through” : “You’re welcome Angie, shouldn’t you be up there too with the rest of the angels ?” So, as I replied to Don, he’s selling charisma and I’m buying. Why? Because done right, charisma is a form of kindness, generosity, and light-hearted fun. And now the pizza! If I could only have one food for the rest of my life, it would pizza. Good pizza, bad pizza, bring it all on. I grew up on pizza in Northeastern Pennsylvania where a love of pizza is only surpassed by a love of beer, which gratefully dance perfectly together. Friday nights entwined pizza, beer, banter and charisma that simply doesn’t happen in the same way in the state I now call home, my beloved Arizona. So go check out and thank you, Don Charisma, for the fun ride. The next time I make my own pizza, I’ll blog about it and send you the recipe 🙂 Happy Pizza Friday, everyone!

      1. Thanks Angie hun … I’ve left a comment for you “at home” … and yes I’m almost tempted to make a trip to Pheonix especially for the pizza, however my funds don’t allow 😦

      1. LOL … I have to restrain myself too, me and cheese have a bit of love hate relationship, I love it more than it loves me if that makes sense !

  2. I love a good pie myself. Traveling has opened my eyes up to some styles and also made me love some of the better places more in my home country.

    Brazilians are out of control. They insist on putting condiments all over a perfectly good pizza. My other half can do it to her slices as much as she likes but no mayo is going on my pizza!!!

    1. Like my pretty plain same as you, cheese, tomato sauce, fresh basil and perhaps some cherry tomatoes 🙂

      Each country has it’s style … in UK we put Ketchup on fries (chips we call them) … in Europe they put mayo !

  3. Dear DonCharisma, me too I love so much pizza. Sardinia is a very good place to be visited: I recommended it too.

  4. If you need to take care with diet Don, then you may create your own pizza and use wholegrain flour, as I do. I do it mostly for the taste, it is even better and you will feel filled more fast.
    This pizza looks great.

    1. In principle yes I do … in practice I don’t have an oven so can’t bake anything … I get by with microwave and grill, but essentially I have to find a good restaurant or take away for pizza …


      1. I have tried to live without an oven, and I really find that difficult, because I’m used to use the oven for my cooking for so much different food.
        Maybe you can find a table model one day. They are not so expensive and usable anyway.

      2. I’ve pretty much learnt to live without it, there is some things virtually impossible to cook without … if I stay here in Thailand longer probably look for a larger apartment or house, hopefully have washing machine and oven … can wish for tumble dryer and dishwasher, but my girlfriend does a pretty good job without 🙂

      3. In my first half year here in Spain I didn’t have electricity or water in the house. So now machines.
        That was not so funny.
        Good you did find a solution for you and your girlfriend.

      4. She enjoys taking care of me, I’m happy like that … and yes living without electricity and water is mostly for the very brave and hardy !

  5. Pizza is a good thing for sure. We have A LOT of different kinds of pizza here in the Detroit area. I always love wild mushroom pizzas. Hawaiin is good too. However, I don’t like pizza enough to eat it every day. I’m really more of a burger and fries girl 🙂

    Note: Playful Kitty has moved to . You can still follow using your reader, but you need to stop by and click the little blue button on the side bar. Thank you!

  6. I love the high amount of slathered cheese and the golden crust.. it’s pretty much yummy goodness on a plate. You convinced me to make pizza on the weekend. I’ll just add Bacon and of course maple syrup being Canadian its really good on pizza. Great post!!

    1. You are welcome and everybody got their favourite toppings … I like mine as simple as possible, this one could have been improved with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on top … ah I’m in heaven !

  7. I love pizza, too. It is one of the few foods I have never gotten tired of eating no matter how many times in a row I eat it.
    You made me hungry for some. Good thing I’m going out for a pie on Friday night. Yum!

    1. LOL, in England a pie is something entirely different, thick pastry with usually meat and vegetable filling … but I’ve heard that’s amore by Dean Martin so I know what a pizza pie is … and I can’t see myself ever not enjoying eating it … but because of the richness of the cheese my tummy growls a lot … so maybe a good reason for a balanced diet for me …

      If I ever make it stinking rich, I’ll have my own pizza chef from italy and an authentic stone/wood oven … a dream, alas … still nevermind I enjoy going restaurant 🙂

  8. What is it about pizza? Through all my gluten-free, dairy-free detoxing adventures, I think pizza is the one thing I’m just going to have to allow myself from time to time! God, that looks so $<!%#ing good! 😛

      1. Agreed. Tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella with balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. Perfection. :). On my way to check out your recipe…

  9. Now I have to make a pizza, not all that easy with one hand, but I’ve made one before and it was good. Had to use a bought sauce, but still almost as good as mine. Main point is, I can make a pizza with one hand, re-hydraded veggies, strange looking cheese cuts or pinches and even get it in and out of oven all with one hand. Even sliced olives without cutting anything off. Getting better.

    1. Hope your hand will be back in action soon … I can make pizza too, although it is a lot of effort and a good pizza restaurant is probably worth paying the money to … I don’t have an oven in thailand, so can’t cook pizza at home even if I want to !

      1. If this weather would ever clear up the shoulder would work more easily, but with temps in the 60’s one day, tornado warnings during the night and down to the 20’s the next day it’s crazy land. Been ordering a lot of delivery Italian and Chinese, but also trying to cook something of my own at least once a day. I’ll get there.

      1. New York pizza — Syracuse, too — has just the right amount of olive oil, I think. I am hungry now, too, Don, and I would like to try the special Italian pizza you love so much.

      2. LOL, I do seem to get it from time to time, so far in Thailand pizza has been pretty OK, but not yet had an awesome one … and yes could easily be just the right amount of olive oil … also I’ve found the flour that’s used is a critical factor 🙂

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