“Racing” Quad Bike

I don’t know how to describe this bike, hope I got it right … Thought it was worth a photo anyway, lo0ks like fun, poor man’s sports car ?

Taken on my iPhone 4s


Taken in Thailand, (c) Don Charisma 2014

31 thoughts on ““Racing” Quad Bike

  1. It’s called a Can-Am. Have a friend who lost an arm and a leg who rides one of these. It GOES!!! He keeps up with any streetbike. Awesome piece of machinery.

    1. Thanks, I googled it, the Can-Am is a three-wheeler, this one has four !

      One of the other commenters reckons a “street-quad” which I also googled and has four wheels …

      Have you been pillion passenger on your friend’s bike ?

      Warm regards


  2. What the hell is that? 😀 😀 😀 😀 To me it’s from another galaxy! Aliens are coming this way!
    Bye, dear dear (dear-squared) Don! 😉

      1. Ciao ragazzo = Hi/Bye boy (only male)
        Ciao ragazzi (plural)= Hi/Bye boys (and girls)
        … Italian grammar pill..
        😛 bye

      2. LOL … ok, thanks for Italian lesson, you have to forgive my lack of Italian, maybe 10 years since I learn’t any … I do know some bad words too, ex-girlfriends usually teach bad words first … Ciao Regazzo !

      3. 🙂 🙂 you naughty! 😀 great Don .. It’s a classic: foul language is the first thing strangers do find out 🙂
        Ciao Don! 😛

  3. Boyfriend says it is a “street quad” and that they “flip on the street because they need a differential.” Yep, my man is a motorcycle lover.

  4. That background really looks like Thailand – external pipes, the brick wall, and the little “spirit house.”

      1. If I ever go to Thailand, I’ll be sure to check it out. I have never even considered visiting there until I began seeing your photos. You make it look beautiful and well worth the trip.

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