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Gotcha! – The Real Face Of “The Parrot Pimp”

It’s not often that Don Charisma the critic get’s let out. So a change from my normal pace, well more of a slight diversion really. I’ve seen a lot of bad-behaviour in my life, and I don’t as a consequence tend to “suffer fools gladly”.

A little while back I met this guy on the street, “The Parrot Pimp”. I wanted to take a photo of him and his parrot to show you guys on the blog. I reckoned he looked like a cool guy and his parrot is very colourful. I approached him and asked him politely if he “wouldn’t mind if I took a photo of him and his parrot”.

Before I could get a word in edgeways he went into a “schpeel” about how his parrot would sit on my shoulder and on my head etc. I could care less, that’s not what I asked him. He then demanded around $3, which I politely refused, to which he became quite uncivil, rude, hostile, and in the end aggressive if I’m honest. I walked away.

Now I don’t mind people making a living, but do it with civility and without trying to manipulate me. Find out what I want, learn some manners and sell to me properly with good customer service. Especially if I suspect you are working illegally. He hasn’t as yet got under my skin enough to report him, but …

So he’d got his card marked that day. I said I would take photos of him next time I saw him, without paying him. And here they are.

So why does he reckon he can go around being rude ? Just think how different this post would have been if he’d used his brain and acted with a little charisma. I could have promoted him, now instead I don’t have a good word to say about him.

I might have even paid him if he’d bothered to find out what I really wanted, rather than being a selfish narcissist only thinking about what he wanted.

So, I give you “THE PARROT PIMP” in reverse chronological order.

Scowls from him and his “trick”, reason – he’s taken his parrot back prematurely because I’m taking photos “without paying”, and told his “trick” some lies about me. The Parrot Pimp 1 The Parrot Pimp 1

Despite his best efforts to obscure my camera, I still get a perfectly in focus, colourful, beautiful photo of his parrot appearing to sit on his thumb, how cool is that ! In reality his “trick” is still happy because the parrot is sitting on his head and his friend is taking photos of him. The Parrot Pimp 2 The Parrot Pimp 2

Face in this one has dropped to a pout … So you don’t want me to photograph you and your parrot without paying ? Could I care less, no I couldn’t, you burnt your bridges already, my whoring, react-o-light sunglasses friend. The Parrot Pimp 3 The Parrot Pimp 3

AND this is the scene before he realises that I’m “stealing” photos, all smiles and charm, his “trick” is happy as a pig in crap and look at that big grin on his pimp face. A totally different guy, a real living breathing Jackal and Hyde. Amazing how happy a selfish little narcissist is when he’s getting paid, me, me, me, me ! The Parrot Pimp 4 The Parrot Pimp 4


I gave “The Parrot Pimp” every opportunity to act with respect, was polite and asked for what I wanted. He was manipulative, selfish, aggressive, rude and treated me very disrespectfully. He could have had glowing positive things said about him, but he chose what he chose.

Good manners cost nothing. Good customer service means sales rather than disgruntled potential customers lost, and “bad testimonials”.

Do I recommend “The Parrot Pimp”, no, stay away from this moron, he’s a cheap $3 pimp, with nothing likeable or virtuous about him, apart from a parrot who frankly I feel sorry for.


Don Charisma

37 thoughts on “Gotcha! – The Real Face Of “The Parrot Pimp”

  1. Why can’t we all just get along? 🙂 I had a similar experience ten years ago at Comic Con here in San Diego. Wanted to take a photo of my then 10 year old son with Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno. Approaching him with my camera, he stated, “Ten Dollahs.” I urged saying, “Come on Lou, I’m a fan from the 70’s!”. Again, he replied “Ten Dollahs”. Fortunately, my kid had no idea who he was, so no loss, no gain!

  2. You are so cheeky! And game!! Well done though, really.

    I agree with you, why so damn rude. I mean, it doesn’t feel good to be that way, does it?

    1. Some people just don’t have the good sense they were born with … and I guess there are reasons he’s the way he is, just clashes with my personality, is all …

  3. hucksters are certainly a lively aspect of of this carnival, Life; he got a lot of mileage here, by golly, and it’s actually a very entertaining post.

    to the parrot and his pimp: ai, charisma! great friday entertainment.

  4. Well done Don! You did good! He got what he deserved,, and you got good pictures! 😉 Did you make those with your I-phone? I love the one where you see the parrot is like sitting on his thumb the most! Nice! 🙂

      1. Don I just visit your blog and read your post. There’s a lot of instructive information in there. 🙂 I`ll have to re-read some of the good tips. I see you have the 4S, I have the 5. By day I can manage making good photos but the night photography, I still have to master that part. Have a great weekend ahead Don!

      2. Hey Nadyness, here’s specificially for night :

        Hold the camera as still as possible
        Take multiple photos
        Try HDR and non-HDR, anything with movement HDR usually doesn’t work so well
        Try the auto enhancements
        Contrast up and brightness down
        Levels with the white pipette or black pipette

        Often a night photo looks grainy, once one has reduced the size with save for web, often becomes less noticeable.



  5. I’m glad you got some pictures of him anyway, despite his rude protests. He deserved the testimonial you gave him one-hundred percent. It wouldn’t have cost him a cent to be polite to you. Instead he chose to be ignorant, completely rude, and obnoxious to you. Now that cost him potential future customers. I feel sorry for that parrot too. It didn’t ask to be owned by a rude man like that. By the way… I’m assuming that younger man with him is part of his act ? He looks like he could potentially be the older man’s son. If that’s the case then I feel sorry for him too.

    1. The younger man is a random tourist that will have paid money to be photographed with the parrot, that’s how the parrot pimp makes money … and yes the guy is a class a-hole, so deserved this, I don’t feel any guilt writing it … had he been polite, he would have had a nice feature which might have helped his “business” … anyway he made his choice … warm regards DC

  6. Love the parrot. He is such a beautiful bird. Funny how I imagined that the pimp was Thai but he looks as if he is European. There is no excuse for bad manners.
    btw replied to your email. Let’s see if this one gets through. 😛

    1. He’s american I think. And yes he got what he deserved.

      Saw email(s), sorry hun but will reply tomorrow. I’m way behind on my commenting and my head feels like something living in there, ie headache, so gotta drink my milo, finish up and go to sleep, have hosp tomorrow see doc about op …


      1. No rush. Just pleased it finally made it through the tangled web of cyberspace. 😀
        Milo??? Oh my. My Tween and GG have found a soulmate. Although I love milo as well it is too high in sugar for me to have on a regular basis. Love it cold so I can eat the crunchy bits off the top. 😉
        Good luck with your hospital appointment. 🙂

      2. Thanks … and … No I don’t Suz, but might try it …

        You’re invited to take part in my writing challenge “Whose Blog is it Anyway”, please approve pingback and give me the nod in a comment 🙂

        I’ve nearly finished your Fellow blogger, sorry about my not so great communications, just doesn’t seem to be enough seconds in a minute at the moment …

        Warm regards


  7. Beautiful parrot. And a great shot of a sleazy guy acting like a 2 year old. No excuse for his rudeness. And great strategy on your part. Good going. 🙂

  8. Brilliant chronicle, very good shots. Well done dear Don! Disrespectful people need a lesson and you reached your goal 🙂

  9. Bad mannered salespeople are the worst. I can’t blame you for being upset. On the bright side, there are many many beautiful parrots in this world to take photos of without this “Parrot Pimp.”

  10. I mean hilarious about the parts where you showed him off and still took pictures of him. But that was very rude of him though.

    1. I understood, don’t worry I get when people are being actually maliciously rude, and when something wasn’t clear 🙂 he got what was coming … warm regards DC

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