– Charisma, The Easy Way

let it be...
...let it change...
...let it go
Don Charisma 2013
doncharisma, don charisma, Let It Be, Let It Change, Let It Go
DonCharisma – Let It Be, Let It Change, Let It Go

Resources & Sources

I would like to thank:

Vitaly S Alexius – for the four seasons graphic, just awesome Vitaly. Please do visit his site, there are many other delights there.

The “let it go” photo came from – perfectly illustrated what I wanted to say, thank you so much for sharing.

27 thoughts on “ – Charisma, The Easy Way

  1. I am glad you stopped by my blog because I found a lot to read that from this one I that you have some very nice thoughts and many interesting things to say. I look forward to reading more. I love this quote and some of the others I saw thought my visit. Thank you and have a great day!

    1. HEy Linda, really appreciate that, thank you:)

      It’s a way to describe an internal process that helps me, I thought maybe it might help others too…

      Keep in touch, DOn CHarisma

  2. I’m letting go of all the past reasons that have kept in in my current condition. Yay! I’ve been working on the inside for many years now. So, now it’s time to let it all go – once and for all! 🙂

    Beautiful Mosaic!

    1. The artist is Vitaly S Alexius (Russian, living in Toronto),, he says he works in Photoshop … I had in mind the four seasons as a visual way to represent change that we don’t have any control over, Vitaly’s picture is stunning and illustrates this perfectly.

      The let it go is from a wordpress blog – again illustrates what I had in mind perfectly.

      Thank you and thank you to both artists.



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