Rainy View From Canary Wharf Underground Station iPhone Pano

View From Canary Wharf Underground Station

This is the stunning view coming out of Canary Wharf underground station. In the rain !

The big row of bicycles are rent-able from Barclays. Quite a good idea actually for getting around cheaply, seeing the sights, although might be better to do this in the summer …

It’s a panorama straight off my iPhone 4s, with a little colour enhancement in Photoshop … Rainy View From Canary Wharf Underground Station iPhone Pano Rainy View From Canary Wharf Underground Station iPhone Pano

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

37 thoughts on “View From Canary Wharf Underground Station

  1. Good photo! This is interesting (and beautiful!) because I remember a Doctor Who episode (from 2006?) where they talk about The Battle of Canary Wharf. It’s nice to see a photo of it from real life.

    1. At 8 megapixels it takes better photos than my dedicated cameras of a few years ago … I like that it’s light and portable, and often I can get some awesome results 🙂

      1. Yes, it’s interesting to explore all different angles of photography … I like the large spaces inside buildings too … panoramas are great because they enable me to capture more of the scenery 🙂

      2. I do understand that. I used photography in my last company for my magazines and newspapers, but I have never tried with panoramas. One day I will try too 🙂

  2. Cool. Loved the clip – what kind of dog person are you? I almost typed god-person but then I’ve been wrangling with a stray cat….

      1. Maybe I’ll post some of the one’s that didn’t work out so well, the worst so far was one of the outside of Bangkok airport, I think … I always try to take at least two photos of everything, that way I’m more likely to get a good one … with panos I often do one from Left to right, and then do one from right to left … sometimes the lighting works better in one way or the other.

  3. 2012 was the first time I did any work in London and I was able to work in an office in Canary Wharf so I recognise roughly where this shot was taken. I remember being simply awed by the pure scale of the area and how it is strikingly good looking.

    Great picture 🙂

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