Do Women Like Charisma?

Do Women Like Charisma ? … Ah, that age old chestnut, the days/weeks/months/years I’ve spent pondering it … My granny was/is certainly taken by Sean Connery aka James Bond, and rather offended by Roger Moore’s ‘pathetic’ attempt … Is Sean Connery charismatic ? Personally I think Roger Moore is a quite slick and smooth, so could be considered charismatic. But hey whatever floats your boat right ?

Reason I ask is NOT for my own enlightenment, more that Google has offered my services as an expert on the subject. As I’m not (an expert that is) I’m opening it up for the opinionated gals (and guys) amongst you.

Interestingly Google thinks I may also be an expert on “Estrogen Resentment” whatever that is ?

Here’s my search engine terms for yesterday : Search Engine Terms Search Engine Terms

So, ladies, with my not being a female person, nor am I ever likely to become, the questions remains … do women like charisma ?

And please do answer the question you’d have liked to have been asked.

All for the sake of one Google searcher, who may one day again stumble across this post, to achieve the enlightenment he/she searches for 🙂

Morons are invited not to participate … that is unless you want a clash with my trash box.

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Warm regards, Don Charisma

140 thoughts on “Do Women Like Charisma?

  1. Charisma for me is:
    selfrespect , selfassurance, nonchallance and kindness towards passers by; when a person is not dependant on the opinion of others but is aware that if others are negative to him, its is because they are preoccupied with themselves… A charismatic man/ woman has to have physicall beauty or the sense that he/she is beuatiful, no matter how they look like objectivly.
    Charismatic person knows when to be serious and when to laugh charismatic person is like Clint Eastwood: never says too much and even when he whisispers, its louder than when someone yells.
    And if there where a school where one colud learn how to be charismatic, I would enroll 🙂

    1. I think that’s a good definition Vesna, and I totally forgot about Eastwood, he’s been mentioned to me before as a charismatic individual.

      As regards the school, I’m sure there is one somewhere, but couldn’t recommend one. One thing university taught me is to start to rely on myself to learn, to be more self-sufficient in discovering books etc that I want to read in order to learn. There are mentors and teachers around and about, but up to you to seek them out and discover what you can 🙂

      Warm regards


  2. “All for the sake of one Google searcher, who may one day again stumble across this post, to achieve the enlightenment he/she searches for :)” — here I am
    Oh Gosh.. I shud crush wordpress… it’s causing more harm to me and my time… not able to get out of it… shit!

  3. I’m a big fan of Charisma and as a matter of interest my favourite Bond was Timothy Dalton. Probably in the minority with that last admission though…

    Heather xxx

    1. I think probably Connery would be my favourite, and probably fair to say you’d be in minority on Dalton. But it’s good that we’re all different otherwise we’d get bored, right ?

      1. Exactly, someone out there has to share in my TD love though…..don’t they?

        As they say, variety is the spice of life!

        Heather xxx

      2. I’m sure there are millions out there hun … I always laugh, I have a friend in London, he likes different women from me, so there’s not much competition between us over females … win-win !

      3. Exactly! We have a saying here in the UK ‘horses for courses’ which means that what might be good for one person may be unsuitable for another.

        I guess it would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things, wouldn’t it? 🙂

        BTW, I love your avatar!

        Heather xxx

      4. Thanks Heather … and I had someone today told me they didn’t like my avatar, some people just got no taste, right ?

        I’m from the UK too so familiar with the expression … and yes if we were all the same it would be very tiresome, especially with no ladies to mix things up for us guys 🙂

        Warm regards


      5. For some reason I assumed you were from the US, sorry about that!

        Don’t listen to the haters, your avatar looks great 🙂

        Heather xxx

      6. It’s a fairly safe assumption, probably 70% of bloggers are from US … and yea, f*** ’em I don’t care, I like it, that’s the most important thing !

        Warm regards


      7. Your avatar is faintly reminiscent of the character of Angel Batista in Dexter and so I just assumed you had that latin/cuban american thing going on. I’ve also noticed that the majority of bloggers are from the US, looks like there is only a few of us Brits flying the flag then! (Much like the Winter Olympics….)

        I’m glad you’re not giving haters the time of day. If you like it then that is all that matters 🙂

        Heather xxx

      8. Yes I can see the resemblance … and yay, a few brits on wordpress showing the yanks how it should be done !

        They have got me down in the past, but I’m taking a zero tolerance stance now, and my blogging life is much more enjoyable, wish I’d done it earlier … one lives and learns …

        Warm regards


  4. I agree with Elaine, subtle charisma is best. I, personally, am attracted to a man that is sure of himself and can make me laugh way more than a Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum look a like. I’ve fallen for a man who attracted me with his good looks and charm but I married a man who attracted me with his genuine charisma 😉

      1. Could be fate’ed and you can’t Mrs Food … see I reckon we’re responsible for what happens in our lives, that way I can stay in control … fate seems a little like a cop out to me, a way of not taking responsibility … but everyone entitled to opinion, otherwise we’d get bored, right ?

      2. I’ve just seen it badly but I’m running around this morning on my way out so haven’t had a chance to read it properly and respond…bit I will!! I continued to think about it too..interesting!

  5. From my view, I think that women are attracted by charisma as an initial attraction to a person, in men and women, but if it’s not backed up by a nice, genuine person, it doesn’t generate a further relationship or friendship. I’ve had 20 years in sales, I’ve come across more than enough supposed ‘charisma’, I think the key here, is whether the charisma is genuine? A genuinely charismatic person will always be attractive. I think I’m rambling now…

  6. A gift some are blessed with, charisma is that which a woman has no chance against. It manifests in the form of piercing eyes, a seductive smile and enchanting conversational skills that in turn make up for other physical disadvantages. Really an overall attractiveness that speaks from across rooms. It helps if the subject were Sean Connery, George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Leave it to erotic attachment to inspire a powerful devotion. ☺

  7. The whole charisma thing is over rated. If he’s a pulse that’s good enough for me lol Seriously though, the ability to make me laugh would appeal more than charisma for me. Aren’t we lucky you have both 🙂

  8. Actually yes :). I like when a guy has charisma. I like guy who makes you feel important and special. Who isn’t rude and respects you. I mean, most women have to like guys like that right?

  9. I believe that so many look with their eyes and fail to see with their soul and mind. I am guilty of it myself. Now, after years of ‘maturing’ I’ve come to realize what I should have done better. It is a horrible feeling to find yourself in a relationship that was based on the physical and no connection. So yeah, it’s important to really think about what you want and how long you want it. If I could turn back time….I would have done it differently and I would have looked for charisma. I’m sure that would have been a relationship full of excitement! Constant challenge is a good thing. Now, I feel I’m too old and it’s too late. haha. It is rare…and I hope you find her…keep your mind open..not your eyes. Your eyes will deceive you. lol. Great reading your blog. I will have to come back and see what your next post is about.

    1. 🙂 have already found my charismatic lady, so not on the look too much …

      I don’t know your age, but certainly I’ve felt like that before, and it hasn’t been too late to find someone that I’m happy with … just took some time and patience 🙂

  10. Charisma is define as the following, “A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm.
    b. Personal magnetism or charm”.

    A few words jump out at me: rare, leaders, arouse, fervent, devotion, enthusiasm, magnetism, and charm. Wow! Can you just picture this happening? I do…a person being drawn into this quality. As a woman…yes I believe that one who has charisma is unique. I’ve not met too many men that I could describe using the work CHARISMA. To be honest, I can think of one man in my life. And he does draw me in like a month to a flame! He may not be exciting in the sense of personality or he does not draw attention to himself…but he draws me in with his devotion to me. He has a way to be charming that it seems effortless. My mind is arouse when we talk…It’s like I come alive in his presence. So yes, I believe that woman search for that rare find.

    1. Thanks, and that sounds right to me… men have just the same search for charisma in females, but luckily there are a few about, so some choice, yay !

      And hard to narrow down who’s a role model of charisma, I wouldn’t like to try …

  11. Yes yes yes! – I love a man with charisma. To me he is confident without arrogance, he makes you feel special without making you feel like you are his next stalking victim, he is intelligent without making you feel stupid, he grows sexier by the minute because his pores ooze with all of the above.Check out my post “the man at the gym”…he oozes charisma for me :). Oh, and yes, Sean Connery… 🙂

  12. charisma + honesty + smarts = Thigh squeezing goodness
    charisma + shady + shallow = Cold Shoulders after about 15 minutes

    Woman can tell the difference rather quick. I love charisma, but itsn’t as important as keeping my mind interested. If I can’t have a discussion with a guy, why bother, but that’s just me.

    1. That sums up rather elegantly Audrey … personally I don’t mind the lack of discussion, main thing is that we like each other and get on, love trumps all else 🙂

      1. LOL, all good, no worries with me 🙂

        I’m quite happy with a woman I can just sit with and not have to talk to, that in itself is charismatic that she doesn’t “need” anything from me … silence is golden they say …

  13. We like charisma, but what some people try to pass off as charisma is anything but. Charisma is not fake, an act to put on for the benefit of those listening. Charisma reaches out and grabs my attention, makes me want to know you better. It draws me to someone while a fake front drives me away. I had to chuckle when I saw Google decided you were the go-to resource on estrogen resentment. There’s a new phrase…

    1. Yes, I see that. And yes I know what you mean about fakers faking charisma, it can’t really be pulled off with anyone with more than 2 brain cells …

      And Estrogen Resentment, what the F is that ?

  14. Personally, as a woman I love charisma, I feel like charisma and confidence go hand in hand. It’s a swagger that a man has about himself. When he enters the room he just commands attention without even saying a word. President Obama is an excellent example of a man that oozes charisma!!

  15. I think in general, yes! Women love Charisma. That certain presence, you can just see it, feel it coming off that person. I’ve seen many good examples listed above. Sidney Poitier, George Clooney, but my all time favorite is Sean Connery. All that man would have to do is read the phone book to me!! 🙂

  16. This woman does like Charisma, but at the same time, I’m alway a little cautious about it, it’s easy to be distracted by charisma, and not see the person for who they really are…

      1. Just read up on the Pied Piper, very interesting.. had never read the story…. yeah a little like that…. it’s not to say the everyone that is charismatic are evil, just that some do… maybe as a way of protecting myself, I just don’t buy into…

      2. It’s sensible, I agree with you. The pied piper I think is a European story told to kids.

        Generally there’s a selfish/cruel/evil motive behind the pretend charismatics, I try and spot them before I lose out, but haven’t always been fortunate enough … that’s life, we learn …

  17. Me personally, I love a man with charisma. In my generation that trait comes few and far between much like being a gentlemen. So when I do meet someone with charisma I make that connection to be friends or to at least do business with them.

    1. Again true say, and us guys have the same deal in the opposite direction, charismatic women are few and far between … but the ones I do find definitely make up for the rest 🙂

      1. Oh boy..well i date women and men so I should’ve known that..because I have yet to meet a woman with charisma.. and if she had it she didn’t like me lol

      2. There are some about, be very sure of that … and everybody’s definition of charisma is different so bear that in mind … Generally if she likes me and I like her, and I’m single, I make her my girlfriend 🙂

        I just date women, never developed a taste for men, no polarity so never interested me, my personal choice of course 🙂

      3. Lol..i feel Daddy was loaded with charisma yet he was something different to my mother behind closed doors..when I fall for someone I guess I do the same as you lol

      4. Mainly I reckon I need to like what I see, then like what I feel … that’s about it … call it charisma, charm, beauty whatever, it’s just knowing that I want to be with that person and they want to be with me.

        I think often people can be forced into being something in public, because of who they are or what they do. Behind closed doors can be a different story …

  18. Personally, I think Granny was right. Moore’s Bond had a smarmier feel to it than Connery’s. Perhaps it was that slickness that you mentioned that translates into a pretentious feeling for me as a woman. Connery’s Bond felt more genuine. So, maybe there are two types of charisma, one that elevates the person and one that elevates the people around him or her. I think that’s what true charisma is about – the genuineness of drawing people in for the purpose of connecting with them and pulling out their best. True charisma doesn’t put on airs.

    1. I think I first saw Moore in “The Saint” prior to watching bond, I quite like his charm, although perhaps a little over the top … I think probably the real reason Connery is the favoured bond is he’s the first, he moulded it into his own, and a very hard act to follow … but these days we’ve had 5 or 6 bonds now (?), and M isn’t even a man anymore, so it’s lost a bit of it’s charm for me … still have my DVD collection which was at the time 19 films, most Connery …

      As for Charisma, it’s a great question, everyone has a slightly different opinion … I often find that I get little gaps in my knowledge filled in everytime I post one of these, so more’s the better.

      1. I suppose it’s all about how it’s served up, isn’t it? Both charisma and Bond. I don’t remember having the same feelings about Moore with the Saint series. With Bond, whether you prefer Moore or Connery, it’s the same as the way you might prefer your veggies, steamed or roasted. It’s still Broccoli; just a different flavor. 😉

      2. I like Connery too, more now I’ve seen many Connery films … Honestly I think Connery is timeless and Moore now looks a bit dated, so perhaps just a fashion of the time thing …

        And yes Charisma is definitely a subject for debate and opinion 🙂

      3. Welcome … I watched a few Moore films (gumball rally ?) recently and didn’t enjoy as much as I did at the time … however Dr No for instance dates far far slower …

  19. I LOVE charisma…a person who has that je ne sais quoi…charming, (and we have lots here in Montreal) It is more than respect, it is like you speak to this person and he acts like you are the only person in the room for a few seconds…magic…I would say Sidney Poitier, Roger Moore, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, President Obama are examples of charisma:)

  20. When there is something about a man that makes him appear gentlemanly yet manly at the same time it gets me every time. I’m with Irene about respect and honesty also.
    Sean Connery’s voice is amazing to listen to as is James Earl Jones. And give me George Clooney any day – he gets better with age……
    Now look what you’ve made me do – I have to clean the drool from my keyboard!!

    1. I like Connery and Clooney, so you can drool to your hearts content … Brad Pitt went up in my estimation after Snatch, the Irish gypsy character he played, just do funny …

      We’re gonna have to get you a water proof keyboard … or a padded cell … can’t quite decide which 🙂

      1. Yeh Brad Pitt is still a little too young for me 😉
        I’d be happy with both a padded cell so I can bounce off the walls and a water proof keyboard. 😀

      2. Ah, well age gap doesn’t bother me personally, that’s for other people to worry about …

        I’ve put in the order for padded cell and water proof keyboard from Ikea, you’ll have to build it yourself will be with you on Friday 🙂

      3. You can have Brad to yourself then 😉
        You are such a good friend to do that for me. I shall spend many happy hours turning instructions upside down and backwards to see if they make any more sense.

  21. Yes, I think that women like charisma. People who know, how to behave and talk in a respectful way and treat other people with mutual respect. And last but very important, honesty belongs to good charisma too.

  22. we are impressed with savoir faire.

    A person who is poised and articulate is admired for his interpersonal intelligence at speaking graciously and presenting himself in the best light.

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