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“Driven by you” – Confidence by Henry Ford

I really like this quote by Henry Ford, the founder of Ford, a well known brand. It’s simple and straightforward.

Whether, you believe you CAN

or you believe you CAN’T


Henry Ford

Confidence and self-belief are a choice. You get to decide how you want your world to be. It’s based on your decision(s). Therefore work towards believing you CAN for the things that you want to have, do and be.

I’d temper this with knowing my limits is important in my success or failure

There are various differently worded versions of this quote, but this one rings truest for me. Thank you Henry Ford.

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21 thoughts on ““Driven by you” – Confidence by Henry Ford

  1. Dude this is so true. Ford was right on the money when he said this – it’s only your own limiting beliefs that hold a person back. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

  2. Good quote, I like one said by Rumsfeld “You have to know what you know and know what you don´t know” I maybe twitched it a little, but is a good motto to live by, quite useful.
    By the way, since I´m a bit of a history buff, did you know that Ford was given the nazi cross, seems he wasn´t to fond of the Jews, but he certainly put americans on four wheel´s.

    1. Agree, I like the Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry – a man’s gotta know his limits:)

      I’d heard Ford was cited as an inspiration by Hitler in one of his books, although news to me about Nazi Cross. Ford was an inspiring man, not really sure of the purpose of associating him with jew-hating Nazis and Hitler ?

      1. Don´t get me wrong, I didn´t say it as a way to degrading the man or your post. It´s just that I saw a documentary in the History channel and found it an interesting fact. But who knows, maybe at the time he didn´t know about the jews, or God knows what. Anyways a man that did what he did it´s always good to look up to .

      2. Hey Charly, I’m from UK, which is largely Christian. Personally I’m not “faithful” or a believer in any religion. My ethics, moral and spiritual belief are in part inherited from my culture, but generally I prefer to decide from my own experience. For instance I don’t believe god is a dude that sits up in the sky making all the decisions, I believe god is something that exists inside all of us, which we all have access to all of the time.

        There are people who are part of certain religions that I would favour less, or more based on my understanding of how those people are. Some religions tend to foster love and kindness, others more the hate and we’re better than you type of beliefs. But bottom line is that if people are generally loving and having respect, and they like me, then I like them, I don’t care whether they are Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Americans, Africans, Europeans etc etc etc it simply makes so little difference to me it doesn’t matter.

        From a positive point of view I see that probably all religions give people things like faith and hope, moral and ethical structure. From a negative point of view I see religions can (and have) inspire(d) hatred and wars, and in the case of the Nazi’s the holocaust, which was appalling and heinous. Human life is precious and sacred, and there are very few circumstances that warrant taking it away from someone.

        Henry Ford dedicated his life to producing cars for USA, he paid his *American* workers well, he was an innovator, and nobody could argue that he wasn’t a hard worker. Lot’s of powerful and wealthy people have alliances with the wealthy and powerful ones from other countries, Ford I’m assuming sold cars in Germany, so Ford would have had to have alliances with the people of influence there.

        Ford was also very very well known, inspired many people. Hitler may well have been inspired by him, but so were/are millions of other people. He also died in 1947, only two years after the end of WW2, not exactly a long time to “clear one’s name” of any kind of slur. From my understanding there were plenty of Americans that were in bed with the Germans before and during the beginning of WW2. Also Medals are awarded, not requested or “hoped for” by the recipient, and as far as I know Ford didn’t serve in any German forces. So the Nazi cross could have been given to anyone the Nazi’s liked. Maybe they wanted cheap cars, maybe they wanted to massage Ford’s ego and thought by giving a medal this make Ford more of a friendly.

        Bottom line, I agree it’s an interesting fact. But out of context it’s not really relevant and doesn’t add to what I’m saying, and arguably even in context it doesn’t. If I’d been writing a post about “Powerful Nazi loving, Jew hating Americans during WW2” then entirely relevant, but I’m not and don’t intend to. I could have credited the quote to myself, because I haven’t seen it written the same anywhere else, but I liked the picture of Ford and Ford is someone that people know and respect.

        We’ve spoken before, I reckon you’re a decent guy, and I don’t think you’re a troll (fairly sure), which is why I’ve taken the time to explain my point of view. However I have recently said publicly, that as my intention in this blog is spreading a positive message, that I have very little time or tolerance for people who are trying to troll.

        So can I please humbly ask that you keep it positive and relevant. I appreciate your contribution, I really do, I’m happy to see you on my blog:)


        Don Charisma

      3. Hi there, your absolutely right that the comment although it wasn´t ill intentioned probably was out of line so I do apologise for it.
        I tend to have a strange sense of black-ironic humour that some people love others take it the wrong way, which is understandable and I know I have to keep it in check. I give you my promise that I won´t have a dumb slip up like that in your blog, I like what you write about, don´t want you to sign me off.
        Read ya latter!

      4. Hey Charly, ok, that’s ok:)

        I didn’t reckon there was any ill intent and I’m a fairly good judge of character even on internet.

        In my TV watching days I used to like watching Discovery Channel (how it’s made, worlds deadliest catch etc) and History channel. Programs about things like WW2 absolutely fascinating, especially as I’m not a great historian. Within that we do have to realise that there are certain personalities involved. Some of these personalities may distort and spin for there own reasons. So I like to make my own mind up.

        WW2 was also a very complex situation, I for one certainly don’t understand all of the ins and outs.

        Happy to have you around and commenting is helpful for my blog, so happy for that:)

        Speak soon, take care

        Don Charisma

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