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2013 Epilogue And Pressly Freshed

2013’s gone, we’ll never see her again, she was a great ship to sail in and now we must say goodbye (Apollo 13 springs to mind). And welcome 2014. Beach Panorama Sunset Double iPhone PS Beach Panorama Sunset Double iPhone PS


Firstly I’d like to make it clear I’m not “anti-establishment”, I truly like, the people who work there (here ?), who have been almost always extremely charming, gracious, supportive and helpful. I’m led to believe their guiding ethos is “democratic publishing”, and I firmly and whole heartedly support this idea.

The “Freshly Pressed” concept is a good idea, as I realise that WordPress want to put their best image forward. This helps us and the whole community. So whilst my “I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed Award” is a real award, it’s mean’t in the spirit of good-heartedness, for humour, in being able to laugh at myself, ourselves. NOT as a malicious, rebellious act with ill-intent. This is simply not who I am.

So guys and gals, give those editors at Pressly Freshed a break, they are doing the best they can to promote our platform and blogs, albeit often by proxy. It really is a sterling, first class job by Matt and his team. The outside internet coming here is a good thing, and benefits all of us. The being envious and petty about not being on Pressly Freshed, just simply isn’t very charismatic, you, guys and gals I know are bigger than that. (Well there are a few morons I’ve met on WordPress, but water under the bridge, hopefully they’ve unfollowed me by now).

So if you’ve chosen to accept my award, wear your badge with pride as someone who has a sense of humour, and is doing the best they can in-spite of their disadvantages. If you have advantages and talents, all well and good, I commend you for sharing your gifts. That’s where I’m coming from.


2013 glad that shit’s over, what a disaster LOL Anything with a “13” in it has me wary to start with.

Joking, for those who don’t understand humour. 2013’s been an eventful year for me. First half I spent as a financial markets trader and came out worse than I started, who knew the market I was trading was going to continue to fall endlessly !

doncharisma, don charisma Kill Bill Pai Mei, The wood should fear your hand
Kill Bill Pai Mei, The wood should fear your hand

In July 2013 I started the blog. At the time I didn’t have a clue what for, although I had an inkling it was to do with finding strength in myself. Here’s my first post –

I like the Uma Thurman/Kill Bill quote, it signifies a changing belief, from powerlessness to powerfulness, just by changing the way we think. And if that wasn’t enough persistence is built into the second sentence.

“It’s the wood that should fear your hand, not the other way around. No wonder you can’t do it, you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin.”

Kill Bill Vol2, Pai Mei

I love film for providing such nuggets of wisdom and the awesome way that film makers can bring a story visually into life, it’s truly a lazy-man’s library. Camera Icon Camera Icon

BTW for Ameri-Queen readers, a “film” is the same as a “movie”, it’s what we British, who invented the English language, the only true English, call it. Sorry, I’m a bit patriotic like that sometimes, no harm mean’t.

FILM has been a great source of inspiration and meditation for me. I love the way I can be immersed in the personalities, motives, plots, stories, emotions and over a period of time have learnt to use this to better myself. Through first better understanding myself and then being better able to relate and empathise with the characters. And lastly extending it into my interactions in “the real world”.

Most dudes are sorely behind and sorely unable to compete in the emotional intelligence arena. This was one of my solutions.

Anyway I digress a little – I started my blog with a couple of good guiding principles, strength via taking responsibility, and persistence. Having passed the 10000 follower mark just recently, which I know is a fairly superficial measure of success, I think I’ve done pretty OK.

doncharisma, don charisma, I am Part of the WordPress family Award

Other bloggers have provided a continual source of inspiration, and have been in part the emotional fuel to keep going. Special thanks to Shaun Gibson of who whilst I thought I was schooling him, did a good job of schooling me, a humble master teacher he is. Thanks partly to him my game upped many notches, in arenas like boldness and not caring what other people think. I do love this kilt-wearing, ex-gansta, troll-squashing guy.

Dotta Raphels was one of the first women to be a positive force in developing my blog, just a persistence nuisance positive force for good, who encourages and encourages, couldn’t ask for better friend.

Women often seem to approach blogging slightly differently from men. Although a generalisation, I know, but my experience has been that the women make the community, where men often seem to be more the builders. Aside from the gender politics, which I have no interest in (my views are already fixed), I’m very very grateful to the ladies of WordPress who make this a F***ING AWESOME place to be. I’ve expressed my thanks many times, and you gals know I’m grateful, I do love you all 🙂

IreneDesign2011 Beautiful Silver Hook Angel Earrings
IreneDesign2011 Beautiful Silver Hook Angel Earrings

Irene and Suz have been like persistent nuisances inspirations, never ceasing to encourage and help me with my visual creations, my Photoshop skills and Photography have benefited tremendously, having publish several hundred photos all taken on my shitty mobile phone iPhone 4s.

Mi Kee will always have a special place in my heart, she’s just so nice, nicer than me, even. She’s very laid back, very eloquent in her English. Always pings me on Facebook, see if I’m ok. Mi Kee you are awesome. Daughters Daughters

OM was one of the guys who gave me a push and a helping hand. I love that he’s open about stuff, and he’s a little difficult to “get”, but I after few months blogging do now definitely “get” him. He writes the most useful and thought provoking stuff. He’s a pioneer, and I do look up to him, if I’m honest. Also always been polite friendly and helpful to me.

PLUS MANY MANY others, can’t mention everybody or this post would be 200000 words long 🙂

So looking back on 2013, I could (and will in a bit) list my achievements, but it’s the positive, creative, F***ING AWESOME people that I’ve found here that make blogging great. I’m am so prviledged to know these people. And I will continue to promote them for free, WHY ? Because I know they’d do and have done the same for me. They are always cheerful, never petty, always civil and do their best to be positive. It’s the perfect storm, the perfect crowd of people that I set out to find, and have found.


So what have I done in 2013 ?, Don Charisma, Airline Don Charisma Style Airline Don Charisma Style

There’s my two post on SEO for bloggers and webbers :

doncharisma, Don Charisma's Girlfriend
Don Charisma’s Girlfriend

My two posts about cartooning myself and my girlfriend : Big Buddha 1 - Big Buddha Hill Big Buddha 1 – Big Buddha Hill

Over a hundred photos edited and published of my trip to the “Big Buddha Hill” Huge Sky Sunset Panorama PTGui-4h-26P Huge Sky Sunset Panorama PTGui-4h-26P

A recent sunset panorama over the ocean, got over 200 likes : Trolls-R-Us Dog Moose Trolls-R-Us Dog Moose

My post about badly behaved bloggers :

Have a look around, there’s plenty of other cool stuff I did in 2013.

Success ?

Total money received in 2013 from blogging was £0.77 or around $1. My time investment must be in the region of 4000 hours. So I’ve been working for $0.00025 / hour. Oh whoops I forgot the expenses, electricity, domain costs, and so on, so I’ve been losing money every hour. Financial success, no, not yet.

10000 followers, 8000 comments just on my own blog, 400 posts, thousands of likes, hundreds of friends, priceless 🙂

So yes, in my mind a success, I’m happy. I’ve learnt a huge amount, I’ve enjoyed myself a huge amount and the biggest prize of all is the friends I’ve made. The financials will take care of themselves eventually, having faith is the most important thing.

Is there a formula or secret to success ? yes and no. I already intimated to it on my very first post back in July-2013 – Strength, using my brain, taking responsibility and persistence. Only EIGHT people ever liked it and that was including me liking it myself ! Does that mean that not many people are ACTUALLY interested in success or that not many people ever read my first post ?

Happy Blogging in 2014

Warm regards

Don Charisma

PS. I realised when I was walking on the beach my maths above is probably wrong, but you get the general idea anyway !

29 thoughts on “2013 Epilogue And Pressly Freshed

    1. With all these health things I’m having more likely undertake than overtake 🙂

      You’re invited to join “Whose blog is it anyway?” a very exclusive challenge, please approve the pingback I sent you 🙂



    1. They’ve got a word for everything, I’ve heard it all now, phobia of 13 !

      Thanks macs, you were part of my success and I thank you for your help and support, much appreciated 🙂

      Lots of love


  1. Don, I wouldn’t want to give you a larger hat size, but you really are the best friend a person could want. Always positive and caring, and really taking care of your friends. I hope your 2014 is even better than your 2013.

    1. Thanks Angie, and I’m glad I found you too … it’s good sometimes to help someone else’s head swell, I believe in positive-narcissism … love you ! DC

  2. Браво Дон! Твоята равносметка е отлична! Вие сте постигнал голям успех през2013 Вие можете да помагате и на други блогъри. Сега аз Ви питам какво познавате от моя блог?

  3. Amazing deserve everything because you have worked very hard for all of this :D. Thanks so much for the advice and posts. Happy New year 🙂

  4. And you’re indeed a shocker Sir! I never would’ve expected to be a part of this epilogue. I am humbled, honoured and privileged! Thank you so much for making this blogging experience so awesome!

    God bless you always Sir, both of you and your girlfriend. Yay! All the best and may your prayers and heart’s desire be answered!

  5. I’m happy to read, that you had a splended year 2013. I hope, that 2014 may be much better. You are doing so great with all your wonderful photos.
    Thanks for your support too. I appreciate your friendship very much.
    Best Wishes for 2014.

    1. I did not know that … 13 an unlucky number is western cultures, and had good and bad luck in 2013 … let’s hope for more luck in 2014 🙂 warm regards DC

    1. You’ve known me long enough to know when I am joking thank goodness. 🙂
      I want to thank you for your blogging friendship. It is so appreciated and I love our on line interactions. They make me smile. 🙂
      So thank YOU my friend.

      1. You are welcome Suz, and it’s entirely mutual … it’s hard to piss me off with a comment, I know when people are being deliberately rude and when people are joking, especially my regulars … warmest regards DC

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