The Buddha Bells !

On the big Buddha hill, around the sides of the long gentle staircase that leads up to the big Buddha are long rows of bells (one either side) … I didn’t try ringing any of them, not sure if it’s within etiquette, so can’t tell you want they sound like.

There is also a tiger than doesn’t need repainting on the last photo:) And if you look carefully you can see the dragon’s tail in the background. The Bells 2 - Big Buddha Hill The Bells 2 – Big Buddha Hill The Bells 3 - Big Buddha Hill The Bells 3 – Big Buddha Hill The Bells - Big Buddha Hill The Bells – Big Buddha Hill



10 thoughts on “The Buddha Bells !

  1. My relaxing moments are while knitting or crocheting, when I really don’t have to think about anything in particular. I can let my mind wander, do my deep breathing exercises, and just chill out and think positive things, like the fact that I’m really a ballerina angel, and can do anything, including fly out the window and watch the world from overhead. Unfortunately, I always wake up. 🙂

    1. Same for all of us Angie, I love my walks when I can get use my imagination for positivity, then I’ll get a nasty letter from the tax man, and “harsh realities” … this is life for most people, enjoy the “you time” and try and use it to steer your life in a positive direction:)

      1. I actually have a track on my iPad for meditation that is a bell ringing every few seconds. I quite enjoy that one as the bell serves as a reminder to bring my thoughts back on track.
        Generally I have music or quiet however I’m doing Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day challenge right now.

      2. I did a 10 day vipassana retreat in UK, so my meditation is often based on that … I love walking with my favourite dance tracks … for me meditation I do how I want, threw away the rule book a long time ago ! Mainly I reckon it’s about relaxing and attempting to promote positive and charismatic feelings …

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