Big Buddha 3 - Big Buddha Hill

Unseen Big Buddha 2

Big Buddha from the my “Big Buddha hill trip” a few weekends ago. This is the Big Buddha that can be seen for miles, he’s on the top table, upper Big Buddha hill.

No idea what the burnt patch on the side of the photo is, might have been my finger 🙂

This is a single photo taken on iPhone 4s. Edits in Photoshop CS6. Big Buddha 3 - Big Buddha Hill Big Buddha 3 – Big Buddha Hill

(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand 2013

17 thoughts on “Unseen Big Buddha 2

      1. No, my email been broken (ish), I just saw you’d sent me a photo, won’t let me download … presume you’ve shopped out the cables LOL

        And no need to worry honestly, now I know you, you’d have to try pretty hard to offend me !



      2. Your presumption would be correct. Also shopped out your watermark and added a small cloud in there 🙂
        Glad you’re not offended. I was only having fun. 🙂

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