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Windows 8 is … Crap, Rubbish, Awful, Terrible, Horrible, Slow, A Disaster, A Flop? windows 8 is ... search

Interestingly, I posted about downgrading my laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 7 because that’s what I wanted and didn’t particularly like Windows 8, and I’ve had a mini-debate going on with my blog readers.

It all started because I included an image of the’s automatic suggestion’s for “windows 8 is” which were all negative – “crap”, “rubbish”, “terrible”, “awful”

It seems that people think it’s some kind of conspiracy by Google to slag off Microsoft, and not that anyone would genuinely dislike Windows 8. One of my readers suggested I take a look at Bing, Microsoft’s own search engine. Amazingly I have to report that their suggestions for “windows 8 is” are worse than Google’s … who said there is no such thing as bad publicity ?

bing windows 8 is ... search (2)

Seven critical suggestions and only one positive, and this is MICROSOFT’s own search engine, bing belongs to Microsoft ! If Bill Gates was dead, he’d be turning in his grave now … Anyway …

I’m not able to get where I am, you yanks can google it yourselves, but here’s what says : windows 8 is ... search

“is not supported on this mac” – and there was me thinking Apple had there own operating system !

And : windows 8 is ... search

And : windows 8 is ... search

And : windows 8 is ... search

And finally :

yahoo windows 8 is ... search

For me that’s fairly conclusive evidence that Windows 8 is in fact very very unpopular, I mean really what were they thinking adding a new startup screen and removing the start button … Technically it might be great, and seems OK from what little use I’ve made of it, but so was Betamax and that flopped massively. I think Microsoft wanted to jump on the handheld/touchscreen bandwagon because they thought they were (or would be) missing out.

I’ll have a look at Windows 8.1 when it arrives, as it’s rumoured they are putting start button back in, and perhaps they’ll remove the hideous startup screen. For now I’m happy with Windows 7, so sticking with it.

Happy google’ing !

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  1. just bought Samsung computer with windows 8….it already adds 2hrs to my work time , which I don’t have…I tossed the computer in the dustbin with windows 8… just wish there was compitition with no fucking adverts as well and I would be there in a flash .im even starting to hate Samsung products because of the association

  2. I have to admit that I cannot stand touch screens and specifically look for smart phones with a keyboard even though some have said that keyboards are so outdated. My last smart phone was a combination smartphone and keyboard model. Unfortuantely to use the phone, you had to use the touchscreen. One morning my touchscreen stopped working and I couldn’t answer or make any calls. Once it was announced that Windows 8 was going to support touch screens, I lost total interest and have heard many friends who did upgrade who eventually downgraded back to Windows 7. I’m surprised that they would roll out such a version that throws away the functionality that people who used windows ever since it came into existance use such as a keyboard and a simple start button. Of course now they are doing another stupid thing and naming their newest release of windows Windows 10 instead of Windows 9.

    1. Oh but there was a Windows 9 that was in Beta before it got scrapped. Believe me, Windows 10 is a big improvement over 9, but the majority of U.S. businesses are sticking to their guns keeping Windows 7 (or just moving right into Linux).

      1. Makes sense, that’s where I am with it … make Windows 10 free and I might be persuaded, but have been utterly impressed with Linux so far, might be too late to turn back …

    2. 8 is a lucky number in Asia I think, so presumably there won’t be a windows 13 either …

      I’m keen on Debian linux these days, gradually moving in that direction away from Mac or Microsoft’s offerings … as for the touch screen, my iphone/ipad been quite reliable, touch screen ok for some things … but not for office work, or anything that involves writing any amount of words … keyboard unlikely to be replaced until we can just think it and it appears on the screen …

  3. I agree with you 100%, window 8 is so RUBBISH. I purchased a computer with Windows 8 I have return the computer its UNWORKABLE. Bill Gates doesn’t own the company anymore. I can see more companies now coming on the makert. I still on XP, which in my opinion is the second best after windows 5. Windows 8 is just filled with junk called apps if I want a apps on my phone I personally download it.

  4. hello don ,Even computers that manufactured for this system are terrible, touch screen for example, the stupid possibility of this took over all computers, unnecessary and annoying.

  5. I have been using windows since 1996 and I can assure you I have never come across a windows version so stupid! I have tried my best to learn how to navigate this windows 8 but I can assure you I am seriously looking for someone who can format my laptop and install windows seven!
    If this is the way forward then I am switching to macintosh.
    My god! I was close to tears looking for my documents which up to now three weeks I battle to find!
    It is like guess work!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have Windows 8 and a touch screen laptop (rarely use the touch screen) and I just hate it. I can’t get used to Windows 8 and don’t think I ever will. Might be good for handheld but that’s a big maybe. Was wondering if it is possible to downgrade to Windows 7. How did you do that? My computer came installed with Windows 8. I have put up with it long enough and don’t see it ever getting better. Maybe the solution is to get rid of it all together as others have mentioned.

    1. You’re welcome … I’m not sure if it’s possible to downgrade you’d have to do some research, although I’m fairly sure not … In my case with my Laptop that came with win 8, I wiped the hard drive and installed win 7 …

      I believe there are some addons that one can get to make windows 8 more windows 7 ‘esk, check the other comments 😀

      Warm regards


    2. Hello JAS. I feel your pain.

      Tell me the make and model of the laptop you want with Windows 7 to I’ve done this many times with clients (mostly engineers, programmers, and gamers) who find Windows 8 to be a productivity-killer. The trick with new laptops is making sure the drivers are available for Windows 7.

      FYI: Windows 9 is expected to be released early starting mid-2015
      ~ The Computer Cat

  7. Thanks for following my Bojingles – the Blog. This looks like a good circle for discussion.
    I got deeply annoyed when Microsoft brought in the bloated .docx Word and .xlsx Excel and refused to make them compatible with the old formats. We’ve now migrated away totally to Macs and now we have the stupid situation where XP loyalists with the good old Office software can’t read items we send them using new MS for Mac software. Sounds like Windows 8 is an even bigger mistake than Vista (RIP)…

      1. It does not matter what happens when Windows 9/Azure comes out. I have learned my lesson….after the Vista fiasko and now the Windows 8 frustrations, no more. Just waiting for a suitable time and then Windows 8 comes off the computer for good, Linux goes in. Not upgrading to Windows 8.1 or anything else Windows. Had enough of them.

        Have to say that Open Office is great, uninstalled MS Office and do not miss it at all. I think that Wndows has had its day. Time to move on.

      2. Bold it may be, but I am guessing that it will be less frustrating in the long run. Having tried alternatives to Windows, it is good to find that there are other options that are just as good or even better. Things like Open Office have convinced me that life is possible with Windows 8.

        Whilst you can forgive Microsoft for SOME problems, I cannot forgive them for the continued problems that their newer releases seem to have. And hardly a week seems to go by without another ‘essential’ patch or security update.

        Time to move on…..I may regret the change to another system, but if you do not try then you do not know…..

      3. Yes, I’m very careful about what updates I install now … Firefox 28 managed to break what was working before … I turned off automatic updates, even downgraded one of my machines to 27.0.1 … now it’s constantly nagging me to update to 28 – updates will be turned off.

        Same on ipad/iphone and same for windows … I’m bored with updates that cause me more work and remove features without my consent !

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