Life Is A Mystery – By Fujiko Suda

I’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks, so haven’t had a chance to reblog this. Well actually I can’t see how to reblog from so I’ve quoted verbatim and linked back, I hope this is OK for her.

It’s nice to have touched and influenced someone’s life in a positive way, how we make friends sometimes, right ? Friendship Friendship

Life Is A Mystery

For years now, I have been good at not giv­ing into urge to write about my thoughts and feel­ings.  Writ­ing about my thoughts and feel­ings are futile. What good does it do? It doesn’t pro­duce any income. It exposes my weakness.

Yet I still have the urge to write pub­licly my thoughts and feel­ings. And I have recently started to see my friends and acquain­tances loosen up in their Face­book posts. Maybe I will loosen up, and write more this year with­out wor­ry­ing about doing dam­ages. Get out of this trap of try­ing to be log­i­cal, infal­li­ble, forc­ing things.

I have my own per­sonal prob­lems. After I enjoyed great per­sonal time for a cou­ple of years, fam­ily prob­lems began to sur­face up a few months ago. Just when I started to enjoy this deli­cious mis­ery and give myself per­mis­sion to be depressed, I got an email notice from Word­Press: “[Project Kobo] don­charisma is now fol­low­ing your blog.” I thought oh, another spam, but it wasn’t a com­ment on my blog, but a fol­lower. And I haven’t really used this blog site at all since my work site is Maybe it was the name don­charisma, maybe it was the cheesy icon, but I took a look at his site, and the first words I read there grabbed me out of my hole. They gave me hope, some­thing to hang onto:

I’m a bit of a phoenix, as my life changes, so do I and the things I focus and do, I guess it’s much the same for everyone.

“Life has three rules: Para­dox, Humor, and Change.

– Para­dox: Life is a mys­tery; don’t waste your time try­ing to fig­ure it out.

– Humor: Keep a sense of humor, espe­cially about your­self. It is a strength beyond all measure

– Change: Know that noth­ing ever stays the same.”

― Dan Mill­man, Way of the Peace­ful War­rior: A Book That Changes Lives

Yes, life is a mys­tery, indeed! Here I sit in a cold McDonald’s sec­ond floor, try­ing to work, while wait­ing for my 10 o’clock appoint­ment, this guy says hi to me in pass­ing in the cyber world. He gives me hope. Thank you, Don Charisma! Maybe I can do the same to some­one in his life.

By Fujiko Suda –

Only thing I have to add – my avatar isn’t cheezy you cheeky so and so, took me a week’s work to do … Also a bit rich coming from a Japanese person, they have the cheeziest TV I have ever seen ! … In England we call this “The pot calling the kettle black” 😉

Actually two things to add, she poses a very interesting question or paradox about how much of our real selves do we reveal publicly. I think she’s doing it exactly right, I can’t fault her reservedness and care over what she reveals and not, it’s exactly how I feel about it.

And permission to be depressed, totally agree on that. We all need time to process what’s challenging for us, give ourselves permission to feel through what causes us discomfort. Life often doesn’t seem to afford this luxury, so we have to make the time and space ourselves.

Thanks for the mention and the thoughtful article Fujiko, sorry I didn’t get around to reblogging you earlier 🙂

And you are very very welcome, I am happy to have touched you in a positive way.

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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48 thoughts on “Life Is A Mystery – By Fujiko Suda

  1. I agree with two of you three outlooks on life, but believe you need to amend the statement about change. While science, technology, and knowelege may increase, when it comes to human folly, nothing really has changed in history.

    King Solomon said nothing is new under the sun, What will men do after the King, what he has done. Check out human history in the past 3000 years and you come to understand. For example, wars and both good and bad things keep repeating with every new generation.

    Perhaps you should state this instead.

    Change – nothing ever stays the same except the folly of what men do to harm each other over and over and again and again.

    Regards and good will blogging..

    1. Perhaps … opinions are subjective, based on personal experiences and biases … sometimes I amend my thinking based on others observations, sometimes I do not 😀

      And best regards to you too …

  2. I think this is lovely and just goes to show just what an impact your words can have on someone, they can literally change someone’s day 🙂 and as for sharing feelings, I do think some people overshare on FB and places like that, but I also think that sometimes sharing your deepest thoughts and experiences might just help someone else. Look at that post I shared this week about my story with food, the response has been huge and hopefully someone might just feel better about themselves as a result. I just think that sometimes more thought should go into what people share x

    1. Saw it, reblogged it I think … and yes social savvy’ness and an understanding of politics is definitely part of the charismatic persons toolkit … FB not a fan, never have been …

  3. I seriously doubt there’s a hateful bone in your body! Besides, your avatar in illustration form, I think rather clever rather than ‘cheesy’. Even the word just makes me hungry. LOL! Great read Don! I thank you to open up some here. We’re all flawed, very in opinion etc.. So fire away :O)

    1. It’s kind appraisal dude, although you give me too much credit, I’m perfectly capable of behaving badly, just chose most of the time not to … and yes it’s funny more than annoying, cheesy from a Japanese person is probably a compliment anyway … hope all is well … warm regards DC

  4. How wonderful that you have touched someone’s life in a positive way. That’s got to be a great feeling to have. 😀
    You know, I blog about personal stuff – mostly in a roundabout way. I find it cathartic. It’s me and how I roll really. 🙂

  5. I think somewhere along the way society became convinced that if you aren’t running through a field of daisies and laughing, then you are depressed. There’s value in reflection, which pharmaceutical companies and “self-help” experts have created an entire industry around telling us it’s a “treatable condition.” It’s not a condition; it’s life. And while I’m not trying to say depression doesn’t exist, I do believe “being down” is normal — even necessary — from time to time. To truly appreciate the view from the mountain peak you can’t take a helicopter; you have to experience climbing up from the valley.

  6. Какво е животът – може би не това , което очакваме да се случи. Живот означава висок дух. Колко хора , за съжалене само съществуват. Ние трябва да правим нещо стойностно, колкото можем, за да усещаме живота

  7. I love this photograph. Reminded me of the innocence of childhood love and how sad it is that our interpretation of honest soul-to-soul sharing is distorted, demeaned and misused by so many as we grow older.
    I have also appreciated your encouragement as I struggle to build my author platform in this digital world. Thanks, Don.

    1. You are welcome Sharon, you’re charismatic in my eyes and have been a friend 🙂 And yes it’s a paradox I think of in terms of being vs survival …

      Liked your post on negative press being good publicity btw, sorry I’m not the most prolific commenter …

  8. I share just enough to make me feel better, be relative to others and have a good positive message in hopes someone out there who may be feeling the same way sees that they are not alone! Sometimes I like feeling vulnerable I guess 🙂

  9. I couldn’t agree more w/ this entire post! You followed me out of the blue as well & i thought, “wellp, i had better get back to writing!” It’s hard being transparent in such a small world but it is also very healing. Love this post!

  10. Good morning DonCharisma,

    I read your post Life Is A Mystery and was amused to read that you write at MacDonald’s; that’s where I started off, but with the constant internet cuts, difficulties to connect, and the constant smell of fried food that always made me SURRENDER, I have now moved up in the world and hang out at Starbucks, lol!
    Do you understand Portuguese?
    Good luck with your personal issues and keep on posting!

    1. Good morning to you too … Sorry I don’t speak Portuguese, apart from some bad language that I think translates to “son of bitch”, except worse I think !

      I didn’t write the main article it is by Fujiko Suda, she was writing in McDonalds. And I would like to add that neither of us have “personal problems” that would be an incorrect interpretation, and a wholly wrong assumption from what is written here. I understand that things can get “lost in translation”, so it doesn’t cause me a problem.

      Warm regards


  11. Yes Don, life is a mystery. Then up to us to find our solutions.

    When we loose a little up for ourselves and tell about feelings and so, we become more human. I need to learn that too.

    Friendships are gold.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. life is not a paradox, life is a gift, it depends how you use it, and because we are on a lease, we all get a time out, what place we get in the replay depends upon how we played in the game of life, amen

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