Heavens Breaking Through

On my way out to take photos of the sunset on the beach … this is what I see 🙂

It’s a one shot deal, HDR, taken on my iPhone 4S


(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand, 2013

50 thoughts on “Heavens Breaking Through

    1. Thanks that’s very gracious of you … and I see you’ve explored, finding heavens in february … the sky does fascinate me, the colours and the formations … changes from one moment to the next, and very much a mystery 🙂

  1. Hi Don, Thanks so much for following my blog –
    I was enjoying yours too until my children woke up and all hell broke loose! Will check back again to see what you are up to.
    Have a great day!

  2. Don, great photos, love the look of the Italian restaurant, reminds me of a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida, which was surrounded by huge trees.
    Oh by the way thank you for following my blog, I see you are having success with yours, good for you.
    Well….. I will drop by from time to time, take care and have a great and blessed New Year!

    In His Eternal Love…..

    1. Thanks very kind of you … I like to get photos of things which stand out to me, this was one such place … ate a pizza there today, it was pretty OK, but definitely not as good as the ones I had in Sardinia !

      See you soon



      1. your welcome. I love the pic, please don’t get me wrong.

        Oh, by the way, I totally dig your “not freshly pressed” icon on your blog…its hilarious…thanks for making me laugh.

      1. Don Charisma, you’re selling sweet charm and I’m buying 🙂 Thank you, dear friend (a friend gives time, engagement, and kindness) and may your day be heavenly, surrounded by angels ❤

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