Chinese Crane - Big Buddha Hill

We Think He’s a “Crane” (Bird)

This “Crane” bird is one of the guardians of a Chinese chill out pagoda, in the lower big Buddha area.

His companion guardians are a pair of dogs and a puppy (vicious looking ones !) and a dragon. Chinese Crane - Big Buddha Hill Chinese Crane – Big Buddha Hill

Taken at Lower Big Buddha Hill, Thailand Nov-2013

8 thoughts on “We Think He’s a “Crane” (Bird)

  1. Neat looking bird. I’ve seen paper origami cranes, and some day may learn to make one or a thousand, but where are the mean looking dogs? Uh, you do know cranes deliver babies, don’t you? Or did you think they were found in the cabbage patch LOL. Oops, wait a minute. It’s the stork that delivers the babies — I wish. I would have had a dozen if that were true.

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