Chinese Horse Big Buddha Hill

It’s a Horse, of Course

It’s a horse (Chinese), with the Chinese mural I already posted in the background. Chinese Horse Big Buddha Hill Chinese Horse Big Buddha Hill

(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand Nov-2013

6 thoughts on “It’s a Horse, of Course

  1. A horse is a horse, of course, of course. His name wouldn’t by chance be “Mr. Ed” would it? Oh dear, I just realized it is only one month til Christmas Eve. And with so much going on around here I almost hate it already.

  2. Yeah and I love your pic in the background 🙂
    Do you live in Thailand?? Or was It just a visit ?? I am asking cause my friends intend to spend some of our vacation there and I wanna know if you think I should go the thing is I don’t really like crowded places with insects for food !!! this is what I genetally hear about it but of course there is the magical beach and all but besides the beach cause damn where I come from its summer almost all year except for 3 months .. like if you have to choose between Argentina, Romania and Thailand.. what would you suggest

    1. I’ve been out here in Thailand for around 18 months, and do spend a lot of time … as for visit, I’d highly recommend, the people are largely lovely, the climate is great and spending money goes quite far …

      There are crowded places everywhere, cities and popular resorts, plus you’ll have to travel through at least two airports that are likely crowded … if you mean a less crowded resort then Thailand has many places away from Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai, Koh Tao, Pattaya to name some of the big ones …

      Thais do eat insects. Personally it makes me want to gag everytime I see it. However in any kind of place where tourists visit they will have “farrang” food. Farrang is what Thai people call “white” people. IN fact I can get better Fish & Chips where I am than in London. A lot of Thai food that you can get is also awesome to eat, Green curries, Panang curries, Phad Thai. Plus touristy places have a whole array of Indian, Italian, Japanese, English, French, American cuisine, BK, KFC, MCD … I’d very much doubt that you would have any problems with food, unless you are insanely fussy or have a special dietary requirement. Millions of western tourists come to Thailand every year.

      As for comparison with Romania and Argentina, I’ve never been to either country. Brits don’t like Argentina after the Falklands War, and that’s quite understandable with them invading British soil. Many British men died over a dumb conflict that was unnecessary and the Argentinians were the aggressors. Romania I guess will be cheaper than other parts of Europe when you’re changing dollars. I’m guessing you’re an American so all those destinations will are long haul, so you couldn’t save that much on flight ticket.

      For safety when travelling, every traveller should do their own due diligence and take care, use common sense. Dress appropriately and use common sense for things like money and valuables. Wandering around a foreign city in a mini-skirt/hotpants, gold watch and $1000 handbag, is probably asking for trouble. However jeans/modest shorts, T-shirt, a crappy digital watch and small backpack/holdall, that’s what I mean. Obvious really and probably why I don’t get many problems.

      The same basic rules apply where-ever you travel to, and any cultural specific knowledge is beneficial.

      Personally I think Thailand is awesome destination, you should visit if you get the chance.

      I’ll probably make this into a post, as I don’t think you’re the only one with similar questions (so keep an eye open for that !)

      Warm regards


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