Another Satisfied Reader, Not

Once a month or so I review the blogs that I’m following and have a clear out. I like the reciprocal follows, and I made an unsaid commitment a long time ago to follow back any blogs that follow me. With now over 7500 followers, it’s a time consuming process, but worthwhile. So please bear with me if I don’t follow you back immediately, I do my best. One way you can help is to keep your gravatar up-to-date with your correct blog address.

I see people come and go follow-wise, and I’m very pragmatic about it. People’s lives change, their interests etc. So happy if they follow and just as happy if they don’t. I wrote about how I feel about it here – What is Charisma? by Don Charisma, with a little help from Richard Branson MUPPET CRITICS from MUPPET CRITICS from

I honestly have no clue where all this pettiness over who’s following who comes from, what’s the point in that ?

Anyway, I received three messages from a reader, the first two from fake email addresses and no gravatar or website, so I’ve just ignored, currently in the trash queue. The third message is authentic, with gravatar details. I’ve reddacted the blogname from the messages as I’m not generally a vindictive person. But I will publish the blog name if there continues to be problems with this person.

First message with fake credentials –

Sorry man, my feed was entirely pictures of buddas from your mobile phone. It was driving me nuts! No hard feelings I hope. Let us continue on our very different paths. Good luck.

Second message with fake credentials –

I meant no offense. I just don’t want to follow a blog that consists of 50 photos in a row of roughly the same thing. Seems fair enough to me.

Third message with “authentic” credentials –

yo, you know when you spoke directly to me I was surprised- you were saying good shit- that ‘i stood up to you without picking a fight’ and that I was ‘working with my feelings’ which made sense to me and hadn’t occured to me. But your blog as it stands I don’t really enjoy. Your voice is very different from when you’re talking one to one. You’re all about promoting and I can’t be fucked with it. Also, 50 pictures of the same buddah statue clogging up my feed is quite annoying, you must admit. So just unfollow me, I know you don’t really give a shit about reading my once a month at best update and I don’t want any antagonism in my vicinity either. It ain’t right. C’mon. Feel free to check back in on me some time (and I’ll do likewise) but I don’t want someone following me just to be mean.

My reply –

Dude, thanks for your feedback.
However at the end of the day it’s my blog and I’ll put whatever I want to on it. Also I’ve never asked you for your feedback. If you don’t like it then press the unfollow button as I wrote here –
I don’t recall having a “private” conversation with you. All blog comments are public. I tried to be helpful and positive, that is generally where I’m coming from as a human being. However, I don’t act the same when respect isn’t shown. This is normal well adjusted adult behaviour.
I really don’t have time to be playing “games” around follows, I find this petty and boring. So no antagonism meant or intended. Facebook maybe that’s the norm, WordPress it’s abnormal as far as I am concerned. There is a great community of inspiring, creative and positive people here and I am certain that most would agree with me.
And you are right, best we go our separate ways, as I don’t see anything positive or useful for me in any continued conversations.

Don Charisma

So in honour of my ex-reader, I will post the rest of my photos from my big Buddha hill trip over the course of the next 24 hours. And don’t worry there are only 49 “buddah” photos to clog up your feeds. Kidding, actually only 20 photos left and they are not all “buddahs”.

Positive feedback, discussion, even constructive criticism all always welcome, I often find useful in improving what I’m doing. True friends are always welcome.

But I do my blog how I want, and that’s that, it’s not up for discussion, never has been never will be.


Don Charisma

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50 thoughts on “Another Satisfied Reader, Not

  1. I don’t know what the complaining is about – they OBVIOUSLY missed the Bee-U-Tiful Tree pic in the middle! LOL – Keep up the great pics!

  2. Soooo that’s what the Buddah photos were for, and he should have his eyes checked not all of it were Buddah statues. People should just learn to unfollow silently if they don’t like what you put in your blog, it is after all your blog.

    1. Life isn’t always easy for any of us, so in that way I understand. But I do have standards and being firm is important as much as being kind, a balance between gentleness and strength 🙂 warm regards DC

    1. What like 2000 trees all virtually identical taken on your shitty mobile phone ? LOL

      Time to leave the WordPress elves (er scheduler) to do their work … Bed time for me, but I’ll pick up comments as soon as I can 😉

  3. After years of talking about starting my own blog i finally took the leap this year and did it. I mention that simply because even as a “newbie,” i get the concept that your blog is YOUR BLOG. As the author you get to post and write about what interests you at that moment in time. Readers can choose to read the posts or not. Why this person had to contact you with a negative comment is beyond me.

    I really enjoy your blog and your content on social media has been interesting and very helpful. Stay positive and keep posting Buddha photos!

    1. Hey thanks for your kind words, I do my best all I can do 🙂

      Sometimes feedback is useful, even critical feedback can be delivered in a positive way. I suspect that the comments are not the real reason. Generally I’m warm happy and friendly person, but do have standards and sometimes have to be firm.

      I will keep on keeping on a Joe Dirt says 😎

      Warm regards


  4. You have a great blog, and no one are allowed to complain, only to unfollow and leave in here. Just continue with your very great style, as you positive readers love so much.

  5. It’s your blog…you do what you want.
    I’ve found that other peoples’ blogs have opened doors for me that i would never have opened on my own….and on my old blog found any number of people eager to tell me how wrong I was about France.

    1. Exactly, obviously within reasonable limits I do what I want … I’ve found the same, other people blogs, there is so much going on here, it’s astounding, I’m amazed in a good way every day 🙂

  6. Geeez…people can be so weird! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and good grief…we might even learn to like something new if we give it a chance.

  7. These commenters *shakes head* as though you held a weapon and forced them to follow your blog…Glad you were willing to discuss it and try for a resolution, which clearly the ex-reader wasn’t.

    1. I’ve tried to be positive and helpful, but time to close this one off … following a blog simply means following it, not romantic walks together 🙂

    1. We have a winner, laughed out loud when I saw that ! I’m not a buddhist, just wanted to share local things that not everybody can easily see …

    1. Laughed a lot when I saw this Christopher, you’re a man after my own heart … it’s a little less than 200, but maybe it you count hard enough 🙂

      Cheers for a laugh


  8. I understand that a blog is a private space where the only one that it can make and undo to his whim is the holder of the same one and therefore, each one takes since want the others like it or not.

    I, though it could remain like antipathetic, take my blog for it, to do my holy will independently of what they could think the others.

    In the end, one forces nobody to read or when such-and-such blog continues, if you like it, you continue,

    if not, each one for his side and to another thing.

    Good day.

  9. Noooooooooo! Not Buddah statues…what next? Pictures of cats!

    You know, everyone has different tastes and I wouldn’t expect anyone to like every post. I have seen great posts on Freshly Pressed and then dug deeper into the blog and it seemed completely different. However, for me at least, I don’t expect anyone to make a blog post I go crazy about everytime. I try to read them and if it interests me and I have the time then I will slap a comment down.

    From the comment, I guess some take this a lot more seriously than I do for something that is free. Oh well.

    1. Pussy-cats even … google still trying to send me all kinds of rubbish traffic from that stunt !

      Agree with you Steve, but my point just get on with it, if you don’t like a blog anymore then find some blogs you do like.

      I don’t expect all my readers to read every post, just what interests and when they have time. You pop up from time to time, and comment when you want, I’m entirely happy with that.

      Different bloggers here for different reasons, some just-for-fun, some serious, it’s something I like about the place, a mixture of people, never get bored.



    1. Been a great day actually. This comment left a while back, and I’ve only just had time to sort it out … My mind is very critical sometimes, but I try to steer it towards positivity, and this for me is making a negative into a positive. Warm regards DC

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