Charismatic Furniture Lady

Spare a thought for this lady

I was on my way out for a walk, and astonished to see this.

The lady has about 10 chairs and a lounger, cushions etc, pulling them by hand along the road, up the hill. Plus if you look at the vehicle behind her, she’s going the wrong way up the road …

So when you think you’ve got it tough and you’re having to work hard, SPARE A THOUGHT FOR THIS CHARISMATIC LADY !

She will probably come home after a day like this and still have a smile and good heart for her family. Charismatic Furniture Lady Charismatic Furniture Lady

Photo taken in Thailand Nov-2013, by Don Charisma

22 thoughts on “Spare a thought for this lady

  1. This brought to mind a song from awhile back – Quincy Jones “Things Could Be Worse for Me.” A man complaining about the pebble in his shoe when he sees a man “walking” on a cart … with no legs at all. Perspective is everything, eh? Thanks for the Follow.

    1. You are welcome, and I often see even more unfortunate people here in thailand, man with no legs begging etc … So time to pause for thought really 🙂 warm regards DC

  2. And I just sit here and bemoan the fact that I have problems walking. After seeing that photo I should be happy I can’t walk. I do wish I could help her out with that load though.

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