Black Pussy Cat 2 - Big Buddha Hill

Today’s little cat

Here’s another one that didn’t run away … Black Cat 2 - Big Buddha Hill Black Cat 2 – Big Buddha Hill

Taken at Lower Big Buddha Hill, Thailand Nov-2013

22 thoughts on “Today’s little cat

    1. My dad’s dad was cat mad, had at one point 70 cats, and the whole of my dads family are a little cat-mad too … I can take them or leave them, and for some reason best be-known to cats they always want to sit on my lap where they will turn their nose up at cat lovers … go figure ?

      I’ve got some more cat photos and getting better at making friends with them, so will post once I get a chance … warm regards DC

      1. No, cats are notoriously independent. The more you want them, the more they avoid you. When you spurn them, they will prove to you that they are the boss…by getting in your face.
        I love cats and can’t imagine not having at least one (we have three right now).
        Look forward to seeing your other pictures.

      2. My dad’s usually got about 3 cats … I’ve been learning to make friends with them otherwise they just run off when I try to take their picture !

        I’ll got quite a few photos to edit and the cats are in there … speak soon DC

    1. Not all the one on the elephant lives near me … there were I think 3 or 4 black cats that lived near the buddha or the chinese area … I’ve got some more cats coming up, I’m using them as practice for photographing wildlife … I’ve discovered that you have to make friends with them, and then they’ll let you take as many pictures as you want !

      1. had to look up kibble, a new word for me … No, the cats today by the beach, reached out to stroke her forehead and she wanted to smell me check I smelt ok … once I passed the smell test, she let me stroke her forehead a little and then let me take pictures … her friend saw that I was ok and came over too …
        This could be the start of a long career as a cat photographer LOL

      2. This could be. There are people out there that would pay good money for these photos. Cat owners and lovers (excluding myself) are a whole different breed of people.

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