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FASST Fine Arts Society Of The Southern Tier

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Good morning or whatever time it is during the day for you all! I do pray you will all have a blessed day! Being a Christian is hard work when you want to… Continue reading FASST Fine Arts Society Of The Southern Tier

“Honey For Nothing” – Guest Blogger –

UnionHomeStead and I had some chats recently. I visited them on my “day off” and really liked their blog. Sorry I don’t know all your names, and it’s no worries, in these days where privacy is rare 🙂 (Google and FaceBook I’m looking at you)

They are Kiwis from New Zealand, running a smallholding, growing their own food and raising their own animals (and kids and children !). All as ethically as they can.

Some concerns where expressed to me, about being a guest blogged (presumably because of exposure to 39000 followers) – but I promise it’s really nothing to worry about. I’d say 99% of those following are nice people, or at least the ones that I’ve had the privilege to converse with. is much friendlier social network than Twitter etc., kinda why I”m still here.

Hopefully, my guest blogging will bring them some more followers and friends. They are nice people, feel free to pay them a visit, say I sent you.

Honey for Nothing…

Having been asked to guest by The Charismatic One is both incredibly flattering and hugely terrifying. What to write was the number one concern because here is where we confess to being *whisper* utterly, completely, totally disjointed from the world around us. Well, perhaps that is overstating things a tad. Way back when the Homestead was but a twinkle in two bright-eyed kids visage, we were rather proud of being up with the play and in the know. We had some pretty set ideas on ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ and we weren’t scared to scream ahem…speak them. In fairness, Maggie, Ron et al did give us plenty of fulminating fodder but we fumed with relish; waving our placards from our tiny piece of the planet. That is, right up until the little Homesteaders started along.

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How To Download YouTube Videos Using youtube-dl

One thing I’ve started to find a minor annoyance is the adverts that YouTube inject into my watching and listening experience on their site. Frustratingly, the adverts here are in Thai language, so not really relevant to me.

After a little research and some geek magic and I came across something really very useful. It’s called “youtube-dl”, and basically it’s a Linux (and Windows) tool to download YouTube videos so one can watch them locally. AND YES WITHOUT THOSE DAMN ADVERTS.
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Why Does My Husband Lie And Ignore Me ? – Google Fun

Circa 2050 – Google Inc (GOOG) have just announced their new relationship counselling and personal problems resolution services – “Google Mediate”, “Google Counselling” and “Google Talk-To-A-Friend”. It comes only a month after the massive success of their new “Google Telepathy” … Continue reading Why Does My Husband Lie And Ignore Me ? – Google Fun

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Windows 8 is … Crap, Rubbish, Awful, Terrible, Horrible, Slow, A Disaster, A Flop?

Interestingly, I posted about downgrading my laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 7 because that’s what I wanted and didn’t particularly like Windows 8, and I’ve had a mini-debate going on with my blog readers. It all started because I … Continue reading Windows 8 is … Crap, Rubbish, Awful, Terrible, Horrible, Slow, A Disaster, A Flop?