Dating Website vs Letting Agent

“dating site rent out spare room” – Google Fun

Couch-Dating ? Couch-Whoring ?

Google today sends me this traffic – “dating site rent out spare room”

First, I want to clarify, this is NOT MY SEARCH, it’s one of the searches that Google sent me today. Probably because I did an article reviewing spare room renting sites, via more “traditional” means – “Review, find a lodger or sharer – easyroommate vs spareroom

I have no clue how the dating bit got added ?

Who on earth uses a dating site to rent out a spare room ?

“rent” mentioned along with dating, isn’t there something whore-ish about that ? Or have times changed so much, or I’ve lost touch that much ? Dating Website vs Letting Agent Dating Website vs Letting Agent

Google does regularly send me this kind of crap, so I thought I’d have a laugh about with you, instead of privately, share the love so to speak. Of course it could have been Yahoo, Bing etc who sent me the search, WordPress don’t tell me where exactly the search came from.

Well anyway, look here goes this is my profile for the dating/letting site :

Name: Don Charisma (aka Mr Gold-Digger)

Age: Over 21

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Tagline: Not looking for love, just want a flat-mate with benefits

Description: Hi Girls. I’m taking a break from gold-digging this week, reason, my flatmate just moved out, and has left me with a spare room and all the bills to pay. So look, I’ve always had a good response on dating sites, millions of girls chasing me like crack-addicts, so why not ask around here, must be at least one of you who is desperate for a boyfriend AND somewhere to stay. It could be a mutually beneficial arrangement. You should be good-looking, loaded and preferably gold-diggable. Sincerely Mr Gold-Digger. PS I want presents.

Resources & Sources

Letting agent shop front –

10 thoughts on ““dating site rent out spare room” – Google Fun

  1. I keep getting emails from “Christian Singles” but they go straight to my spam box, so I have to check there to find them. Wonder what my email provider knows about me that I haven’t told them? Also wonder if I could rent out my bed — never mind. I use the room for my computer and as a closet.

  2. Dear Mr Gold digger,
    Sorry, but I am not that kind of gal.
    Best wishes in your hunt though.


    ps: Just how far over 21 are you really? I know you guys on dating sites and how you lie about everything. lol

      1. No. But my ex used a newspaper ad for a spare room (in my house) to find himself a new conquest. 😦
        Guess it takes all kinds.
        I just looked at my search terms and found “Wet cheeks” and “how to fail a high school course”. I mean really?

      2. LOL … takes all sorts like you say … and I’ve had worse in my search terms – the “pussy” series for my cat pictures may have been a bad idea !

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