WordPress.com Writing Helper – “You can mark any post to keep it at the top” ?

I’m flummoxed by this one, perhaps one of my readers know how to do this ?


On the “Add Post” page, press “Copy a post” … then I get the message :

Use an existing post as a template. Pick a post and we’ll copy the title, content, tags and categories. Recent posts are listed below. Search by title to find older posts. You can mark any post to keep it at the top.

But how do I mark the post to keep it at the top. I’ve looked in “Screen Options”, searched the forums, searched on Google, didn’t find an answer … help !


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14 thoughts on “WordPress.com Writing Helper – “You can mark any post to keep it at the top” ?

    1. Thanks Violet, I know you’re trying to help, but that’s not it … I explained it in a bit more detail on the forum post, you might want to check that 🙂

  1. I’ve found them more than helpful on times, but left baffled or even offended occasionally. Depends who’s on shift I suppose?!

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