, Don Charisma, Lucky Richard Branson!

What is Charisma? by Don Charisma, with a little help from Richard Branson

I’ve been blogging now just over 4 months. I came here originally because I’m rubbish at writing CVs, bored of rat-race brown-nosing and wanted to get starting doing something on-line. Oh and the financial markets had swallowed up a big chunk of my savings, my fault, I’m a fool, this I already know. blog is free, so I had everything to gain really.

My experience here has far far surpassed my expectations, I’ve “met” so many lovely, helpful and inspiring people, it beggars belief, I still can’t hardly believe it myself. But as you know I’ve had a Troll problem, and dealt with it and posted about it here –

Before I say what I want to say, here is what Richard Branson says about Charisma on his blog :

What is charisma?

Was asked an interesting question recently about charisma – what it is and why some people feel they have it and others dont.

To me, charisma is being yourself. Somebody who is comfortable in who they are and confident in what they are doing is naturally going to be more charismatic. Trying to be charismatic isnt going to fool anyone, in the same way as trying to be somebody else isnt going to work.
In the same way as a brand can inspire respect and admiration by being genuine and authentic, individuals can do so by helping others feel more contented in their own skin. I dont think theres a secret to charisma, its another word for self-confidence.
What do you think makes somebody charismatic?

Richard Branson (

Richard isn’t my favourite individual (I’ll get back to in a later post), but he is someone that I respect very highly and admire. And he is definitely Charismatic, be hard to argue a case against.

Basically, Richard is saying “Be yourself”, and that’s what I’m trying to do here on my blog, being myself, that’s it.

A fellow blogger writes very much the same here –, and part of my inspiration in writing this.

I will write more about Charisma later on my blog, because I do feel it’s worthy of more detailed study. I asked a bit of socialite friend once, how he is/was “good” with people, he said “Be cool”. It’s helpful in some ways, in others not. It’s simple, great, but for those that really don’t understand, “cool”, it takes a bit more explanation, “as is” is a bit useless really. Same with Charisma, to say simply, “Be yourself” doesn’t really quite hit the nail on the head for most people that don’t feel they’ve got it. As I said I will expand on this topic as part of what I’m doing here on my blog., Don Charisma, Lucky Richard Branson! Lucky Richard Branson!

Looking at pictures of Richard Branson enjoying his life and his success, I feel a little bit envious, it’s a normal human emotion. He gets to date just about whoever he wants, has private jet(s) and his own island for pete’s sake. But if I ever met him, you know what I’d say to him, “Richard, I admire you and I’m just a little bit envious of you”. I own my envy, I don’t expect Richard to own it for me, he didn’t cause it, I did, my thought, my comparison, my emotion, my choice to feel that, my responsibility.

Look guys I came here to have a voice, to write about what I want to write about in the way that I want to do it. Most of the time I bend over backwards not to offend people, it’s my nature, I like people to be happy and not feeling insulted. I’m a good hearted person, that’s a principle I believe in., Don Charisma, Virgin On The Ridiculous Virgin On The Ridiculous

But there have been people who did get offended, by quite small unimportant things they think I did to them, which honestly I never ever had that intention. I just simply haven’t got time to be annoying people, I’m too busy enjoying what I’m doing.

IF you like my blog, you think I’m OK, cool guy or whatever and enjoy reading my stuff then CONTINUE TO FOLLOW ME. I really appreciate the people who do, I can’t tell you how happy that I am to be able to spread a positive message and enjoy writing and doing this stuff and people actually want to see it and read it. It gives me tremendous satisfaction and joy. I couldn’t be happier, really hard to express in words., Don Charisma, Individual Attention Individual Attention

I have now more than 5000 people following my blog and almost impossible for me to give individual attention that I initiate, it would take all my time. I wouldn’t have any time to produce the content on my blog which is why I’m here in the first place, and presumably why you come here. But I always try to help positive and enthusiastic people, or at the very least friendly people, give advice, give tips, give help, have even given emotional support (although I’m not a counselling blog !). I hope that I can make a living doing what I love, and I hope the others out there that want the same can too.

If you want my help, I always do my best to help – COME AND ASK ME

If you want ask me something about being more successful as a blogger – COME AND ASK ME

If you want to make a relevant comment about what I’ve written or add to it – WRITE A COMMENT

If you want to press the like button – PRESS AWAY

If you want to help me, then reblog my stuff, share it, pass it on, it really helps me – SHARE IT

In fact, I’ll take any help I can get, I don’t have a lot of money and never seems to be enough time to do all the things I want on my blog (or in my own life for that matter !)


I’m patient person, but have a fairly dim view of bad behaviour. It’s just respect at the end of the day, you have it for me, I have it for you. You treat me well, I treat you well. Not that complicated., Don Charisma, Goodbye Phrases International Goodbye Phrases International

If you’re easily offended or think that I’m trying to hurt your feelings – PRESS THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON

If just because I followed your blog 1 month ago and haven’t been in touch, and now you’re pissed off because I’m not paying you any attention – PRESS THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON

If you’re pissed off because I liked your stuff and didn’t have a heart to heart with you about how awesome your stuff is  – PRESS THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON

If you’re pissed off because I didn’t reply to your message 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes, 2 seconds ago – PRESS THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON

If your envious because I’m enjoying what I’m doing and other people are enjoying it too – PRESS THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON, Don Charisma, WordPress Facebook WordPress Facebook

Really this isn’t Facebook, this is a blog, they are entirely different animals. Facebook has “friends”, blogs have “follow”. If I follow your blog, just means I’m following you with a normal ordinary potentially anonymous interest. Doesn’t mean we need to be talking romantic walks or sending each other lovey dovey messages every five minutes or liking each other’s kids’ birthday party photos. Following just means following, it’s not friends, they are different things. I do have friends here too. Friends take time, and friends take trust.

Busy friends need to be contacted, not because they are arrogant sh** heads, who think they are better than us, but because they’re probably exhausted at the end of a 12/14/16/18 hour shift. Have a heart, and be a grown up and stop this nonsense about who calls who and who’s turn it is to call who, that’s playground stuff, I’ve met more grown up five year olds. I have friends who I speak to everyday, and other friends I speak to occasionally then don’t speak to again for years. None of them could care less who phoned who last, and nor could I. The important thing is that we like each other, we help each other out and that we trust each other, not the frequency or who’s turn it is.

I do work hard, really f***ing hard on this blog. The last post about Trolls took me two long days (12-14 hours each day) to do and the comments answering another couple of days. I don’t mind, I really enjoy what I’m doing here, really enjoy almost every minute., Don Charisma, Sofia Loren & Jane Mansfield Sofia Loren & Jane Mansfield

What I do mind is people being petty and envious, and more than that not owning their pettiness and envy. I’m just a normal dude, I get tired, fed up, bored, exhausted, same as you, I’m not a superhero. Anyone who puts the hours and the passion in could be as successful as me. It does take time, it does take effort, commitment, passion, innovation and charisma but it can be done, anyone can do it, I’m not that special, honestly. Many others are out there that prove me right. We all started with a blank canvass of a blog and didn’t know what the f*** we were doing, like a monkey with a typewriter. We used our brains, found out what works and what doesn’t and just keep on improving on that.

There is such a great opportunity here I just can’t believe that some people just don’t have the self belief to put the effort in and realise it. I really wish I knew the right thing to say, to show you guys what is possible. I keep on posting stuff to help people to enlighten people, to explain how to do this stuff, but it takes me time and energy, and those things are not unlimited. Being Charismatic doesn’t mean working 24/7, that’s unhealthy, not charismatic.

WordPress dot com free blogs have cutting edge plugins, the support is top notch (I’ve worked in IT support), our sites are up 24/7 and have people that fix them when they break down. You try setting all that up on a self-hosted blog and you’ll know what I mean. I’m sure they have to deal with a tremendous amount of crap from people, given the massive number of blogs, there are millions of them. WordPress is awesome compared with Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, blogger, google plus on a whole load of levels. You have an awesome platform on WordPress that is free. Take advantage.

I’ve met a guy here who can’t hardly breath, I gave him an award, he still manages to have an awesome blog, he’s a awesome guy, really positive and happy. I’ve met people here with all kinds of difficulties, people suffering excruciating pain, and yet they still get on with it and are happy and friendly, AND HAVE AWESOME BLOGS., Don Charisma, Bitching Like Babies Bitching Like Babies

So please stop BITCHING LIKE BABIES and get on with it, you only get one life, so make the most of it. By all means take a break, take time to “just be”, to be hungover or tired, but put some heart and effort into it, and don’t expect other people to do it all for you. Be the charismatic person that you really are, or learn how. Do you want to look back on your life and say “I could have” OR do you want to say “I did” or at least “I tried” ?

Learn to be the charismatic people you admire, mums, dads, astronauts, teachers, monks, Richard Branson, etc as best you can or simply just don’t follow my blog, it’s not a blog about being pointless and pathetic or lazy and a victim.


One of the keys to Charisma is being yourself. I’m by nature easy going, happy go lucky, but sometimes being yourself means being firm and putting your foot down, which is why I wrote this. If you like my blog, think I’m OK, then keep following me, happy to have you on board. If not then press the unfollow button and go and find some blogs that you do like, I’m happy you are standing up for yourself, making a choice and acting on it, at least there’s charisma in that.


I wish to express my thanks to friends and mentors that know me here on WordPress, they are a massive source of inspiration and encouragement, real giants of people, people I aspire to be like.

I also wish to express my thanks to each and every one that does follow my blog, I am happy that you like me and my stuff.

Resources & Sources

“Don’t worry about your readers, just be yourself” –

46 thoughts on “What is Charisma? by Don Charisma, with a little help from Richard Branson

  1. Ignore the naysayers. Just do your thing… SI don’t like Richard Branson because he created the horrible Virgin Media (been their customer)… Hey, loved the Sofi Loren pic :))

    1. Intend to, and glad that I’ve clarified this even if just for myself. I’m a northern rock customer and getting royally f***ed on the rate on my loans, nothing I can do about it at this moment … Northern rock, a Branson company… Also been a Virgin Media customer, a long time ago and had a problem that ended up costing me money … Having said this Branson is a respected and loved figure, and definitely a Charismatic person.

      Did a search for envy and this one came up. It’s almost not envy, verging on being disgusted at Jane Mansfield showing off her assets, but the look on the face is very close to envy, and I reckon Jane was probably getting more attention, so definately envy in the mix… and it’s an amusing pic.

  2. Gee, Don, no romantic walks with your readers? Bummer.
    I’ve had brief periods when I’ve been charismatic. The second I became aware of the fact it seemed to evaporate. There’s a lesson here. The most charismatic people I know don’t give a rat’s behind whether they’re charasmatic or not.
    As for blogging, we all do it for different reasons. My goal is entertainment, to make people laugh and recall some of their own experiences. For others it might be a political soundboard or some form of therapy, etc. I enjoy your blogs, so don’t change, you charismatic Don, you.

    1. 🙂 LOL, now you’re giving away all my secrets ! And yes charisma comes and goes, that’s life…

      I enjoy experimenting and learning how to do all the stuff, sometimes I’m in Photoshop chopping up a few pictures, playing with fonts or drawing a cartoon, sometimes I’m writing how I did what I posted about yesterday or what I did the day before … it’s fun, exciting challenging and I don’t have a boss that I have to be working for … the hours suck sometimes, the pay is non-existent, but hey it’s fun.

      Yours charismatically Don Charisma

      PS, I’m currently having a charisma break in favour of paperwork and R&R, back soon !

  3. Ah, gee Don, and here I thought you were madly in love with me — NOT!!! I do have a technical problem that surpasses my last brain cell though, if you could help me with baby talk. For some reasons, blogs I have always received are no longer appearing in my email. I’ve done everything but shoot the computer, and if I can get my hands on a gun that will be next. Any suggestions????

    1. LOL, Seems like people playing facebook games on WordPress, but really prefer they stay on facebook … And of course Angie I am madly in love with you didn’t you know, just don’t tell my girlfriend, she’s hot blooded LOL

      Suggestion, check you spam folder in your email, could be ending up there, unspam a few times they should return. There is also a setting in “The Reader”, check this page – and this page –
      If that doesn’t solve then probably either post a question on the support forum or post a private support question. Generally they are very helpful.

      Thought you’d been a bit quiet, this explains:)



    1. Thanks John, this came up as follow-up on the troll post and needed to be clearly said. Same for me dude, like, read, comment as and when you want to:)



  4. Well said. The rush of doing the thing is what matters. Like you, no wish to offend but sometimes people will take some where none is intended. You nor anyone else can be held responsible for another’s transference of feeling. Everyone needs to own their own shit. And maybe what is written rubs them up the wrong way or strikes a sore spot. Again, no one can know this. Even differences in language and cultural habits can be misinterpreted. Writing from the heart is truth and many times it is not liked. So, what you gonna do? Stop? I don’t think so.
    Wordpress is a great place. I’ve found a niche here. Doing my thing and enjoying the ride. Some followers I favour more than others but I didn’t come on here to do penance. I read what I like and when I can.
    Congrats on such illustrious numbers. That must take some graft. 😉
    Again, well said. Keep up the charismatic renewal.x

    1. Hey, thanks for message, and nothing to add really, spot on the money.

      I just keep working hard at what I’m doing and enjoying and followers came/will come.

      Keep in touch, DC

  5. Hi Don! 🙂

    Great post! Totally agree with all you’ve said. It’s a nice wish not to hurt anyone, I think most of us feel that way, but it’s too easy to have our goodwill abused. What you’ve demonstrated here is strength of character. Standing firm is cool, too. In fact, I think it’s a necessary part of being cool.

    Cheers! 😀

  6. I too was blown away by the amount of followers you garnished in 4 months!

    As for blogging, it has been a great experience. During my time, I quickly learned that people are in it for different things. Some want to express themselves, some want to help, to heal, to promote, to sell. I decided that the ones I will friend back will be the ones whom are truely being honest and upfront. I would follow a 5 year old kid making stick pictures before I follow someone who is promising fortune to people that subscribe to them.

    As for your blog, I may not comment but I read your posts and enjoy them. They are helpful and the tech stuff is helpful to me as well although my time has not allowed me to delve into them. So keep on your path!

    As for our stories…you are right. Many of us are putting out stories and information and what the reader sees may not tell what is going on in our personal lives. Mine just in the past two years has been enough to become a book but I put that aside and try to create something that someone might find useful.

    Finally, appearing to be yourself is an art form in itself. It takes confidence more than anything. When things are going horribly wrong; to be the calm one means you have to believe that you have the power to get yourself through. Even harder is the ability to do this when you are doubting it can be done as well. How we deal with adversity separates the successful from the not so successful.

    1. 🙂 just spent an hour typing a reply and the power went off for a second, and computer’s lost it, funny really! Heavy rain and never sure whether loud explosion here is transformer or lightening.

      I love the way you write, very relaxed and laid back, like you spent a lot time writing it and practised a lot.

      I’m a trier, just keep on pushing the limits, I’m writing about ABP (Always Be Promoting) at the moment to help new bloggers and websites get started … I think different people want different things out of blogging, like you say. I like friendly, genuine, upbeat people, the stick kid, even the one that promises a fortune, as long as they are have respect, anyone welcome really, respect a foundation of relationship. One dude trying to sell me some business pyramid scheme (I ignored his third message), but didn’t “unfriend” him, because he’s trying, I admire that, but I would if he was getting shitty with me or posting lies about me elsewhere.

      It’s no worries for me dude, read what you want when you want and what’s of interest. I’m always happy to have more experienced teachers around me, have made some more experienced blogger friends recently, as people are starting to see that I’m serious blogger. Trust takes time and rightly so.

      Personal life, same my friend, probably similar for many people had “challenging” stuff going on. We all need sources of inspiration, and I find writing and doing inspiring stuff, inspires me, then other people come right back and inspire me back, like a positivity snowball. Book, maybe not just right now, but never say never.

      Agree with you on the confidence, but many would ask how do I cultivate that self-belief in the first place, how do I get from having a feeling of I can’t do it to a feeling of I can do it. Something I’m aiming to expand on, but it’ll hit the keyboard when the time is right, rome wasn’t built in a day.

      I was exhausted on Saturday, and had some challenges with adversity. I didn’t sleigh many of the dragons, but you know what, I came home and had a really nice sleep ! And guess what, the dragons sleighed themselves once I was fit and rested again:)

      Self-belief vs self-doubt is a mechanism, a choice, choose confidence or choose not confidence. Those wishing to be more confident or charismatic or positive or whatever, I believe have to learn to make the self-belief choice more often than the self-doubt choice. Cultivate that confidence feeling, practice it in progressively harder situations. Some might start this in their imagination, telling themselves it’s just pretend, just an experiment. Then they realise that they can do it in their imagination. Then they realise that they can do it a little bit in their “real” lives. And so on. Easier for those who had “good” role-models and circumstances, but possible for anyone who puts the hours in. Presumably these are the kind of things you help your student to do if not consciously (on your part), more instinctively when you’re teaching people to surf?

      Good teachers and mentors are all about confidence then I guess.

      Ideas, I chop them up, and make new ones – The Idea Chef … hmmm, if I ever get bored I could do the Idea Chef blog:)

      Good to hear from you, keep well my friend


      1. I am interested to see your future theory of self confidence and how one achieves it. I guess to learn though, one really must be able to fight their inner mechanisms and truly want to change their normal behavior.

        I have seen well trained people get into a real world situations and just shut down against everything they have been taught. But that also shows that failure is a valuable learning tool. Some will say to themselves, “Man, I screwed up. What can I do to not have this happen again?” The worst is to just say, “I screwed up. I am not doing this ever again.”

        Everyone has talent. I did somethings with my talents. But I also allowed some of my talents to be my crutch. I also grew up with a person who has done a lot more in his life than I have. People marvel at his skills. I saw what he did to make it. It was hours of not having fun while me and his other friends were enjoying our youth. Basically he worked, practiced, and observed what we were doing and took the best things from us. Sure there is some luck involved but a lot of preparation gets one through the difficult terrain that stops others.

        Talk to you later!

      2. Hey Steve,

        Good to hear from you.

        LOL mine are current theory(s) and tools that I use day-to-day, just not ready for public consumption. I’m happy exploring whatever topics come up on in my life and on my blog until opportunity presents itself. I’m always refining and adding to my “toolbox”. For now it’s more of a lead and teach by example. Some people will get it some won’t.

        Confidence is subjective, ie it means different things to different people. For instance a guy who’s life is pretty ok, but his wife just left him and he wants to meet someone new – confidence might be about asking for a date, or getting a date. For the guy who doesn’t have a job and been looking for 9 months and verging on bankruptcy, confidence will be about finding a job. For the guy that can’t hardly breath, confidence will be just to be able to do “normal stuff” that most guys take for granted, a $250K job or model girlfriend he isn’t even thinking about (well not that much!)

        It’s also really just A FEELING of I can do this or I can’t do this, not a certainty, but very very possible and very probable.

        I see it as a toolbox rather than a magic pill or epiphany, or those bullshit “One weird trick to…”. One of the internal processes I use for instance is – Let It Be, Let It Change, Let It Go. I did a post on it here – That doesn’t “work” 100% of the time for me. So I try something else, then I try something else and keep on trying until it’s solved or resolved or understood or changed etc or whatever’s challenging is not challenging anymore.

        Another process I use – is first of all asking myself if it’s even possible to imagine being able to do something, “Don I know you think you can’t do that, that’s fair enough, I accept that but can we just try and imagine what it would be like if hypothetically you could do it?” Usually the bit of me that can’t/won’t let me do it says, ok, well I can try that, just as long as it’s only pretend. Then progressively build on that. Usually what happens in practice is that once I get over that first hurdle the rest is easy.

        So that would be a couple of tools in the toolbox so to speak. Up to the individual to understand his or her own internal mechanisms, and work WITH them not fight against them. I don’t really advocate fighting against them. Here’s an example of when I have fought against them – Personally I have a fear of drowning. Often when I go diving I have to do so with that fear present. Sometimes I’ve had to fight against that fear, in order to stay calm and “confident”. But it’s a plaster over a gaping wound, the ideal solution is to inquire into what’s going on internally, understand it, and then perhaps change, perhaps not. Maybe there is something I need to learn. Being underwater I can drown, so the fear is not irrational. Fear can be worked with in positive ways.

        And whilst we’ve all completely balls’ed up it, myself many times, there are plenty of examples of where I haven’t, where I’ve maxed it like a pro or ninja’ed it well and proper. If one believes that mental training and use of imagination doesn’t help in real world situations then it probably wont. If one believes that mental training and imagination does it probably will. I think it was henry ford said, either you believe you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.

        Sometimes it’s OK to screw up and decide never to do something again. I screwed up on the markets. Will I go on the markets again? I don’t know, I don’t know the future, probably not at the moment. Did it knock my confidence, yes. Did I get up and again and carry on, yes. Did it make me permanently unhappy, no. Did it destroy my life, no. Did I learn something and grow, yes.

        Goals bore me to tears, in a corporate tie and suit kind of way, wish there was a better way of expressing it, but there isn’t for me at the moment. I still prefer goals to law of attraction which a lot of people find unscientific, esoteric or airy-fairy. But setting goals is important and part of “real world” confidence. For the guy who wants a date, set the goal of whatever he wants in his life, a girlfriend, a wife or whatever. Decide then get on with it. Goals do happen, sometimes quickly sometimes not. Sometimes they never happen. Sometimes we change our plans, and they change or we have to change them. But he who sets a goal and starts moving towards it, has more chance than he who did not. The power is in the decision and we all can make decisions.

        Life isn’t all about doing, achieving, success – much change, positivity and happiness can be found in just being. My impression of surfers like yourself is that they are a lot about this, so I’m sure you know this already. Problems often resolve themselves through holiday, sleeping, days or weeks off. It’s said that Einstein’s best ideas came when he went and had a snooze.

        Good have a crutch, have a few, it’s normal, I do. I would certainly encourage people to grow and develop comfort zones. This is how the normal average person is able to push out of their comfort zone. I have a home, with food in it, a bed, an airconditioner, a little bit of money, a girlfriend, skills that I take for granted, few friends around me. This is my comfort zone, my comfort zone is part of the system that affords me confidence. I would encourage other people to spend more time building their comfort zones and less time worrying about pushing out of it.

        Some people will have had to suffer not having fun, and being serious to have become more successful than me. Great, I’m happy for them. There are others that I’ve spent much more time than them being serious and not having fun. Great I hope they are happy for me. Interesting way to think about this is the fisherman and the businessman parable – … that’s just one version, but sentiment is the same for all versions. Working hard and achievement, doesn’t necessarily mean a better or happier life.

        Luck, I still sit on the fence over, but err to the side of creating my own “luck”. Everytime I’ve decided that I want something through goal setting it has come true in one shape or form. I have a beautiful lovely girlfriend now, but it wasn’t always like that and I didn’t enjoy a lot of the waiting. But I set the goal of finding a woman I really want to be with, it took a lot of time and had to kiss a lot of frogs, but I do have what I want now.

        Hope the above useful, but obviously make up your own mind on what you believe and what’s right for you:)



    1. 🙂 🙂

      If you’re passionate about what your doing and trying then that’s enough for me, followers will come if that’s what you want:)

      Great to hear from you again, everything OK?


      1. Agree, although had to take a charisma break the weekend, sometimes I burn out !

        Got plenty in the pipleline and happy with what I’m doing:)



  7. Excellent post! Being genuine in life is truly about expressing yourself truly and completely. It is better to be loved or hated, than to simply be liked. Fantastic mate! Look forward to reading your next post!

    1. Thank you really appreciate that:) Agree, although not easy for everyone, god knows I have to work at it … I have a preference for being loved rather than hated, but fairly sure the majority the same as me … also realised it’s a measure of success if one has some haters …

      Not sure what’s next, few things in the pipeline, got a couple of promoting a blog posts nearly ready 🙂



      1. I enjoyed reading your posts namely this Charisma post and that Troll thing. 🙂

        All is well on my side of the world despise the big cyclones going on. Thank you.

        Have a lovely weekend sir!

      2. Happy that you liked posts, my blog is a mixture of things, bit like me really:)

        I’m in Thailand, so not for from Philippines…didn’t hear about the cyclone, what’s happened ?



      3. Cyclones slash typhoons slash storms sir.
        We call it typhoons in the Philippines but I got used to the term cyclone which is commonly used in Aussie. It’s a bit strong these times but blessed coz we are not affected where I am.

        Your blog is one of the blogs which inspires me to blog, too. Your posts are interesting. 🙂

      4. Aw thanks, I do my best:)

        We call it storm in UK generally, unless it’s a hurricane.

        Storms not nice, get them too here a lot, worst bit when power goes off … the thunder and lightening can be quite exhilarating, I love to go out and wait see if I can see some nice lightening 🙂

        You’re blog I read a couple of the current posts, you’re doing well, takes time and needs to be something you enjoy doing anyway.



      5. I am not much of a writer sir but I am trying and doing my best to express myself. Not long I am back to blogging and never used English this much before. Thank you for the compliments. 🙂

        You, too take care and all the best!

        Cheers 🙂

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