Beach Panorama Sunset Double iPhone PS

2013 Epilogue And Pressly Freshed

2013’s gone, we’ll never see her again, she was a great ship to sail in and now we must say goodbye (Apollo 13 springs to mind). And welcome 2014. PRESSLY FRESHED Firstly I’d like to make it clear I’m not … Continue reading 2013 Epilogue And Pressly Freshed

Chinese Granite Dogs (Dragons ?), Lower Big Buddha Hill

After typing this I spotted some wings on these dog or dragons? … so now not sure … let me know what you think ? These granite dogs are the guardians of a Chinese Pagoda which acts as a rest area in the lower Big Buddha hill area. There’s a particularly vicious looking pup with one of the dogs. Maybe it’s a family, dog dog, bitch dog and pup dog ? The other guardians  are dragon and a crane bird (behind). I have a wider angle photo I’ll post later. (c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand Nov-2013 Continue reading Chinese Granite Dogs (Dragons ?), Lower Big Buddha Hill

The Buddha Bells !

On the big Buddha hill, around the sides of the long gentle staircase that leads up to the big Buddha are long rows of bells (one either side) … I didn’t try ringing any of them, not sure if it’s within etiquette, so can’t tell you want they sound like. There is also a tiger than doesn’t need repainting on the last photo:) And if you look carefully you can see the dragon’s tail in the background.     Continue reading The Buddha Bells !