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Windows 8 is … Crap, Rubbish, Awful, Terrible, Horrible, Slow, A Disaster, A Flop? windows 8 is ... search

Interestingly, I posted about downgrading my laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 7 because that’s what I wanted and didn’t particularly like Windows 8, and I’ve had a mini-debate going on with my blog readers.

It all started because I included an image of the’s automatic suggestion’s for “windows 8 is” which were all negative – “crap”, “rubbish”, “terrible”, “awful”

It seems that people think it’s some kind of conspiracy by Google to slag off Microsoft, and not that anyone would genuinely dislike Windows 8. One of my readers suggested I take a look at Bing, Microsoft’s own search engine. Amazingly I have to report that their suggestions for “windows 8 is” are worse than Google’s … who said there is no such thing as bad publicity ?

bing windows 8 is ... search (2)

Seven critical suggestions and only one positive, and this is MICROSOFT’s own search engine, bing belongs to Microsoft ! If Bill Gates was dead, he’d be turning in his grave now … Anyway …

I’m not able to get where I am, you yanks can google it yourselves, but here’s what says : windows 8 is ... search

“is not supported on this mac” – and there was me thinking Apple had there own operating system !

And : windows 8 is ... search

And : windows 8 is ... search

And : windows 8 is ... search

And finally :

yahoo windows 8 is ... search

For me that’s fairly conclusive evidence that Windows 8 is in fact very very unpopular, I mean really what were they thinking adding a new startup screen and removing the start button … Technically it might be great, and seems OK from what little use I’ve made of it, but so was Betamax and that flopped massively. I think Microsoft wanted to jump on the handheld/touchscreen bandwagon because they thought they were (or would be) missing out.

I’ll have a look at Windows 8.1 when it arrives, as it’s rumoured they are putting start button back in, and perhaps they’ll remove the hideous startup screen. For now I’m happy with Windows 7, so sticking with it.

Happy google’ing !

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  1. just bought Samsung computer with windows 8….it already adds 2hrs to my work time , which I don’t have…I tossed the computer in the dustbin with windows 8… just wish there was compitition with no fucking adverts as well and I would be there in a flash .im even starting to hate Samsung products because of the association

  2. I have to admit that I cannot stand touch screens and specifically look for smart phones with a keyboard even though some have said that keyboards are so outdated. My last smart phone was a combination smartphone and keyboard model. Unfortuantely to use the phone, you had to use the touchscreen. One morning my touchscreen stopped working and I couldn’t answer or make any calls. Once it was announced that Windows 8 was going to support touch screens, I lost total interest and have heard many friends who did upgrade who eventually downgraded back to Windows 7. I’m surprised that they would roll out such a version that throws away the functionality that people who used windows ever since it came into existance use such as a keyboard and a simple start button. Of course now they are doing another stupid thing and naming their newest release of windows Windows 10 instead of Windows 9.

    1. Oh but there was a Windows 9 that was in Beta before it got scrapped. Believe me, Windows 10 is a big improvement over 9, but the majority of U.S. businesses are sticking to their guns keeping Windows 7 (or just moving right into Linux).

      1. Makes sense, that’s where I am with it … make Windows 10 free and I might be persuaded, but have been utterly impressed with Linux so far, might be too late to turn back …

    2. 8 is a lucky number in Asia I think, so presumably there won’t be a windows 13 either …

      I’m keen on Debian linux these days, gradually moving in that direction away from Mac or Microsoft’s offerings … as for the touch screen, my iphone/ipad been quite reliable, touch screen ok for some things … but not for office work, or anything that involves writing any amount of words … keyboard unlikely to be replaced until we can just think it and it appears on the screen …

  3. I agree with you 100%, window 8 is so RUBBISH. I purchased a computer with Windows 8 I have return the computer its UNWORKABLE. Bill Gates doesn’t own the company anymore. I can see more companies now coming on the makert. I still on XP, which in my opinion is the second best after windows 5. Windows 8 is just filled with junk called apps if I want a apps on my phone I personally download it.

  4. hello don ,Even computers that manufactured for this system are terrible, touch screen for example, the stupid possibility of this took over all computers, unnecessary and annoying.

  5. I have been using windows since 1996 and I can assure you I have never come across a windows version so stupid! I have tried my best to learn how to navigate this windows 8 but I can assure you I am seriously looking for someone who can format my laptop and install windows seven!
    If this is the way forward then I am switching to macintosh.
    My god! I was close to tears looking for my documents which up to now three weeks I battle to find!
    It is like guess work!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have Windows 8 and a touch screen laptop (rarely use the touch screen) and I just hate it. I can’t get used to Windows 8 and don’t think I ever will. Might be good for handheld but that’s a big maybe. Was wondering if it is possible to downgrade to Windows 7. How did you do that? My computer came installed with Windows 8. I have put up with it long enough and don’t see it ever getting better. Maybe the solution is to get rid of it all together as others have mentioned.

    1. You’re welcome … I’m not sure if it’s possible to downgrade you’d have to do some research, although I’m fairly sure not … In my case with my Laptop that came with win 8, I wiped the hard drive and installed win 7 …

      I believe there are some addons that one can get to make windows 8 more windows 7 ‘esk, check the other comments πŸ˜€

      Warm regards


    2. Hello JAS. I feel your pain.

      Tell me the make and model of the laptop you want with Windows 7 to I’ve done this many times with clients (mostly engineers, programmers, and gamers) who find Windows 8 to be a productivity-killer. The trick with new laptops is making sure the drivers are available for Windows 7.

      FYI: Windows 9 is expected to be released early starting mid-2015
      ~ The Computer Cat

  7. Thanks for following my Bojingles – the Blog. This looks like a good circle for discussion.
    I got deeply annoyed when Microsoft brought in the bloated .docx Word and .xlsx Excel and refused to make them compatible with the old formats. We’ve now migrated away totally to Macs and now we have the stupid situation where XP loyalists with the good old Office software can’t read items we send them using new MS for Mac software. Sounds like Windows 8 is an even bigger mistake than Vista (RIP)…

      1. It does not matter what happens when Windows 9/Azure comes out. I have learned my lesson….after the Vista fiasko and now the Windows 8 frustrations, no more. Just waiting for a suitable time and then Windows 8 comes off the computer for good, Linux goes in. Not upgrading to Windows 8.1 or anything else Windows. Had enough of them.

        Have to say that Open Office is great, uninstalled MS Office and do not miss it at all. I think that Wndows has had its day. Time to move on.

      2. Bold it may be, but I am guessing that it will be less frustrating in the long run. Having tried alternatives to Windows, it is good to find that there are other options that are just as good or even better. Things like Open Office have convinced me that life is possible with Windows 8.

        Whilst you can forgive Microsoft for SOME problems, I cannot forgive them for the continued problems that their newer releases seem to have. And hardly a week seems to go by without another ‘essential’ patch or security update.

        Time to move on…..I may regret the change to another system, but if you do not try then you do not know…..

      3. Yes, I’m very careful about what updates I install now … Firefox 28 managed to break what was working before … I turned off automatic updates, even downgraded one of my machines to 27.0.1 … now it’s constantly nagging me to update to 28 – updates will be turned off.

        Same on ipad/iphone and same for windows … I’m bored with updates that cause me more work and remove features without my consent !

    1. If MS had left the start button alone they might have faired better with me … I understand their rationale, but doesn’t mean i have to be happy about it … laptops and desktops I think it’ll be quite a long while before they are all touch screen, so a bit premature on their redesign of the GUI … many I know say they like and happy with 8, so live and let live really … cheers DC

  8. Dear Don thank you for following my blog you for your observations about Windows 8. i am still hobbling along with XP and wondering why we have to have a new operating system or new versions of software every year. This makes you stuck with nothing but software addiction and a constant learning curve. The computer is suppose to be a tool in order to create stuff. The people who started this came out of garages and now they are in our pockets. We are stuck with a software mafia. How did we let this happen?

    1. LOL, probably economics 101 lesson, so it’s fairly straightforward … the new new new drives the consumer to spend, spending is actually good for everyone because of jobs etc … so fashion, and consumers being driven by new each year, equates to growth and progress …

      IBM were once giants in the computer world, they fell the same as rome … why ? they didn’t adapt to changing trends, building million pound mainframes when people wanted PCs was a dumb move …

      Nothing wrong with sticking longer to existing technology but eventually it will wear out, the same as that comfortable pair of shoes !

  9. Can’t say I used Windows 8 for long myself but yeah I have heard a lot of angry people view on it! Thinking about it though, I remember when people had a huge hate towards Vista as well! To me change can be good and bad but it really depends on how much impact it has I guess.Either way it was a good read!

    1. You are welcome, and yes I heard the Vista angle … my upgrade to 7 from vista I wish I’d done much earlier, so I can relate to the vista-haters … change can be good, but sometimes it isn’t !

    1. You are welcome, and good idea to be prepared … some of the other commenters have suggested third party tools to make win 8 more bearable, so you could do that … warm regards DC

      1. Windows 7 professional is still easily available if you buy a BUSINESS GRADE computer or laptop. Call up Dell and tell them you are a real business, or get on their website and click BUSINESS and you will have far more system choices. Many donn’t know this, but computer retailers loathe consumers. Consumers get less choices, lots of crapware, much poorer warranties, and all around cheaper hardware, all to save less than ten percent!

      2. Sounds about right, my laptop was a consumer model, I dumped win 8 and the bloatware and installed win 7 … all good actually it’s the fastest machine that I have …

  10. Thanks DC for such a great post and everyone for their comments. I bought a new laptop and had to learn to use Windows 8 having used 7 previously. If I had spent the extra money on a touch screen laptop it might have been easier, but hey, I’m on a tight budget. I do think that the comment someone made about the hardware not being advanced enough for the software is my problem. Anyway, I’m getting there and I’m really glad that you found me through my blog or I wouldn’t have seen this helpful post. Your blog is full of interesting stuff, I enjoyed browsing through it. I only started to blog in earnest about six months ago – I think I’m getting the hang of it now.
    All the best

    1. Hey Jean, you are welcome, this is one of my early attempts at writing a blog post and actually pageview wise one of the most successful … my blog is quite eclectic, I like it that way keeps me and the readers interested never a dull moment … speak soon … DC

  11. Very big fan of windows 8. Way faster tthan 7 as far as I can tell. The user interface isn’t half as bad as I had originally thought. Once you get used to it its actually really strange to go back to windows 8.

    Love it. Don’t care what anyone says.

  12. Hahaha great post! I got a new Windows 8 laptop and positively hated it at the start. I actually avoided using my laptop much for a fortnight or so. Thank god for smartphones.
    Thanks for the follow!
    P.S. Google says “Windows 8 is absolute garbage”

  13. Actually, Windows 8 is really just Windows 7 with a very poorly written tablet touch pad functionality added on to the top (of Windows 7). You can buy a product called start is back for just a few dollars that adds the start botton back (the way it should be). Once you install it, you’ll forget your running Windows 8.

    I own a computer consulting company, and we have installed this app for dozens of persons and all like it. I run it on my laptop too without complaint. It only costs a few dollars, and you can try before you buy.

    1. Thanks dude, that’s useful, and I think was mentioned … at the moment I don’t need to spend a few extra bucks, sticking with 7, so actually saved a lot of bucks by not having to buy win 8 …

  14. I enjoyed reading this post and some of the comments. I didn’t get through all of them. I prefer Windows 7, but my husband got a laptop with 8, and he loves it. I tried using it a couple times, but found it frustrating and confusing. I would get somewhere, and couldn’t find a back arrow to get back where I just was. I had to search and search. Everything seemed to take extra steps. I prefer 7, but I wish Windows could get rid of the age old problem of the computer getting stuck in an unending wait mode. That I hate! Still any of it is better than when I had to type everything out onto cards and feed them into the computer and wait for my turn for the computer to run my program. Any errors, and I had to start all over. That experience makes even Windows 8 look good. It’s all relative! πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL, showing your age with the punched cards, I just missed them by a hairs width πŸ™‚ And yes in comparison with what we used to have it’s no contest.

      People tell me an addon is available for 8 to make it look and feel like 7 … for me I’m staying 7 until upgrade time, then maybe 9 or 10 or Ubtuntu … we’ll see …

      Thanks for dropping in on me, warm regards DC

  15. I agree. I got mine last Christmas and it was terrible from the first day…the young people would tell me older people never like new things…so I decided to give it a try…and I did…for one year this Christmas….and I still didn’t like it…so I found out the HP will customize a Windows 7 for me…so I bought it and it was delivered yesterday….and thanks for wanting to follow my stuff…have a good one….

    1. LOL, I wrote this post last year and I’ve heard just about every conceivable angle … the “resistant to change” argument came up several time … horse-shit … win 8 is crap, and that’s almost that … let’s hope win 9 is an improvement πŸ™‚

      And you are welcome …

    2. I got news for you, Babarahs: A lot of those also complaining about Windows 8 are young people who are IT administrators. When we have to support hundreds of computers, Windows 8 is an administrator’s nightmare. (Ask any Dell or Toshiba employee what operating system is on their work computer-hint: it’s not Windows 8). For those “young fogies” who tell you old people never like new things, give them a simple test: Have them not use a cell phone for one day (land-line phones are permitted). That will be a “new thing” for them and a good laugh for you!

  16. I upgraded to 8.1 from 7 (to get the full PowerShell 3 functionality) and Office 10 to 13 at the same time. I honestly can’t say which I hate more – if you pressed me I’d say Office 13. The one big plus is my laptop boots up in a heartbeat compared to Windows 7.

  17. Thanks for the follow! My HP desktop is 9 years old. (I just now had to look up the purchase receipt so I could get the date!) It has XP and I don’t want to part with it! I’ve only had to replace the DVD-ROM drive and when I did that, I vacuumed the entire insides. I wrote a review about it:

    My HP was a configure to order (CTO) because I wanted to keep using the 1.44 MB diskettes and not go with the RW CD/DVD ROM or whatever initials the newer stuff has! I got an expansion bay just in case I changed my mind though. (Never did.) I got this HP beauty at Home Depot but I ordered it on Tech Depot ( which is how you order from HD. My guess is that if you want a new computer with Windows 7, you can probably get it through CTO.

    I still have my old Toshiba laptop with Win98 which is 18 years old! OMG! I can’t believe it! I use it just to type reviews and blog posts on to my diskettes while I’m watching TV in bed and then I transfer the diskettes to my HP and then online.

    This is a nice blog – I’m glad you followed me otherwise I never would have found you!

    1. Hey Marcella, it’s lovely to hear from you, you sounds very tech savy albeit that you’ve made some very sensible tech choices and haven’t needed to upgrade … I have an HP desktop that still works, but I left it in London and use as a remote server.

      XP was great, and is still used by quite a lot of people. By today’s standards it has low memory usage and is efficient.

      I had Vista two laptops and didn’t like it very much. Windows 7 however different story, have been very happy. I’m tech savy enough to install win 7 myself, so don’t need HP to do it for me …

      Anyway, again lovely to hear from you and happy I followed you since now we’re in touch.

      Warm regards


  18. Thankfully, a notice of your following of my own blog (lately inactive) re: Windows 8 caught my eye, as I’ve been completely happy with XP Home for some years, which MS now publicises will no longer be supported. I dislike the thought of upgrading to anything MS beyond XP, as each previous upgrade caused some of my programs to no longer work. Thanks much for this topic! πŸ™‚

    1. You are welcome πŸ™‚ and I had been a keen upgrader since MS-DOS, Windows 3, 3.1, 95, ME, 2000, NT 3.51, NT4, XP, Vista, 7 … 7 is where I’m sticking for a number of reasons … and yes it’s fairly common that things stop working on upgrades … my advice is research as much as possible which is the best route for you before making the change πŸ™‚

      warm regards DC

    2. Greetings Helen.

      Although I have computers at home running Microsoft’s Windows Server as well as their consumer-based Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, my “main squeeze” is Windows XP Pro on a PC that still runs 5 1/4″ and 3 1/2″ floppies. (My Dining Room is actually my Server Room and Computer Museum).

      As for support for your XP after April 2014, go to for ways to keep your XP protected and safe.

      If you have no choice but to get a new computer (And good news! Retail stores are now offering computers with Windows 7 again!) and get stuck with Windows 8 or 8.1, there’s a nifty little software I’ve used that makes Windows 8 behave & look like Window 7 or Windows XP ( )
      ~The Computer Cat

  19. Ahhhhh companionship. It’s a wonderful thing. I have just brushed past this debacle and continued on with my life. It’s an annoyance like Medicare — here in Arkansas, U.S.A., until recently, we are *finally* allowed the first health-care insurance since I left my regular job in 2001. I wonder how many hours in the last two months I’ve spent on the phone with the U.S. and Arkansas governments, trying to figure out exactly what is the interspace between Federal and State, between the Affordable Healthcare Act and the (Arkansas-administered) Medicaid program. I’m a lawyer, you know. Doesn’t matter. It’s impossible. You see, I have received two pieces of advice from these estimable entities that directly contradict themselves. Let me tell you. Human beings are the pits. There it all is, in five words or less. Humans mess everything up. Four words. I prefer cats. Three words. This sucks. Cheerio.

    1. LOL, time for a good moan I guess … couldn’t see anything to do with windows 8 … so I can only sympathise with your medicare issues, UK we have NHS and in Thailand I have to pay for my own treatment …

    1. Yup tried it, still prefer Unbuntu because of the commerial backing … I generally dump the new GUI and put the old Ubuntu one back on as I can’t be bothered to search for everything, still use my menus a lot !

    1. Very admirable … I know windows XP is still used in things like embeded systems, so it’s still fairly common, I’ve seen “crashed” plasma displays recently in an airport with windows XP logo … Also windows XP by today’s terms is very frugal on resources, so great for running in virtual machines and on older recycled hardware … still has a lot of uses …

      The main contenders for your business for upgrade would be Win 7 (or 8 if you’re crazy), Mac OSX or Linux … each have their pros and cons …

      Warm regards


  20. Yes, WindowsΒ 8 is not very popular. I was addicted to Microsoft products, I used Windows Vista and was quite satisfied with it. Yet I didn’t upgrade to WindowsΒ 8 because it feels a bit odd on desktops. The situation got a little bit better with release of WindowsΒ 8.1 but nevertheless I won’t upgrade installations of WindowsΒ 7 to it.

    I understand why Microsoft pushes the new interface so intensely, but it’s not adopted in corporate environments.

    1. Yes, I’m of the same mind my friend, this post had a lot more feedback than I ever expected and I’ve explored virtually every angle with the commenters … Windows 7 works for me and will continue until I have a better option …

  21. It’s nothing more than a desktop over a desktop. It hides to much of what you used to do and gives you less control…I find this to be a regular issue with window and other programs…every time they come out with a new version, the user, loses control of something.

      1. Depends on what you want to do and how much money you have really … Apple stuff tends to be well made, but expensive … Research the pros and cons and come to the best decision for you …

      2. I just bought a used Lenovo and did a factory reset to Windows 8. The updates took hours, but I now have a clean install of Windows 8.1. I think it is OK — not great, mind you — but OK. What I resent is Microsoft’s colossal arrogance in dictating to the computer-using public what they may and may not have in their computers. You might find my post “If Microsoft Made Cars” amusing:

      3. Thanks, I’ve visited and read, liked your post πŸ™‚

        There are some other serious options these days, Apple of course, and Linux variants the most successful of which is Ubuntu. I have a friend who uses one of the “Open Office” type of free software on Windows 7 and he tells me it does everything he needs office wise.

        Personally I’m still on Windows 7 / Office 2010, and will be for the foreseeable future.

        Oh and if you think Microsoft like to make decisions for their customers, then you’d love Apple, they are worse, much worse !

        Warm regards


  22. Yes, it worked for me if I typed the whole phrase “Windows 8 is”. Can that many people really be saying these things on line – obviously so?

    Thanks for following me.


  23. In November, I purchased a new laptop because my old one is around six years old. The new one came preloaded with Windows 8. What a load of pureed bat guano!! I’m just glad my old computer not only came preloaded with Windows 7, but I also received the CDs for both Windows 7 and XP.
    Windows 8.1 does not have a start button as some of the previous comments noted. I’ve tried to get used to Windows 8 for three months now. I think I’ve given it a fair chance. I hate it with a vengeance. I don’t run a business, I’m just a writer and blogger. One of the comments said, “Windows 8 might be okay for home users.” Sorry, it isn’t.

    I’m nearly 70 years old and have been using computers since I had my Commodore 64 (computer that is, not car) and Windows 8 is the worst version they’ve ever produced. I’m no computer geek, techhead, or Tesh. I’m simply a grandmother who uses her computer every day and wants to do so without my blood pressure going through the roof, or wanting to throw things at the wall.
    Windows 8 sucks big time.

    1. You are certainly not alone. I think Microsoft wants in on the handheld device market, and they are seeing a death of laptops/desktops. Laptop/desktop users however aren’t sharing Microsoft’s enthusiam at their new pay packet, they actually like and want to continue to use devices that don’t have touch screen … my first was ZX81 which was slightly before the Commodore I think …

      Warm regards


  24. Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve read the above with great interest because my ancient desktop died recently and I’ve been regarding all those new Windows 8 machines with some trepidation. I’d read somewhere that 8.1 was an improvement but judging by some of the comments above, maybe not? I’m writing this on a laptop I bought last month and deliberately chose Win 7 – and although it came with a Win 8 upgrade disc I’m in no hurry to use it!

    Really interesting blog by the way. I’m looking forward to exploring it further.

    1. You are welcome. And best stick with win 7.

      This morning I had a realisation about win 8. It now makes sense to me why Microsoft are so dead set on changing to tablets with win 8.

      Warm regards


  25. I’ve heard that Microsoft is trying to force a change and that new laptops aren’t coming out with 7 anymore, nor are you able to downgrade. Not sure how much truth there is too it but it frustrates me when I was about to upgrade to a windows machine. It’s enough to make me want to go Mac.

    1. It’s kind of like that, force is a bit strong, but they definately are pushing hard for people to use win8 …

      MAC is too expensive and since Jobs died I doubt they are the same thing, so personally I went a Samsung laptop downgraded to win 7 over a MACBook Pro, cost me around 1/4 of the price of the MAC

  26. What a wonderful post–and it’s wonderful for me that I came upon it now, after spending–I am not making this up–178 minutes ‘chatting’ with “Apple Care,” which I will translate for you as “Apple Don’t Care Worth a Fig.”

    It is nice to know–because misery loves company, although truly I am sorry for your suffering– that as my Mac and iPhone BOTH fail to work, and the support at the other end acts as if they’ve been drinking heavily to celebrate New Years, those who have stayed the PC road feel equally enraged [if I agree to hit anyone who says, β€œI like Windows 8,” are you on to wallop anyone who once again claims that Apple is superior?].

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who’s figured out Apple are only in it for the money, but hey-ho there are plenty of others saying the same thing. What pissed me off was their refusal to refund Β£5 spend in Apple store on an app that wasn’t fit for the purpose.

      Who says I’m suffering ? I’m on Windows 7 and happy as a pig in muck πŸ™‚

      Bottom line for me is that everybody is short of money, so we get poor customer service, poor products, poor everything … charismatic man’s approach, deal with what is and get on with it …

      Warm regards


  27. We found Windows 8 to be tolerable, but the “free” upgrade to Windows 8.1 was a disaster. After the upgrade none of the web browsers (even IE) would load pages for more than a few minutes. Some research yielded the detail that 8.1 handles DNS lookups differently then any previous OS, so many, many people find their internet worthless. Fortunately, a System Reset let me revert back to Windows 8 (I kept my data but lost my installed programs). It was well worth the hassle to be able to use the internet again.

  28. Thanks for the follow. I just got a new laptop and it has Windows 8. So far, don’t like it, but I haven’t really had time to learn it, so the jury is still out. I’m working on the old laptop–which has been threatening death–while Windows 8.1 downloads.

  29. Wow! Interesting discussion πŸ˜‰ I have a windows phone with 8 and it is hands down the BEST phone I’ve ever had. Makes iPhone look and feel clunky and old-fashioned. I’m a fan πŸ˜€

    1. Good to hear a contrasting point of view, and I think that’s what win 8 was designed for, so a more suitable platform. I’ve been looking at the nokia with the 41 megapixel camera as a possible purchase, so useful to get feedback on win 8 as a phone operating system. Perhaps Microsoft wants to move out of the desktop/laptop market onto handhelds ?

      1. Isn’t that why they bought Nokia?! I think I need to do a Nokia vs Apple post soon – I ‘upgraded’ to the Nokia earlier this year after many years with an Apple.

  30. Thanks for the follow, Donβ€”I need to upgrade from XP, probably sometime in 2014, and your postβ€”and these commentsβ€” have made me wary of Win 8. I’m not a tech person, I just want stuff to work without having to spend endless hours figuring out all the new “improvements.” I will continue to postpone the upgrade.

    1. You are welcome. I think Win 7 is still available to buy, and that would be one route. I’m of the same mind and many others the same, we want to sit at our computers and do what we want or need to do, not have an extra overhead of learning new gadgets etc.

      Check out Ubuntu too, might be of interest. And Win 7 is relatively close to Win XP. Also could wait for Win 9.



    I am thankful to you for following my blog. I too am following yours with immediate effect with the hope that jointly we can work better to pursue our goal.

  32. Our entire workplace just went finally to Windows 7 with much whining and gnashing of teeth. So far, it seems OK to me, but not thrilling that is for sure.

  33. Do you think that Microsoft would win back a lot of support if they admitted the problems and offered all Windows 8 users who were not happy an option to change (=upgrade) to Windows 7. I for one would be very happy to go back to the (superior) Windows 7. And I would also think more of Microsoft for being honest and for trying to fix the W8 problems by offering a free option to change back to W7.

    But like an ostrich with its head in the sand, Microsoft tries ANOTHER temporary patch (W 8.1), which will no doubt be followed by 8.2, 8.3…….. and between all those patches, will continue to shut down MY computer for ‘updates’.

    Customers can forgive a lot, IF they can see that a company is trying, but the impression that MS is giving is of a company determined to continue in the wrong direction.

    I am sure that lots of us how now had enough, and that MS is going to lose out in the long run. I really would like to sit down with Bill Gates and ask him to show me how W8 should work. No doubt he would be equally FRUSTRATED with W8. But perhaps he has already ‘upgraded’ to W7.

    1. I doubt they will go back to Win 7, they’d look like complete fools rather than just foolish.

      In Win 7 I switch off automatic updates so it just notifies me and I do at my leisure. This was because it would do the updates at the most awkward times and I didn’t get a chance to check each of them.

      I think Microsoft needs to pull a rabbit out of that hat with Win 9, or people will eventually start seeking alternatives like Ubuntu. It’s possible they want to get out of desktop/laptop market for some reason, perhaps it’s expected that all devices will become touch screen like some have said.

      I’m happy enough win7, will stay like that for the foreseeable πŸ™‚

      1. Some people have already started to look for alternatives !

        There is nothing wrong, and indeed a lot to be gained, but admitting that you have made a mistake. Microsoft would win back a lot of disgruntled users if they admitted that they got it wrong and made a mistake. People understand that everybody makes mistakes, but to do it and then try and pretend that nothing is amiss is just ignorance.

        The Windows 8 patch to 8.1 does not fool me, MS got it wrong and it is still wrong.

      2. I agree with you, but have heard others who actually like Win 8.

        There are similar alternatives, a whole host of Linux OSes (Ubuntu, Mint etc) and if you’ve got the money a Mac.

        My understanding is that MS wants to move into the touch screen/hand held market as this is seen as the future. Nokia smartphones come with Windows now.

        What they should have done is made Win 8 configurable so it was the same as Win 7, start button and the other features that have been removed for keyboard/mouse based devices and configurable for touch-screen, then no problem.

        They are so so unlikely to admit they are wrong so will probably keep releasing patches 8.2 or whatever until win 9 is ready.

        This post was never opened as a discussion of this topic, it was merely pointing out what the search suggestions were, which I found amusing.

        However there’s been an overwhelming response, and I’m having virtually identical conversations daily ever since – as you can see.

        Bottom line, downgrade to win 7, or go Ubuntu or Linux or Mac OSX or put up with win 8 … that’s it there isn’t much else to it. I’m on win 7 and happy with it. My laptop came with win 8, I downgraded myself, even after having difficulty getting drivers that were region restricted. As and when it’s personally time to upgrade OSes then I will choose either MS or Linux, if MS haven’t got their act together it will be Linux.

        Warm regards


  34. Windows 8.1 assumes that everyone who does real work on a computer does their work using Microsoft Office. Not so. I do my work, photography, using Adobe software; lightroom and Elements. Windows 8 and even its 8.1 is a total disaster for those who do do real work on their machines. Windows 7 is the only way to go…other than a MAC which is where I will go unless Microsoft wises up in the post- Ballmer era and releases an operating system for those of us who do more on computers than tweet, play games, troll facebook and email.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, apart from that I will likely go Ubuntu rather Mac owing to lack of funds. For now good old win 7 suits me and I’ll stick with as long as I need to πŸ™‚

  35. It seems to be designed for tablets, or at least touch screens. Boots up fast. But definitely has a “why change what’s not broken” feel to it on a standard desktop or laptop.

    1. I’m Win 7 and IOS, and use Ubuntu a little for some things … and yes many many people disappointed with Win 8 …

      Thanks for dropping by and following my blog πŸ™‚

      Warm regards


  36. I had to use our Windows 8 testing laptop recently at work (I’m in IT – we have one machine for testing our websites on Windows 8). After half an hour of trying to configure it I nearly threw it across the room. I had to take a break 😦 .
    For myself, I bought my new laptop a couple of months ago from Dell outlet business – they are still selling laptops running Windows 7!
    It’s possible Win8 is great for home users, but not when you’re running Visual Studio, databases and so on and frequently need to reconfigure the firewall, network cards, hosts file and so on.


    Windows 8…

    sucketh much
    is wicked
    is of the devil
    is sinful
    causeth mutinies
    causeth dissension
    causeth strife
    is heresy
    is devilish
    smacketh of big time witchcraft

    (if Windows 8 existed in the medieval days)

  38. fufΓΉ
    Hello Don, tanks for passing by….. I have no choise but to agree with your opinion on Window 8. Microsoft is really scratchin the bottom with this os. πŸ™„ it really suks…
    I’ve tapped on , “Window 8 Γ¨ “, and guess what the answer was: windows 8 Γ¨ una cagata; meaning that is bull shit… ha ha ha ha πŸ˜›
    Anyway, nice to meet you and keepontrucking…old boy πŸ˜†

    1. LOL, Italians do have good sense of humour in my experience, so thank you πŸ™‚

      At the moment i’m happy with win 7 so will stick with, and then maybe win9 or ubuntu, will decide that later.

      Molto benne !

      Ciao regatzi

      Don Charisma

  39. Last year, my husband bought me a hot-off-the–assembly-line Toshiba laptop with Windows 8. While I wouldn’t say it is as horrible as some of the search results, I did miss good old Windows 7. I would also like the “start” button back. That would make it so much easier to use. Thank you for liking my blog.

  40. I hate Windows 8. Not only is it hard for me to use (and I spend 8 hours a day on the computer), but forget trying to teach my mother and aunt how to navigate their new laptops. 😦 This could make us all switch to Macs.

    1. LOL, ah if only I had the money, it might be entirely Apples everywhere … however they’ve managed to annoy me too by substandard upgrades and taking stuff out, also refused to refund a defective iTunes store purchase … So I blogged about reverting my Samsung laptop to Win 7 here –

      So I don’t like Win 8 either, but there are alternatives, win 7 or even Ubuntu which is where I may go if this continues, and MS and Apple don’t sort this madness out …

      Warm regards


  41. I do not think that ‘downgrading’ is the correct word to use when you talk about changing from Windows 8 back to W7. I also hate Windows 8, so for me, changing back to W7 would actually be an upgrade! But it may be time to change to Ubuntu, as another person commented above.

    Is it not time that all the ‘experts’ at Microsoft actually got it right and produced a system that is good for people to use and secure, and one that does not continually need updates??

    Upgrade to Windows 7!

  42. I haven’t used Windows 8 yet – and don’t want to – ever! I think one of the worst things for photographers is pawing your screen all the time – not a great idea, covering it with grease and stuff.
    Carol (Mountain Coward)

    1. LOL agree Carol, they’ve yet to produce a tablet that really competes with a desktop or laptop … However Panosonic did announce a 20″ tablet, that looked very tempting, but not sure I’d be able to afford it, suspect it’ll be thousands (which I don’t have) … warm regardS DC

  43. Interesting that I should see this column today. I just returned a 2-week-old Asus laptop because of Windows 8. Figuring out where the “Shut down” thing was … frustrating. It lost a document I was typing even though I saved it every paragraph. What it restored was not the last save. Windows 8 would pop up in the middle of my writing or Word would disappear. Then I’d have to do a search and destroy mission just to find what I was writing.

    I might be looking to replace it with a Mac … and I’ve had a Windows hard drive for years. Enjoyed your comments.

    1. You are welcome, seems there are many that are totally hacked off with windows 8, Microsoft a bit dumb.

      It should be possible to get windows 8 installed on a new laptop, I wrote about how I did mine here –

      I looked into MAC but too expensive for me, the Mac Book Pro 17″ (now discontinued) would have been nearly Β£2000 and the laptop I bought was only Β£550 … I figured I keep the money and use it for something else.

      Anyway, you know what you want …

      Warm regards


  44. First off,

    Thank you for taking an interest in my little blog. >;=))====


    I decided to finally ditch WINDOWS a couple of years ago, and went to Linux instead. WINDOWS XP was the last WINDOWS version I found to be worth using. WINDOWS 7 was a complete waste of time for me, and I was not very happy with its user experience. Sure, they did a lot to automate more of the tasks and settings, but at the price of stability and being able to further customize certain settings.

    It was also upsetting to me that some of my favorite applications and utilities would no longer run. Plus, those glaring security holes and backdoors had me thinking just how much LESS security I really have. So, Linux was a choice I was toying around with for a while. I have found some very good, user-friendly “distros” that were easy to install and configure. If you can read and understand the instructions, you can have a beautiful, functional desktop greet you on your next boot-up. WINE (WINDOWS-Emulator) can be used to run SOME WINDOWS apps, and their site has a compatibility-table on what is support so far.

    Just some thoughts for those who are adventurous!

    WINDOWS 7, 8, and whatever following versions are just too bloated and very clumsy for those of us who are power-users. So I have taken the time to learn about and use open-source and freeware applications and operating systems. WINDOWS, unfortunately, is more about big profits for MICROSOFT, and controlling users on what they can do and/or install on their own machines!

    – Rev. Jim

    1. You are welcome πŸ™‚

      Glad to hear you’re happy with Linux, I’m probably headed in that direction, but turning the rudder is months rather than hours …

      Keep in touch …

      Don Charisma

  45. Hilarious! just goes to show you should never download a new version of an operating system until at least 6 months after launch. Let the other people get rid of all the bugs! Nice blog.

    1. Thanks man … and yes I’m learning fast not to do any upgrades since the “matrix” seems to have changed whereby you get worse than what you started with πŸ™‚ warm regards DC

  46. Hey Don, thanks for visiting and subscribing to my blog.

    I agree with most users that resulted into those search engine results. Most of the updates to Win8 was mostly for tablet accessibility and overall “friendliness”. Though I’m not quite sure if the 8.1 update changes much of this. I would still disagree with Microsoft on their UI changes until the whole world is nothing but a touchscreen tablet treasure trove.

    1. You are more than welcome πŸ™‚

      Yes this has been a hot topic and much debated … I think Microsoft will need to address these problems in Win 9 or they will really start to hurt their market share … professional people and many others will continue to use laptops and desktops that aren’t touch screen, at least for the foreseeable future.

      Keep in touch

      Don Charisma

  47. Thank you for the follow. And, yes, Windows 8 is crap. After my FB rant, I uninstalled it and reinstalled Windows 7 (plus all my programs that it blew up). My husband hung in for several months until he had to reinstall everything after downloading a “free” upgrade. The first time he did this it blew everything up. I guess he thought they’d have the bugs out by the time the second upgrade rolled around. HA! He’s now back to Windows 7.

  48. I’ve had some exposure to W8. And I must say, I haven’t had much trouble with it. But last year I did get the shot and this year I got the booster, So maybe that’s why I did so well around it.If you didn’t get inoculated, then you’ll just have to take some aspirin and drink lots of fluids and hope that the problems pass quickly. Thanks for following Humorous Interludes.I am humbled and delighted.

  49. I agree with everything you have written here and couldn’t fault you on any of it, even if I tried. I will not use Windows 8 Period. I refuse to buy any new PC or Laptop with Windows 8.

    In my opinion Windows XP is the best OS to date. Windows 7 is okay and has some good features but Microsoft just can’t help themselves by meddling with things, trying to fix things that aren’t broken, and reducing the ability of the user to customize the user experience. If you are the type of person that likes to get under the bonnet, so to speak, and configure and customize your own tweaking certain settings, windows 7 users will find that that ability has either been taken from them or the settings have been buried deeper and deeper in order to deter you. It is clear that Microsoft doesn’t like people teaking the settings from their restrictive default values and with Win 7 Microshite (as I call them) have made a decided effort to thwart this.

    Treating people like 5 year olds and dumbing down, is the general theme of Win 7. Getting back to Win 8…

    I for one resent having to use my bloody PC like a pissing mobile phone. Guess what? Mobile phones and tablets and ipads and all that garbage are useless for doing any real work on. So why on earth does Microshite feel the need to imitate garbage. Yes I welcome the fact that I can check my email on my phone or quickly pull up the odd web page here and there if I am out and about, but that’s about it. They are good for nothing else. Honestly, does anyone seriously believe that these shitty and limited devices are going to change the way people do business? I don’t think so and I personally can’t wait for this FAD technology to disappear.

    Sorry for the rant but I feel better now!!

    1. Hi Dude, thanks for your detailed comment … I agree with what you’re saying here … XP was great … Microsoft do keep on moving things around … I use Win 7 because it works and the technology hasn’t moved on enought to warrant an upgrade …

      As for iPhones and iPads, I’m very much like you don’t use them that much for anything “serious”. However I do see the potential for larger screen tablet computers to be a serious tool, but not on a 7 inch or 10 inch screen. Panasonic announced a 20″ touch screen tablet, now one of those bad-boys I would like. But until lager screen tablets are widely and inexpensively available, then laptops and desktops are still current.

      The other problem I see is that many people don’t have any money. This affects the whole economy and the technology ecosystem. Until prosperity is returned in the west, all of this will continue.

      Warm regards


    2. Unfortunately,

      Most of the FORTUNE 500 companies would disagree about mobile devices being such a waste. Being that I own a few websites, one of which is to become a web-store, I need to take that into consideration when it comes to designing and working on my websites. It is a real pain to take a website that does not yet support mobiles, and redesign it so that it will display properly on mobile screens.

      I know of many folks who do just about everything on mobile devices. That’s the crowd that folks like MICROSOFT and so forth market to. WINDOWS 8 is an attempt to keep up with ANDROID OS, APPLE’s IOS, etc, because THAT is the direction much of our market is going.


      All “computers” will end up being mobile devices, without mechanical harddrives, and perhaps without keyboards too! So, notebook and desktop computers will become a thing of the past 😦 The “industries” want it that way.

    3. Glad you feel better, Neil. A free rant is better than a $200 session with a shrink.

      The reason for Microsoft shoving Vista–& now Windows 8–down everyone’s throats is for one reason–for years MS has been trying to get into the consumer hardware device market, like Apple did with their first iPods, and recently Google’s Android OS and chromebooks

      MS’s XBox is their one hardware success, but due to their business structure XBox is a separate business entity (which was a very good business move by Microsoft to do so).

      Vista was designed to be the software foundation for Microsoft’s newest smartphone and their line of “net-books” (precursors to the current tablets) and laptops (remember those funny “Mac vs PC” commercials?). When Windows 8 was released, did you notice that MS was showing it on their new Win 8 phones and their Surface touch-screen tablet?

      MS is even duplicating a lot of Apple’s consumer purchasing methods (Brick & Mortar stores, an iTunes-like shopping page, etc.)

      Just like they did with Vista, MS is forgetting that their biggest customers is not the home-consumer, it’s businesses. These are the guys that invest thousands of dollars in IT and look very carefully at the ROI. When you have one IT admin that has to support over 100 PCs and 2-5 servers, they are not about to upgrade their entire infrastructure every 2 years just because Billy Gates got a new gizmo. About 1/3 of the businesses right now are still running XP or Server 2003!

      Right now every IT colleague I talk to has no intention of upgrading their company to Windows 8 (including the computer OEM companies). Big reasons are poor ROI, no compatibility with their mission-critical software, and loss of employee productivity and downtime. Each one of these translates to loss of dollars (or euros or yen) out of their coffers. And when money talks, OSes walk.

      Don’t be surprised if in 16 months Windows 8 goes the way of Windows Vista, Windows Me, Microsoft Bob, Windows 2.0–and the Ford Edsel.

  50. says the same things. Hmmm….that would that statistically people think that windows 8 is dreadful…..that’s the conclusion I came to and I switched over to a Linux distribution for my computing needs. Works about the same as windows but the software is open-source and for the most part, free.

    1. I may go the Ubuntu route as and when I want to upgrade, I don’t have money for new OS’es and Ubuntu is free … also apps like GIMP have come on a longway, so can do the same stuff as photoshop … warm regards DC

    2. When it comes time to upgrade OSes I’ll probably go Ubuntu as it’s free, and I don’t need to be paying microsoft anymore than they’ve had already … Also GIMP and other free software come on a long way and comparable now with Photoshop … warm regards DC

  51. Windows 8 is… crap. We bought new all-in-one computers earlier this year, with dual Windows 7 & 8 operating systems; within 3 months I had lost all my data three times, had tech support out twice after having sent the first computer in to be replaced, and had to return no less than 3 new computers that Windows 8 had fried. Never again. We bought a computer from a local chain store, Windows 7, and wallah. No worries.

    1. Yes I’ve heard from a few win 8 lovers and many haters … personally I’ll wait for windows 9 or may go to Ubuntu for upgrade, as I don’t like having to pay for operating systems …

      1. Ubuntu is pretty good but the “toolbar” would freeze up on me, resulting in a reboot. I have tried several flavors of Ubuntu and several Linux Mint distros. I personally prefer Mint, but a lot of people like Ubuntu. You could also look into the Debian release as well, people seem to like that distro a lot.

      2. I’ve used Debian and Ubuntu, based on the same OS, plus Ubuntu has commercial support … Mint looks cool, so may check that out too … thanks for the info … warm regards DC

      3. No problem…..just though I’d clue you in since I didn’t know how Linux savvy you were. Some people actually know it is out there as a viable alternative, others are clueless to anything but Windows (too bad for them)…Mint is just fork of the Ubuntu kernel…

      4. Sorry so long to respond. I have been lost in Bipolar la-la land. I did the Google and Bing searches for Windows 8, and much to my delight, there they were, crap, rubbish, etc…. I love it!

      5. No worries, I understand bipolar, personally I think a lot of creative people are at least a bit bipolar πŸ™‚

        Yup, seems a general consensus, I’ve heard various theories in the comments, all of which are plausible … hopefully Win 9 will be better !

      6. I tried Windows 8 for all of about a week. I just couldn’t not get on board with its “quilt-like” patchiness. I just want to be able to click an icon and have the program come to life (which is why I don’t get my love for Linux). It looked the DuPlo legos they make for toddlers.

        They are actually putting out Win 9? In my humble opinion, my two favorite Windows incarnations were XP and 7. Because Vista sucked too πŸ™‚

      7. Agree entirely, except for the Linux bit, but can’t really argue as I’m still running Win 7 on all my PC devices …

        They will sooner or later bring out a win 9, my guess would be sooner with the bad reception that 8 has had !



      8. I really liked Windows 7. I used it for a while before I decided Microsoft was more evil than I first thought, and made the Open Source switch. It is a bit more work, but you learn lots of cool new stuff! πŸ˜€

  52. Everyone I know hates Windows 8. I need a new computer but I’m avoiding buying one because it probably comes with “8”. Also, thanks so much for the follow to my blog. God bless.

    1. I actually downgraded my own laptop that I bought that came with 8 (wrote about it on my blog) … However some say win 8 is good once you get over it’s “shortcomings” … Personally I’m sticking with 7, until I have to change … warm regards DC

  53. Lots of information here! However, a bit much for someone as technically challenged as myself. πŸ™‚

    Thank yo for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I do hope you will continue to enjoy the posts.

  54. Thanks for the intersting read.

    I’m going to keep this short since there is already walls of text on this topic.

    I recently bought a new custom built desktop and I was offered the choice between Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 8. In my opinion, Windows 8 is designed for mobile touchscreen devices and since I have no interest in such devices, Windows 7 was the clear winner.

    Oh and thanks for following my blog. πŸ˜‰

    1. My pleasure and you are welcome πŸ™‚

      That’s the simple version of the story with Windows 8 yes.

      Microsoft I think realise that mobile/handheld/touch-screen devices are rapidly taking market share over laptops and desktops. They wanted to get in on their action. However they were a bit premature about it, and made the mistake of removing the start button and assuming laptop/desktop users would be OK with this and we are not.

      So Win 7 is a good choice until Microsoft sort this issue out, maybe in Win 9 …

      I had a tech support guy from Australia tell me that they make a lot of money downgrading machines from windows 8 to windows 7 … as a by-the-way !

      warm regards

      Don Charisma

    1. Hey Kim, wow and I thought I was resistant to upgrades ! XP great uses low amount of resources, and I think most software still runs on it … vista was fairly rubbish, win 7 great still using … win8 almost certainly won’t … win9 we’ll see …

      I’ve used XP in Virtual Machine, and will run with like 64Mb of RAM (which is very efficient) … and obviously works great on older hardware if I come across it.

      sooner or later you’ll probably have to upgrade ? Probably why you were reading my post, doh !

      Warm regards


      1. I have a ten year old computer which has Microsoft Word 2000 on it! Why can’t I just keep using XP and why would I need to upgrade sooner or later – not very tech-ey obviously πŸ™‚

      2. Computers have moving parts (hard disc) and electronics do “wear out”, partly due to heat, although dust isn’t good either … so at some point you will experience a failure somewhere in the system … often it’s the hard drive, also laptop screen inverters often pack up …

        Obviously make sure you backup your important files !

        Once your computer is “broken”, then you’ll be wanting another one. Second hand might be OK, but one is never sure how long it will last.

        New they in Europe and USA have to sell with an operating system, and that’s likely to be Win 8, Mac OSX for a laptop. Desktop computer you can buy without an operating system, and may be able to install windows XP, but availability of drivers for that hardware may be a problem, because XP is starting to age.

        So you will probably have to upgrade at some point, or it will become progressively more difficult to use continue to use XP.

        Does that help ?



  55. I work in computer sales & service in Australia and I can verify that here, at least, the majority of people do NOT LIKE the Windows 8 user interface. A fairly large percentage of our servicing since W8 was released has been either replacing it with W7 or making it look and act more like W7 (adding a start button and boot to desktop). It is tolerable after these modifications have been made. Unfortunately an interface designed for touchscreens simply doesn’t work well on a PC or laptop.

    1. My conversations indicated that there where some that liked and some that didn’t like. But there were a lot who didn’t like !

      Forcing people to use the touch screen interface was a bit stupid on Microsoft’s part, but they are trying to push something new so I guess trying for progress.

      Some also said that every-other Windows generation is disliked, so vista crap, win 7 great, win8 crap, win 9 awesome … hopefully microsoft will “fix” these problems in win 9 …

      Personally I don’t have any need to upgrade, so stick with win 7 for now.

  56. I “upgraded” to Windows 8 and have installed all the update, now up to 8.1 Any idea why I have to reboot my PC with the big switch, previously rock solid, at least once a day? Everything freezes and switch is the only option. Crap, Rubbish? who can tell

    1. Sorry to hear that Bob, personally I’ve stayed with Windows 7 and unless Microsoft pull a rabbit out of the hat, I’ll be sticking with Win 7 or going Ubuntu.

      I have no clue why your machine is freezing.

      Personally what I concluded about upgrades is that I don’t do them unless I have to. Exception to that would be when I’ve fully researched and understood what the upgrade is, and then only after gauging reactions and reports from other people. Rationale being I use my computer professionally, it’s a tool, an expensive tool that I rely on and I don’t want people messing with it unnecessarily or unless I’m certain there’s a benefit in the upgrade.

      If machine is under warranty then manufacturer may be able to help. If not and you own the licence for Win 8/8.1 then Microsoft may be able to help. Also check for searches like “problems with windows 8.1 upgrade” on google and you may find others with similar problems, who may have a solution.


      Don Charisma

  57. Well, Win 8.1 is out and it is still junk.
    I used to rave about Ubuntu, but it has turned into a buggy freezing mess with all those arrogant programmers thinking us little peeons need to learn how to do command line fixes. Everytime I do an UPDATE it crashes and freezes and doesn’t work, then they send out a security update and it crashes it again. JUNK too.
    So, do I go buy a win 7 DVD to stay with untill I die?

    1. πŸ™‚ doesn’t suprise me, not in the slightest … Hackintosh ? or perhaps another Linux derivative, Mint Linux ?

      Generally experience has proven that updates are a bad idea, I think I said earlier in comments here. My Ubuntu installation keep nagging me but I resist the urge. Windows 7 I carefully scan the list of proposed updates, and check each one make sure there isn’t anything odd … last problem I had Windows 7 was a Microsoft Bluetooth driver stopped my non-bluetooth keyboard working…had to get a proper one from the manufacturers site, problem solved … Apple removed functionality on a video player app, the google maps app and itunes on my PC, the DJ function, gone … If I had to choose being up-to-date vs a stable system, well it’s stable system thanks.

      So let’s just say I’m very cautious about installing any updates, I don’t like the arrogance that goes into removing stuff, especially Apple and the fairly likely breakage isn’t something I wake up in the morning and look forward to the hours, weeks, months of my life I’ll never get back.

      As for Ubuntu, generally it’s pretty good in my experience. If possible stick with the LTS releases, and don’t do updates or upgrades unless you have to.

      Also an unstable system can be often be sorted out with a re-install, but don’t know whether you’ve got the time or interest for that !

      I’ve fairly much said this, but these days I look for a stable system, then try not to alter it too much. Makes for a pleasant user experience, which is what the OS is there for.

      Win 7 DVD … good idea … Windows 9 maybe ?

  58. There should always be the option of windows 7. Given this huge mountain of rejection of Windows 8 then the obvious solution is to offer the option of Windows 7. Don’t force people to use windows 8 when they obviously don’t want it. Offer an option. Call it a down grade option or a re install option or whatever. BUT NEVER SIMPLY IGNORE YOUR MARKET and say “the desktop will be the new tablet” and “all you business people need to adapt”.

    In the car industry they never just produce ONE car and say everyone has to have it. Some people like racing cars, some like minis, some like Rolls. What would happen to their market if the car manufacturers said everyone has to have the same type of car?? They would loose market.

    Windows 8 is astronomically bad for business users. It is so user-unfriendly – so utterly crap – so non-functional – I can hardly express in words just how incredibly bad it is. God, it makes me almost violent just thinking about the lack of intelligence that produced this crap and then blindly forced it upon retailers and the general public.

    The Gross National Product of the developed world will fall this year, simply because office workers cannot navigate their own file systems, cannot copy and paste, cannot get rid of that idiotic Metro Interface that just pops up. Governments will see a drop in their tax revenues, small businesses will see a drop in their productivity and the development of all students will be stunted – simply because some dick head at Microsoft decided to impose such an aweful system upon the world .

    So, if you ever meet someone who says “I like Windows 8” then just hit them.

    1. HEy Craig, have to admit you made me chuckle a bit with this. Seems global famine may be the overall result of a couple of decisions by Mr Gates ?

      Here’s what I think went wrong. Decision makers have looked at what day-to-day usage of Windows OS is and forgotten about the “whole process”

      Most of the time the things I need are pinned to the start button, or I do a search or I do a “Run…”. In the odd occasion I need an obscure tool then I can navigate the menus until I find it. Also when I started using Windows 7 one of the first things I did was find out where everything is in menus, and have a vague idea where everything is.

      Having to think of a name for anything/everything and type into a search box, doesn’t really work for me, I want a menu structure to fall back on. I want to go admin tools and look for what’s probably an admin tool. For Ubuntu, I just binned their crap attempt at a more modern UI, in favour of the gnome failback.

      Also agree that tablets aren’t the final answer, well at least yet. When they have inexpensive 20″ tablets on the market I might reconsider, but trying to trade stocks on a 10″ iPad screen for a professional trader isn’t a comfortable experience. That’s just one example of many jobs that can’t be done on tablet.

      The people who are pro Win-8 basically try to say that those against are inflexible, unfashionable and defective because we don’t want change. I don’t agree. I’d happily install Windows 8 if they had left it pretty much the same as Win 7 for my desktop. Why they couldn’t just make two different UI’s, one for the tablet, I don’t know.

      Anyone for OSX or Ubuntu ?


      Don Charisma

  59. You are my idea of a blogger, because you model a certain ethos that seems to me to represent blogging, or its spirit, at its best. I know how saccherin that sounds, but oh well. Let people snicker. I still say that if Word Press ever needs to open an embassy somewhere, it should appoint you as WP Ambassador. Most striking is your true generousity. I love the way you turned on a dime, immersing yourself in two very different kinds of sites, and giving such detailed, thoughtful attention to the social contexts of each one.

    1. Hey Claire, I’ve been unwell for the last couple of weeks so been challenging to keep up with everything … I really appreciate your kind words and thank you. I’m not perfect, still need to think about myself a lot, but I do enjoy teaching other people, it helps me to be better at the things I am doing and more difficult to forget !

      I’m also currently going into partnership with an old friend, so need to put some creativity into that as it will hopefully make for more security:)

      Keep in touch, cheers Don Charisma

  60. Personally, I actually love the LOOK of Windows 8. The function of it, however, is another story altogether. But I think with a little practice it can be gotten used to. The fact of the matter is that skeuomorphism as a design philosophy is on the way out as computers, tablets, and eReaders become more prevalent in our culture and one of the big companies had to be the first to venture out into the vaguely off putting world of flat design. Like it or not, this is the way that OS design will go and I think that Microsoft, despite the bad reception, has a head start now on the competition. Let’s not forget that they followed Vista with Windows 7, one of the best OS’s ever made (in my own opinion!!!!)

    I think that their biggest mistake with 8 wasn’t the axing of the Start button, but the inclusion of the desktop at all, which was most likely not intended for the original build, given how awful an experience it is to have to switch between the two screens. The best I can figure it is that they either got themselves cold feet and wouldn’t commit to a complete overhaul with both feet (as they should have) or that they knew that they hadn’t managed to optimize this version of the OS for devices that were not using touch as an input (which they also should have).

    For now, I’m sticking with Windows 7. But I have faith in Microsoft (plugs ears at mention of the horrible, unprofessional manner in which they handled the XBone) and if they don’t iron this out with 8.x then you can rest assured 9 is gonna be awesome.

    1. You have made my understanding of operating systems clearer by encouraging me to think about this carefully. My thoughts are that underlying the user interface is the text based geeky end of things, Apple under OSX have a version of BSD unix, underneath Ubuntu’s awful user experience is well erm Linux, and it’s the same for Microsoft, there’s a geeky text/command line part. That being said, I don’t know why they didn’t go the Ubuntu route and offer more than one user interface to the underlying operating system. One for tablets and one for laptops and desktops that aren’t touchscreen. This horrible compromise that they’ve bolted new bits on and taken old bit out, a halfway house between user interfaces, to condition their customers is just awful. Apple has OSX and IOS, different user interface, why are Microsoft being cheapskates and only supporting one user interface, that’s let’s face it not the best of both worlds.

      Microsoft should have spent their time and effort on making OSX-like windows and a tablet/touchscreen IOS-like windows. Microsoft have never been innovators, only wannabes, very successful wannabes, so why start at a game they aren’t any good at now !

      I’m sticking with Windows 7 because it works and because I don’t need to change. I know where everything is and I don’t want to have to spend/waste valuable time learning where Microsoft has moved everything, again, I’ve already done it so many times in the past. Fashion doesn’t excite me that much and computer hardware isn’t advancing in power as much as previous steps, this has slowed down, so really a new version of Windows just isn’t yet required, not for me anyway.

      Thanks for making me think


      Don Charisma

    1. Win 8 I believe can be adapted to, but shame really microsoft didn’t do a seperate OS for tablets rather than trying to force their users to adapt, it has sprinklings of apple’s arrogance …

  61. Hmmm. Worse than Vista? Glad I’ll be using Windows 7 for a while. When I got a new laptop last year I chose not to get 8. I’ve not been sorry yet. And thank you for the follow! πŸ™‚

  62. Win 8 lovers say people hate Windows 8 because it is “different”, OK – but when you really dig down into it, and I did. I have a win 8 laptop and win 7 desktop, I’ve been working with windows since 3.1 thank you very much and adapted pretty well to each version except the horrible iteration called ME (shudder).
    Anyway – the biggest problem with Windows 8 is that it takes extra steps to get anything done aside from opening a program from the tiles. If you do not have a tile set up, you have added steps to complete to get anything accomplished – it is counter intuitive of everything going on in the tech world today! The missing start button is just one example – try getting to the control panel. Click on the desktop tile – slide your mouse (or finger) to the lower right (hope it pops up) and hopefully find control panel. ARG! Oh and the BSOD is back with a vengeance is win 8 as well.
    BTW – a great alternative to the start menu button in case it doesn’t come back is Pokki it’s free and simple doesn’t take up a ton of space.

    1. Hey there, thanks for dropping by:) … I think change isn’t always a good thing or progress, but there is a “fashion” way of thinking that almost makes it deficiency not to embrace ever little change … I’m sure you know this already but we were given powers to reason for ourselves and decide what’s a good change and what’s not, and not get steamrollered by the “fashion” thinkers … implying that those who don’t want to change are “defective” because we’re not embracing change can be manipulative I feel …

      Anyway, Win 8 is here to stay, sounds like Win 8.1 will be an improvement…for now I’m happy to be out of Fashion with win 7, because it works and I will learn win 8 when I want to …

      I have a look at Pokki when the time is right !

      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs πŸ™‚

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  63. have no experience whatsoever with Windows 8 and haven’t tried it in a search engine…I do know that a support person for the WIFI service I use told me they’d had problems with Windows 8, as far as getting it connected to their service

    1. LOve the doodles, mrs doodler ! I think Microsoft pushing the boundaries with Win 8 and removing features never goes down well … Microsoft are planning to release windows 8.1 later this year, hopefully problems will be solved for that !

      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs πŸ™‚

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

      1. Computer equipment seems to have gotten (touch wood) more reliable, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you … Perhaps win 8.1 will be better or maybe we just have to wait for windows 9 !

  64. Hello Don! Well, very interesting test, must say! I still think this is some kind of fluke or joke or whatever. There reason I think that is because if you just type in “Windows 8 is” and search for that, none of the results on the first few pages have anything to do with “terrible”, “horrible”, “a disaster”, etc. Not on Bing, not on Google. There are a couple nay-sayer articles scattered here and there, but for the most part, you get articles that state things like:

    “Microsoft makes an aggressive, forward-thinking, and bold statement for the future of PCs with Windows 8, and vast security and speed improvements more than justify the $40 upgrade price.”

    I’ve actually found the most vitriol against Windows 8 on YouTube…however again, I think that it just people complaining about change, rather than complaining about anything in Windows 8 that is actually terrible. I’ve heard a couple video bloggers call Windows 8 a bigger disaster than Vista, something I think is largely impossible. Vista had literal problems…not the least of which was very bad driver support that left a significant portion of users and company installations high and dry without a way to get their systems working with it. Windows 8 doesn’t really have any literal issues that prevent it from working correctly.

    Windows 8…well, the thing people complain about most is simply the removal of the start menu in favor of the start screen. The new screen does the same thing as the start menu, and on top of that offers a much richer dashboard-like view of all your current information as well. The most frequently associated thing to the terms “windows 8” and “disaster” is the start screen…but it all simply seems to be people resisting change than anything. It really doesn’t take that long to get used to it if you just give it a chance. I think the second biggest thing people complain about is navigating through the start menu…but again, that is about as intuitive as it gets. You don’t have to use the scroll bar…the mouse wheel will scroll the screen sideways, but simpler yet…simply pushing the cursor to one side of the screen or another will also scroll. I do think Microsoft has not offered enough obvious, interactive feedback that helps users more easily discover the various ways a keyboard and mouse can be used to navigate the start screen. I think if they do a better job of making those things discoverable as people use the OS, it would alleviate a lot of the complaints.

    Complaints about Windows 8 being slow and clunky seem overblown and just plain bitchy to me. If you generally use the desktop, and do not use metro apps, Windows 8 has trimmed a LOT of the fat out of Windows 7 (which was already pretty slim!) I’ve used it on an old laptop, a less old laptop, a five year old media PC attached to my TV, my main desktop computer, and as virtuals on both windows and mac systems. Never once have I ever felt that Windows 8 or 8.1 was slower than Windows 7 in anything. On the contrary, it is amazingly fast and fluid. IE 10 is blazing fast compared to the versions of IE that came with previous OS versions, and still faster on Win8 than Win7. I get the feeling reading peoples blogs and comments that their dislike of the start screen just makes them fume, so they lash out at anything else in Windows 8 they think they can pick on. I would bet good money that if you forced these people to actually run tests to compare how fast Windows 7 was vs. Windows 8 on the computers they complain about…Windows 8 would win every test hands down.

    This is really not all that different than when Windows XP was released. The same kind of vitriol was spreading about the then relatively new blogoverse, People hated on XP originally largely because of its blue UI, and…you guessed it…changes to the start menu!! The start menu has always been the central piece in Windows. Much like with Windows 8…the vitriol spread, and people just started proclaiming that Windows XP was a total flop, a disaster, a hideous convolution of what was great with Windows 95 and 98…again, I think just because they wanted to complain about it and make it seem bad in it’s entirety…when really the thing people disliked most was the new start menu. People have NEVER liked it when the start menu has changed…but when they finally gave up resisting, and finally gave it a whirl….the news started changing and people began lauding the benefits of the improvements Microsoft brought to the XP start menu. Even until the last couple of years, when Windows 7 usage finally surpassed XP, it was the single most used and most loved Windows OS. It is still a heavily used version of Windows today…and I think it is easy enough to point out the ways Windows 8 is vastly superior to XP (even including the new Start Screen.)

    Anyway…Windows 8, assuming you ignore the start screen and install one of the various third-party start menu restoring utilities…is little changed from Windows 7. If you really want to use Windows 8, but don’t want to see even a flicker of a Metro screen, I recommend trying Windows 8.1 and install one of the start menu replacers. You’ll gain the seed and security improvements, and have your classic desktop look with the standard start menu. I do recommend you give the start screen a chance, though. Yes, it IS different…very different…but it brings a lot of improvements to the table as well. Real time information such as stocks, weather, news, RSS feed updates, music information, just about anything you can think of, to a richer platform for finding and launching your most used apps. If you find finding an app to be difficult, you can always search…which is instantaneous and can zero in on exactly the app you want in a heartbeat (very similar to how Mac OS X works…there is really no decent app management tool on OS X…only a few apps can be dropped onto the dock, meaning you pretty much HAVE to use search for all the rest.)

    1. Hi Jon, wow, that’s very detailed reply, thanks for letting me know all this, I feel certainly enlightened … Performance wise the little I used Win8 it seemed quick, but this can be deceptive on a fresh install …

      From a personal perspective I’ll stick with Win7 for now, which is the same as what I did when I was on Vista … eventually the circumstances will arise that I’ll move over to Win8, and I’ll probably be saying the same as I did with Vista to Win7, which was a massive improvement, Vista ran like a dog and can’t believe it took me so long to upgrade …

      Being a Comp Sci graduate I used to be all up for change, latest cutting edge stuff, but have spent far too many late nights and weekends evaporated fixing bullshit problems trying out stuff I really honestly didn’t need to … So my wisdom now is to take a step back, let others iron out the creases and change when I’m ready, I like this way, I feel more in control:)

      Jon, why don’t you (if you haven’t already) do a blog article with what you’ve said above, it’s very informative and helpful, happy for you to reference my blog article if you want …

      Speak soon


      Don Charisma

      1. I totally understand. There are often kinks to work out in new operating systems (and not just Microsoft’s…both Google and Apple have had their fair share as well…including all the hate that goes with it. Apple Maps? ;P)

        My recommendations were simply IF you chose to give Windows 8 another try.

        I have thought a few times about starting a tech blog on WordPress. Maybe I will. I guess I could offer a lot to new Windows 8 adopters, offer Windows Phone tips, etc. I think the biggest thing lacking for Windows 8 users is insight into how to use the new style UI, and navigate through it. I think I have a lot to offer there.

        I do think that long term, a two dimensional, ubiquitously available, hyperinteractive, and available on all 2D surfaces operating system is Microsofts long term vision. They released videos, called Office 2019, a number of years ago. They recently released a new video of their future vision which can be found here:

        (You can also search for Office 2019 on YouTube for the original series of videos, which covered Health, Manufacturing, Business, Banking, and Education products.)

        Personally, I really like what I’ve seen in the Office Future Vision videos. I love the way tables and walls and windows are interactive screens, how setting a device on one of them automatically brings up information and “moves” it to the new “screen”. I love the clean two dimensional UI (from my old graphic design roots, I’ve always loved UI/UX), etc. If this really is Microsoft’s vision for the future, Windows 8 is the first real-world stepping stone I’ve seen Microsoft make towards it…and personally, that makes me pretty excited! πŸ™‚

        I know people hate change, and ever since their anti-trust lawsuit, people just seem to hate Microsoft. In the end, whether that end is six months or a couple years down the road, people always end up seeming to like the “fop” releases in Microsoft’s “flip-fop” cycle. (i.e. Windows ME – hate; Windows XP – love; Windows Vista – hate; Windows 7 – love; Windows 8 – hate?; Windows 9 – love?).

        Anyway…best of luck, sticking with what you’ve got, or when you finally make the move. πŸ™‚

      2. Why’d you get me thinking about Apple Maps ? In fact now I come to think of it Apple have been a strong influence on my resistance to upgrade … Google Maps on iphone, I was so happy with I can’t explain, then they replace with Apple Maps in an “upgrade”, complete and utter rubbish … it was only when a friend told me I could download a Google maps app that I was happy again … Google maps I use extensively to navigate in London on foot visting new places, saves so much time and hassle and stress, one of the primary motivators for continued use of iphone …

        Apple are complete c****s when it comes to upgrades, they just figure WTF we’ll take it out, who’s going to argue with a corporation the size of us … the sheer arrogance makes my blood boil and their patronising emails, eg “itunes store policy is all sales are final” …

        So yes now I check almost every single upgrade before I do it, no I don’t want features removed thankyou, fix bugs yes, but not blinking remove whole parts of my operating system or software application … oh yes and I do want my Β£3 refunded if the app you sell me doesn’t do what it says it will do, without having to fight for it !

        So yes, Windows 8 for me is very much analogous with Apple Maps, great point … change is great when it benefits and is a genuine improvement, but is hideous when when it’s substandard or they start taking the good stuff out …

        Interesting video, I took the time to watch, not sure if I like it or not at the moment …

        Flip-flop maybe … Windows 8 maybe later, never say never !

        Thought provoking thanks Jon … Cheers

        Don Charisma

      1. πŸ™‚ You’re funny ! Really I thought the search engine things was funny, and a bit hacked off at MS for trying to change my life without asking permission … for now I really don’t need to change to win8, so happy to wait until win8.1 or 9 …

        I love the name of your blog, really cool “May the code be with you” … making coding fun, if you can do that well then I’d say you’re truly amazing being … I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs πŸ™‚

        Keep in touch …


        Don Charisma

      2. Well I had been to Microsoft for their Win 8,1 BUILD. The start button is not entirely back. If seeing a start button will make people happy, then fine, But its functionality is jus the right click and show all apps part.. So, i dono if it would solve the people cribbing “My start button.. oh my start button” πŸ™‚ And 8.1 does give a lot of options, but if you dont like 8.0 one bit, perhaps you’l have difficulty in liking 8.1 as well. Because the overall look and feel is the same except for the switching of tile screen to desktop and enhanced search options.

        Yep, I love coding with all its nastiness, malice frustration and its eureka moments or the aha moments. πŸ™‚

      3. No, it’s a tablet. There is the Windows rt and the windows pro. I like the looks of the windows phone, but I’m not ready to drop the cash for one. πŸ™‚

  65. i just got a new(ish) hp all-in-one yesterday that showed up with the windows 8 virus pre-installed, so i figured that i’d give it a fair chance… its fair chance lasted roughly 20 minutes before i sought out a nice, fresh copy of windows 7 ultimate. it took me a while, (i used to be a pc analyst), but i finally succeeded in eradicating windoze 8 and finally ended up with a usable, windows 7 system. i can’t believe how win 8 “spiders” itself completely all across a hard drive and whatever partitions may be on it – then it whines when you go to delete it and tries to prevent you from installing anything else… i firmly believe that ten years from now people will be looking on micro$oft as a mere artifact of the progression of technology – much as people today look back on the commodore 64 or an ibm 286…

    1. Hi Johnny, that’s about the same as what happened to me … the laptop was delivered to a friend, he started it up for me, and told me it took him a while to figure out how to use it … pretty poor … anyway, I’d already decided to win7 it as all my other machines are win7 …

      major corporations come and go, IBM used to be massive off the back of typewriters and then onto mainframes … they made their desktop PC hardware proprietory and in pops microsoft with build it yourself PC architechture, look where IBM and Microsoft are now !

      I think you made a wise choice, but perhaps revisit win8 once they’ve ironed out all the problems, that was my strategy with Vista and worked well …

      Good luck with your blog … I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs πŸ™‚

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  66. Was going to buy a laptop now but am probably going to wait until the next version is released. I have friends who’ve complained about Windows 8 and as it is I’m not usually one of the first to jump on new technology.

    1. Hey there, thanks for dropping by … Sounds like Microsoft will iron out the creases in windows 8.1 released later this year, so I reckon you’re onto a wise plan with that:) I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs πŸ™‚

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  67. This is M$/ we’re talking about. Yes, they may have revived the Start Button in 8.1 (and forced it on their users at that; apparently, there’s no option to hide it), but they won’t remove the Start Screen anytime soon.
    You’re better off using Classic Shell to bring back the Start Menu and to fix a few annoyances. (I use it in Win7 to bring back the Classic Start Menu and to fix annoyances)

      1. Windows 8.1 will include a start button. I hope to have a blog entry by next week as we have a copy available on non-domain joined.You speak, MS listens, not like dictatorship Apple πŸ˜‰

      2. Yes, like that about Microsoft that they actually listen to their customers. Few months back I installed a new version of itunes, itunes DJ was gone, just like that no warning … how do they get away with it ?

        Roll on Windows 8.1 then … I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs πŸ™‚

        Keep in touch …


        Don Charisma

      3. i suppose Windows 8 is having a similar issue, publicity wise, that they had with the first Vista. At the time the issue with Vista was that the software was too advanced for the hardware of that time so, naturally, the computer did not work very well. In my opinion it’s a blast from the past for Microsoft. I’m ok with Microsoft but i’m a big Fedora Linux fan πŸ™‚

  68. What, no start button? But how does it work?! It’s annoying that all new products now come in Windows 8 without really having an option for other operating systems.

    1. There’s a link to the desktop from the new start screen, then you have to press windowskey+C to get a sidebar that has a search facilty, from there you can find all the stuff you need … bit like the Ubuntu new user interface, I just downgraded that, sometimes I like to search but all the time becomes frustrating and often I like to browse the menus, same as most people I guess …

      I’ve added a links->friends for you …

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

    1. Sorry for that … Windows 8 can be conquered with a little googling, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re thinking of a new Windows 8 laptop … Macs are a bit too pricey for me, and I had a couple of bad experiences with Apple, so I hesitate before buying anything else from them … I’ve added you to my links->friends …

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

      1. Don,
        I was surprised when starting up my new desk top computer. Windows 8! For a business operation what a mess! What took one or two clicks of the mouse in Windows 7 now takes two, three or more. That is a waste of time. My time. Really don’t know what they were thinking but they have alienated alot of people. I dont like it and I have done what I can to rectify that. There is software out there, much of it free that by-passes alot of the nonsense and gives you a start button that is very functional. I am still adapting to it. Three days ago it crashed and though it gave me a chance to burn files for back up before it regenerated itself from a ghost image of the system, I still lost valuable data. I know better. I am not a fan. Thanks.

      2. Hey Chuck, you’re certainly not alone on this … Personally I’m sticking with Win 7, and may go Ubuntu route when it comes time to upgrade … probably a few years away yet, so plenty of time to prepare πŸ™‚

      1. Windows XP exposed me to the Conficker worm, and I’ve been a Linux (mostly Ubuntu) user ever since. I haven’t even seen Microsoft Vista or later. Looks like I’m not missing anything of value.

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