Second Pond Panoarama 2

Pond Panorama 2, Lower Big Buddha Hill

The second pond at lower big Buddha hill. Worth a click on photo for higher resolution.

There is a mistake in the photo that Suz pointed out last time, can anyone tell me what the mistake is ? Hint it’s a valuable lesson for anyone photographing water …

Railing are the bane of Panorama stitcher’s life (they often don’t join up !). However careful attention with the clone tool in Photoshop can correct these problems.

Taken on iPhone 4s, stitched with PTGui Pro. Second Pond Panoarama 2 Second Pond Panoarama 2

(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand Nov-2013

5 thoughts on “Pond Panorama 2, Lower Big Buddha Hill

      1. I guess it isn’t as obvious this time. I just went and had another look and I can see what you mean. However, in my defence I am not wearing my glasses right now 😉

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