Cool Tree - Big Buddha Hill

Tree of Awesomeness

This tree is absolutely stunning, it’s tall and wide and so much greenery … or is it three trees ?

I’ll post the other shot later … Cool Tree - Big Buddha Hill Cool Tree – Big Buddha Hill

Taken at Lower Big Buddha Hill, Thailand Nov-2013

18 thoughts on “Tree of Awesomeness

  1. It’s cold here in Kentucky. No snow in my area, but some ice. Rainy right now, and these old bones are feelin’ it. Even young bones feel it. But can’t deal with heat because of MS, so sometimes just can’t win. Hugz bro.

    1. It gets pretty cold in UK in the winter, and these days I don’t like it so much as when I was younger, so don’t envy anyone living in cold winter … Hugz back ‘atcha 🙂

      1. The sun came out today (Sunday) right after the tornado sirens stopped screaming. And I have to have it cold because of the stupid MS. Thanks for the hugz. Need all I can get these days.

      1. Officially, it’s still autumn. Realistically, we’re into early winter. Was up in Maine last weekend and woke up Sunday morning with a layer of snow on the ground.

      2. I was back in the UK every 3 months and obviously lived there for a long time. It gets pretty darn cold, so don’t envy people living through winters … however the pluses I’ve found that in a cooler climate people often get more done … I think because when it’s hot all the time, people don’t really feel like working !

        Warm regards


    1. Thanks suz … my photoshop skills are coming on nicely … tried a micro-photo today, didn’t work out exactly as expected but got something different instead 🙂

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